Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2287 - Special Area

Chapter 2287 – Special Area

Shi Feng had earned a lot more Ancient Gold than he had expected from the Wanderer’s Shop. He still couldn’t shake off the shock after staring at the numbers for a long time.

It’s no wonder why the powers that secured a Wanderer’s Shop in the past developed so rapidly. This Shop is a goldmine! Realization dawned on Shi Feng after seeing his share of the profits.

Many first- and second-rate Guilds had mingled in independent cities in Shi Feng’s previous life, and despite not occupying high-resource maps, they had established themselves among the many superpowers, with some eventually becoming superpowers themselves. Meanwhile, a large part of the reason for these Guilds’ success was likely the Wanderer’s Shops they had owned.

Shi Feng had only spent a little over 20 days in the Tower of Four Gods, yet he had earned over 27,000 Ancient Gold through the Wanderer’s Shop. This meant that the Shop generated more than 1,000 Ancient Gold per day. No Shop in Dragonheart City earned as much income. Only the fortresses in the Gravity Mountain Range could surpass the Wanderer’s Shop’s profits.

Moreover, the Wanderer’s Shop had earned so much income despite being a 2-star Shop. Once he promoted it to 3- star status, the Shop would sell items that would even tempt superpowers.

Most importantly, the Wanderer’s Shop would undergo a qualitative transformation upon reaching 3-star status, periodically hosting a Miniature Black Marketplace. The items available in this marketplace couldn’t compare to those in the actual Black Market, but there were looser entry restrictions. Players could participate as long as they had the Wanderer’s Shop’s customer membership. The Wanderer’s Shop’s income would significantly increase.

After withdrawing the 27,615 Ancient Gold, Shi Feng made his way to the City Hall.

He had originally planned to construct a Guild Residence for Zero Wing’s members on Dragonheart Island, but since he had more Ancient Gold than he had expected, his plans had changed.

Dragonheart City was split between its inner and outer areas, but there was also a special location within the city.

It was the area closest to the World Tower!

Not only did this special area provide more convenient access to the World Tower, but the Mana density there was also incredible. Moreover, this secret area had a hidden secret-the World Power Tolerance Value.

As players roamed the World Tower’s first underground floor, they might not notice a difference, sensing an ever- present malicious energy in the underground world. This malicious energy was World Power, and it discriminated against and rejected all outsiders.

Not only would this World Power weaken players’ physiques, but it would also interfere with their five senses, severely affecting their combat power.

Of course, one could counter these negative effects by consuming the food and drink available in Dragonheart City, but doing so carried a high price. Even ordinary experts would blow through their savings if they relied on this method.

However, after a long investigation, some players had discovered that one could reduce the World Power’s suppression by resting in an area near the World Tower. It wouldn’t make them immune to the World Power’s effects, but it could reduce them by half.

With this reduction, players could continue to explore the World Tower without relying on Dragonheart City’s expensive consumables.

Because of this, the Shops around the World Tower had been incredibly popular in the past. The various superpowers had spared no expense to purchase these Shops, modifying them into hotels. If players had been allowed to construct Guild Residences in the area, such buildings would’ve surrounded the World Tower in the past.

Even so, the area around the World Tower had become something of a famous tourist spot during Shi Feng’s previous life due to its many hotels.

Unfortunately, first-rate Guilds hadn’t had a chance to build a hotel of their own. In fact, many superpowers had gone without, as well. There were only 34 plots of Land around the World Tower, and these plots’ sizes were fixed. Guilds didn’t have the option of expanding their hotels, regardless of their desire to do just that.

Since none of Dragonheart City’s various powers had figured this out yet, Shi Feng couldn’t miss this opportunity.

When he had first visited Dragonheart City in search of a Shop, he had only had 10,000 Ancient Gold on hand. It hadn’t even been enough to purchase the Shops in the city’s outer area, much less those near the World Tower. Now that he had over 27,000 Ancient Gold, however, he should be able to afford a Shop around the World Tower.

After waiting for some time in one of the City Hall’s second-floor reception rooms, Shi Feng watched an Elven beauty with a crescent-moon insignia enter the room.

Unlike the City Hall’s ordinary administrators, this female Elf was the City Hall’s senior administrator and responsible for selling the Shops around the World Tower. She was a Level 180, Tier 4 Great Wizard. Ordinary players wouldn’t even have the chance to meet and speak with this senior administrator, much less purchase the Shops near the World Tower.

Fortunately, Shi Feng was a Bronze Legatee, so his rank was high enough to earn her attention.

“Lord Bronze Legatee, here is the information on the 34 Shops around the World Tower. May I know which one you wish to purchase?” Senior Administrator Irene Lauren asked.

Shi Feng fell speechless as he read down the list he had been given. Although he had known that these Shops and Lands would be very expensive, he hadn’t expected them to cost this much.

Even a barren plot of Land cost 24,000 Ancient Gold, and it was a considerably small plot. A medium-sized plot of Land cost 45,000 Ancient Gold, and of the Lands that already had Shops, the cheapest was a small-size, 1-star Restaurant, costing a total of 40,000 Ancient Gold. To purchase a medium-size, 2-star Hotel, Shi Feng would have to pay a whopping 128,000 Ancient Gold!

Suddenly, Shi Feng felt like a pauper in Dragonheart City, even with the Wanderer’s Shop…

“I want this small-sized Land,” Shi Feng said, gritting his teeth as he chose the small-sized plot closest to the World Tower.

These Shops and Lands were no less rare than the Wanderer’s Shop. Not only could one earn a fortune though one of these plots of Land, but it would also help accelerate a Guild’s growth.

Very well. That will be 26,500 Ancient Gold Coins,” Irene Lauren said, nodding.

Shi Feng struggled with the decision as he handed the money over, leaving him with little over 1,000 Ancient Gold.

Irene Lauren, however, didn’t care about Shi Feng’s struggles, and as soon as she received the payment, she handed Shi Feng an ancient contract.

Shi Feng felt his chest tighten for a moment when he saw the information on the contract.

Although the plot of Land had nothing on it, he was required to pay 10,000 Ancient Gold in monthly maintenance fees. The monthly fees were even more exorbitant than the Wanderer’s Shop’s.

Forget it. You can’t make money without losing money. Besides, the various superpowers in the past were willing to pay over a million Ancient Gold to purchase a plot near the World Tower. After giving the matter some thought, Shi Feng felt that he had still gained a huge advantage. Next, I’ll have to collect 4,000 Ancient Gold to construct an Advanced Hotel. Then, I can open for business.

After signing the contract and preparing to leave the City Hall, Shi Feng received a call request. He answered the call as soon as he saw it was from Gentle Snow.

“Guild Leader, we’ve arrived in Dragonheart City,” Gentle Snow reported.