Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2292 - One-man Army

Chapter 2292 – One-man Army

He’s summoning his Personal Guards? Phoenix Rain watched Shi Feng, a little surprised.

Personal Guards were powerful beings, but unlike players, they were incredibly difficult to resurrect. Thus, the various powers avoided risking their Personal Guards and would never use them to siege a fortress.

And with how powerful this Undead army was, what could a few Personal Guards possibly accomplish?

Two figures appeared before Shi Feng, a man carrying two longswords, and a woman in luxurious, purple-gold robes with a staff. The instant these NPCs appeared, all of the Mana within 50 yards began to gather toward them.

“Is this for real?! Both of those Personal Guards are over Level 100! Even the strongest Personal Guard in our Guild is only Level 96!”

“Crap! Those Personal Guards are actually Tier 3 NPCs!”

When they saw Anna and Kite, the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion’s members gasped, feeling a little jealous.

Shi Feng’s two Tier 3 Personal Guards shocked them even more than the Tier 4 Hero had. Shi Feng had relied on a special tool to summon the Tier 4 Hero, which meant he couldn’t casually summon the NPC, but that wasn’t the case for Personal Guards. So long as the Personal Guards in question were alive, he could summon them at any time, and he could continue to nurture them, growing their strengths.

There was also the fact that completing the Tier 3 Promotion Quests wasn’t easy for Personal Guards.

Although Personal Guards could reach Tier 3, they couldn’t necessarily be promoted as soon as they hit Level 100. Like players, Personal Guards had to complete a Promotion Quest, but the Promotion Quests for these NPCs were actually easier than the ones players had to face. Personal Guards could complete their Tier 3 Promotion Quests in a short time.

Bronze Guards only had a 20% chance of clearing their Tier 3 Promotion Quests, and if they failed, they’d have to wait seven days before challenging the quest again.

Without enough luck, it was practically impossible for a Bronze Guard to complete their Promotion Quest as soon as they reached Level 100. Fine-Gold Guards, on the other hand, had a 50% success rate.

Once a Personal Guard reached Tier 3, they’d be significantly more helpful to their player. Personal Guards were NPCs and considerably more powerful than Tier 3 players. With a Tier 3 Personal Guard, a player would have an easier time grinding, questing, and raiding Field Bosses. This was why the various powers desperately nurtured their Personal Guards while protecting them from harm as much as possible.

Now that they had seen Shi Feng’s two Tier 3 Personal Guards, these players couldn’t even imagine how fast Shi Feng would develop in the future.

Phoenix Rain couldn’t help but feel a little envious.

With two Tier 3 Personal Guards, Shi Feng could explore Level 100 neutral maps immediately and start preparing for his Tier 3 Promotion Quest.

However, the two Tier 3 Personal Guards did nothing to alter their current predicament. There were still over a dozen Grand Lord ranked Undead Warriors to contend with.

While the rest of the Pavilion’s members worried about the same issue, Shi Feng commanded Anna and Kite to distract the Undead Warriors.

The Level 102 Anna and Level 101 Kite then charged at the 15 approaching Grand Lords.

“Black Flame has gone insane, Big Sis Rain!” Blue Phoenix watched the scene with wide, shocked eyes.

Sending two Tier 3 Personal Guards against 15 Undead Warriors was suicidal. Tier 3 Personal Guards were exceedingly valuable. If they died in battle, resurrecting them would cost tens of thousands of Gold.

“Blue, get ready to use our Tier 3 Summoning Scrolls and magic arrays!” Phoenix Rain hadn’t thought that Shi Feng would be so maddeningly bold, either. She had no choice but to rely on the Tier 3 Summoning Scrolls and magic arrays she had prepared.

Great Lord ranked summoned creatures wouldn’t be a match for the Undead Warriors, but with their high HP, they should last for some time. If they included the magic array’s suppression, the summoned creatures could survive even longer.

However, as Phoenix Rain finished her command, Anna, who had reached the Undead army, began to chant an incantation, swinging her staff gracefully.

Under her command, 18 magic arrays appeared around Anna. Level 102 Great Lord ranked Rock Guardians emerged from each array, stupefying Phoenix Rain and Blue Phoenix.

They had prepared 16 Tier 3 Summoning Scrolls for this siege, and that was Phoenix Rain’s limit. She wasn’t the Great Pavilion Master, so she only had access to a fraction of the Guild’s resources. Even so, this fraction was far more than what any ordinary first-rate Guild possessed.

And yet, not even the 16 Tier 3 Summoning Scrolls were a match for one of Anna’s Summoning Spells…

Anna began to chant another incantation before Phoenix Rain and Blue Phoenix had time to snap out of their daze. Golden runes began to appear on the Rock Guardian’s bodies, increasing their Basic Attributes and Defense significantly. The Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion’s members were utterly flabbergasted.

Summoning 18 Great Lords was already ridiculous, yet Anna could strengthen every one of her Great Lords. Her very existence was beyond absurd.

However, Anna hadn’t finished her spellcasting. She then began to cast her third Spell.

This time, her chant lasted for five seconds. When she completed her Spell, a magic array with a 40-yard radius appeared above the two armies. After a short moment, a golden-armored warrior with a shield and longsword fell from the array.

[Holy Knight] (Elemental Creature, Grand Lord) Level 102

HP 320,000,000/320,000,000

“Crap! Is she really just a Tier 3 Personal Guard!?”

Many players nearly cursed when they saw the Holy Knight. Anna was practically a one-man army.

Only Shi Feng maintained his composure. After all, he knew just how powerful Anna was. Anna was an Epic Guard with a 113 Growth Potential. He hadn’t even heard of a Personal Guard with such high Growth Potential in his previous life.

Moreover, magical classes were more suited to large-scale combat. Anna would perform even better than a Tier 4 melee-class Hero in a group battle.

In truth, Anna’s performance had exceeded Shi Feng’s expectations. Anna had only used her Summoner class Spells thus far. She hadn’t even begun to use her Yin Yang Saint class Spells.

With Anna at their side, the players regained their advantage on the battlefield. Of the 18 Rock Guardians Anna had summoned, 15 rushed forth to distract the Undead Warriors. The remaining Rock Guardians worked with the Holy Knight and Zero Wing’s main force to target each Undead Warrior, one by one.

Meanwhile, Kite worked with Arslet against the Undead General. Although he wasn’t as proficient in large-scale combat as Anna, his one-on-one combat power was superior to Anna’s. With Arslet suppressing the Mythic monster, Kite could attack, unobstructed.

All 15 Undead Warriors were dead in less than half an hour, and facing both Kite and Arslet, the Undead General had fallen, too, leaving behind a pile of loot by its now-still corpse.