Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2285 - Dragonheart Shaken "Blood Oath’s dead…"

Chapter 2285 – Dragonheart Shaken “Blood Oath’s dead…”

“How dare he…”

As they stared at Shi Feng, everyone felt a chill crawl down their spines. He stood nonchalantly before the meeting table with Blood Oath at his feet, the man’s head buried in the broken marble floor.

Blood Oath’s death didn’t shock the meeting room’s occupants overmuch. What truly shocked them was the method Shi Feng had used to kill him.

Shi Feng had dragged Blood Oath to Blue Phoenix and forced War Blood’s commander to kowtow and apologize…

Not even Nine Dragons Emperor and Lu Xingluo had thought the Swordsman would be so vicious, let alone Blue Phoenix.

He’s definitely crazy! War Blood definitely won’t rest until Zero Wing is destroyed! Nine Dragons Emperor thought, flabbergasted as he watched Shi Feng.

Had Shi Feng simply killed Blood Oath out of rage, War Blood would, at most, target Shi Feng, but since the situation had devolved, the adventurer team would become a laughingstock if it didn’t annihilate Zero Wing as a whole.

Even the major corporations that supported War Blood would support their vengeance, and there would be no hope for reconciliation between the two organizations.

In an era where every second mattered, two powers would suffer tremendous losses if they went to war against each other, regardless of who won in the end. Only a lunatic would start a war with a superpower like War Blood.

“You’re dead, Black Flame! Our adventurer team won’t let this matter rest! So what if you’re strong? From this moment, War Blood declares war against Zero Wing! We will hunt Zero Wing’s members relentlessly if they set foot in the Sea of Death!” Ink Feather bellowed when she saw her commander’s corpse with such powerful killing intent that even the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion’s members shuddered. It felt as if some hellish curse had echoed throughout the room.

Ink Feather and Blood Oath’s bodyguards stormed out of the room. Clearly, she intended to relay these events to War Blood’s other upper echelons and prepare to move against Zero Wing.

This is going to be troublesome. Phoenix Rain watched Ink Feather and her companions leave with a heavy expression. She felt that Shi Feng had been too impulsive.

Unlike on land, the status quo between adventurer teams and Guilds had more balance in the Sea of Death. Naval travel was incredibly inconvenient, and because of this, Guilds couldn’t rely on their large armies. That wasn’t the case for adventurer teams, however. Adventurer teams were small organizations that operated in multiple locations.灿 would be able to take out an adventurer team regardless of the provocation. Naval adventurer teams had many methods to deal with small groups of players, as well.

This was especially true for an adventurer team like War Blood. As one of the top ten adventurer teams on Dragonheart Island, many adventurer teams had subjected themselves to War Blood’s rule. One word from War Blood was all it would take to ensure that Zero Wing’s members had no place in the Sea of Death.

Moreover, War Blood had Starlink’s support. Starlink’s progress in the ancient civilization’s ruins in the Gravity Mountain Range was impressive, and as a result, both the Guild and War Blood’s naval prowess grew with each passing day. This was the reason Ku Rong had chosen Nine Dragons Emperor as his successor.

In comparison, Zero Wing’s naval strength was infantile. Even with the Bronze Speedboat Design, Zero Wing would need a lot of time and materials to construct a full fleet. Furthermore, adventurer teams supplied 80% of the naval resources on the market, and after today, not a single adventurer team would dare sell their resources to Zero Wing.

With one of Zero Wing’s main supply lines severed, War Blood and Starlink would occupy a large number of Shops and resources in Dragonheart City by the time Zero Wing developed its naval forces. If they purchased Dragonheart City’s Large Shipyard, they’d become unimaginably powerful at sea.

How, exactly, was Zero Wing supposed to fight War Blood?

Zero Wing wasn’t even guaranteed to survive this war, let alone prosper in the Sea of Death.

However, Phoenix Rain had to admit that Shi Feng’s performance had been effective. The Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion’s upper echelons and Elders had a newfound respect and fear of Zero Wing.

Shi Feng had followed through with his threat of dragging War Blood’s commander to Blue Phoenix and forcing him to apologize. Not even a Super Guild’s Guild Leader would dare to pull such a stunt.

For a time, everyone in the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion re-evaluated their opinions of Phoenix Rain.

Shi Feng might be a lunatic, but he was a powerful lunatic. Moreover, he had a Bronze Speedboat Design.

Because of this, Ku Rong decided to postpone the matter of his successor. At the very least, he’d wait to announce a decision until the war between Zero Wing and War Blood had reached a conclusion. Fortunately, this meant that Nine Dragons Emperor’s plans had gone to waste.

“It seems Black Flame is quite capable after all,” Cloudy Moon, who was about to leave the meeting room, said, smiling gently as she glanced at Shi Feng.

“His good luck will only last a short moment,” Nine Dragons Emperor hissed with a sneer. “You’re new to the Sea of Death, so you might not understand what kind of power War Blood is. Not even Starlink is a match for the adventurer team’s naval prowess, much less the Pavilion. Not only has War Blood secured a stable source of Naval Legacies, but it has also acquired a source for hidden Bloodline Legacies. It can nurture experts with horrific combat power at sea.

“Moreover, I’ve heard that War Blood has gained a large number of Deification Crystals and ancient contract scrolls that allow players to tame sea monsters as Mounts due to its partnership with Starlink. Even Thirteen Thrones shows War Blood some respect at sea. Why else would the Great Pavilion Master choose me as his successor so quickly?

“Black Flame doesn’t realize who he just provoked. He thinks everything will be fine just because he’s so powerful as an individual. If War Blood goes all-out, Dragonheart City will tremble at its might. There’s no guarantee that Zero Wing will even be able to enter Dragonheart City, much less gain any standing.”

Nine Dragons Emperor’s explanation surprised Cloudy Moon. She hadn’t thought that an adventurer team could be so powerful, even having the ability to tame sea monsters as Mounts. It was no wonder why Ku Rong had been so lenient about Blood Oath’s disrespect and arrogance.

Although her main activities were on land, she knew a little about sea monsters. With a sea monster as a Mount, a player’s combat power at sea would be impressive. If a power had enough sea monster Mounts, it would usher in a new ear in the Sea of Death.

Despite the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion’s efforts to keep the incident quiet, news quickly reached Dragonheart City’s various major powers. It caused an uproar in the city.

“Is Zero Wing trying to dig an early grave?”

“This is going to be an interesting show!”

Meanwhile, Phoenix Rain worried as she read the report on War Blood’s declaration of war in an office in the Dragon- Phoenix Pavilion’s Guild Hall.

“Guild Leader Black Flame, I’m afraid that War Blood is already on the move. If you need any resources, I’ll try to get you as many as I can from the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion,” Phoenix Rain offered, watching Shi Feng as he prepared to leave the office.

Shi Feng had only started a war with War Blood on her behalf, so she couldn’t just sit aside and do nothing, but she couldn’t help but feel powerless with their opponent being the War Blood adventurer team.

“That’s wonderful. In that case, I’d like to borrow some of your people,” Shi Feng said, nodding. He wouldn’t refuse the help. Zero Wing’s foundations in Dragonheart City were just too fragile.

“Borrow some of my people? What are you planning?” Shi Feng’s request confused Phoenix Rain.

“I want to capture the Gravity Mountain Range’s Northern Fortress,” Shi Feng calmly stated.