Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2290 - Fame Spreads Across Dragonheart

Chapter 2290 – Fame Spreads Across Dragonheart

The various major powers’ experts, who had intended to follow Shi Feng, came to a halt when they saw the remains of the army that had tried to ambush the Swordsman. As if the main hall’s exit were the entrance to hell, none of them dared to cross the threshold.

“They killed so many players so easily? Are they even human?”

“This won’t do. I need to report this to the boss immediately.”

The had assumed that Zero Wing wouldn’t dare retaliate since they had such a massive numerical advantage. Hence, they had boldly followed after Shi Feng, but seeing the thousands of corpses on the ground, none of the various major powers’ experts dared to leave the main hall. If Zero Wing’s members could kill several thousand experts so effortlessly, then they, with only several hundred players, would only meet their doom by leaving.

They needed to reevaluate their plans. As long as Shi Feng had Zero Wing’s main force by his side, several thousand players wouldn’t be enough to take him down. They would need, at least, an army of 10,000 players, perhaps even several tens of thousands, to take him down. Otherwise, they’d merely be giving their equipment to Zero Wing.

However, Phoenix Rain was even more shocked by the results than the major powers’ experts.

They’ve already obtained Level 95 equipment?

Phoenix Rain was no ordinary expert. Not only was she the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion’s Phoenix Pavilion Master, but she was also very nearly a Domain Realm expert. She could discern a lot of information that ordinary experts could not.

Although Aqua Rose and the others had considerably high combat standards, their incredibly high Basic Attributes were a larger part of the reason for their overwhelming victory.

The experts that had tried to ambush Shi Feng weren’t weaklings. Many of them were even experts from Dragonheart Island’s various well-known and top adventurer teams. Their equipment standards were quite high, with even the weakest piece they wore at Level 85 Fine-Gold rank. If Aqua Rose and the others had worn Level 90 Dark-Gold Equipment, they wouldn’t have achieved such a one-sided victory.

The only explanation was that Aqua Rose and her team wore Level 95 Fine-Gold Equipment or better.

Upgrading one’s weapons and equipment was far harder than leveling up. A team could only raid Team Dungeons, obtaining weapons and equipment that corresponded to their levels, after reaching a high enough level, and although it was possible to grind for higher-level weapons and equipment, the cost was so immense that it wasn’t worth the effort. Most of the time, players’ weapons and equipment couldn’t keep up with their levels. In some cases, players would wear items that were of a far lower level.

However, not only had Aqua Rose and her companions reached Level 95 or higher, but their weapons and equipment were also Level 95 Fine-Gold rank or better. Their equipment standard was at least two realms higher than the various major powers’ experts.

Meanwhile, news of the slaughter soon spread throughout Dragonheart Island.

“Zero Wing is amazing! Not even the various major powers will dare target Black Flame now.”

“I know, right? I’ve heard that many adventurer teams have already given up the hunt. War Blood will likely have to act on its own to deal with Black Flame and Zero Wing.”

The various major powers had been shocked to learn that Zero Wing’s main force members had reached Level 95 and 96, but after hearing about the slaughter of several thousand experts in the Gravity Mountain Range, that shock transformed into fear.

Many of them had given up on Shi Feng’s Fragmented Legendary item after witnessing the incident. After this display, Zero Wing had proven that it could no longer be taken out by a few major powers working together.

Even some of Dragonheart Island’s ordinary superpowers grew wary of Zero Wing.

Meanwhile, in one of the lounges of Thirteen Thrones’ Guild Residence…

“Elder Wu, according to our estimates, Zero Wing’s main force members should be wearing Level 95 Fine-Gold Equipment,” the masked, middle-aged man beside Elder Wu reported after examining the data a subordinate had sent him.

Not even Thirteen Thrones could fully gear a 100-man team in such high-quality equipment.

“So, is this why that kid is so confident?” Elder Wu muttered as he shut his eyes. “Zero Wing is indeed impressive if it has such solid foundations. Unfortunately, Starlink’s foundations are much sturdier. Notify our teams that we’ll be raiding another fortress with Starlink soon. Have them prepare.”

“Understood. I’ll get it done immediately,” the masked, middle-aged man said, nodding. He then left the lounge.

As Melancholy had said, Zero Wing was an excellent choice for an ally, but in God’s Domain, nothing was more important than resources. Securing a fortress in the Gravity Mountain Range offered far more benefits than having a Level 95,100-man team.

While the various major powers discussed Zero Wing, Shi Feng and his army had arrived at the Gravity Mountain Range’s Northern Fortress.

As the most important fortress in the Gravity Mountain Range’s northern region, not only was the Northern Fortress situated at the top of a mountain range, which made it easy to defend, but it also had far more powerful defenses than a Small Fortress.

Over 30 Defense Turrets and Heavy Ballistas had been lined up along the fortress’s walls, and plenty of Level 90-plus Lord ranked Undead Soldiers stood guard beside the war weapons. Not only were these Undead Soldiers Lord ranked monsters, but they also had weapons and armor that had been enchanted with magic runes. These Undead Soldiers’ Defense and destructive power could even rival that of Great Lords of the same level.

“Guild Leader Black Flame, four Defensive Magic Towers have formed a magic barrier around the Northern Fortress.

Do you have any ideas on how to take it down?” Phoenix Rain asked with a grim expression as she read the scouts’ report.

She had known that the Northern Fortress would be difficult to capture, but after seeing the details on the fortress’s defenses, she finally understood how difficult it would be.

Ignoring the number of Undead monsters inside the fortress, her forces were incapable of overcoming the magic barrier around it.

Four Defensive Magic Towers created that barrier, and not only did these towers have a massive reserve of Mana, but they could also reform the magic barrier in a short time after it had been destroyed. Unless they could destroy the four Defensive Magic Towers quickly after destroying the magic barrier, the fortress would gain another barrier.

If they relied on Tier 4 Magic Scrolls and war weapons, they could destroy the Northern Fortress’s magic barrier, but it would cost an astronomical number of resources to destroy the barrier once. It would also require a lot of time. By doing so, they’d risk losing their war weapons under the bombardment from the fortress’s Defense Turrets and Heavy Ballistas.

To make matters worse, all four Defensive Magic Towers were located within the well-fortified fortress and protected by Guardian Bosses. Those Guardian Bosses were Level 100-plus Mythic monsters…

“Simple. We just need to destroy the magic barrier as quickly as possible and charge into the fortress to destroy the Defensive Magic Towers,” Shi Feng casually responded.

Phoenix Rain stared at Shi Feng, speechless.

She knew that they could take down the barrier by destroying the towers, but how were they supposed to do that?

This problem wasn’t one that could be solved with enough players and war weapons.

However, while Phoenix Rain wracked her brain to come up with a plan, Shi Feng took out the Hero’s Tome and sacrificed 50,000 Magic Crystals to it. He then began to chant the summoning incantation.