Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2284 - Confounding the Venue

Chapter 2284 – Confounding the Venue

When Shi Feng’s Killing Ray stopped at Blood Oath’s throat, astonished silence filled the meeting room, and not a single player could pull their eyes away from the sight.

None of them could have dreamed that this meeting would turn out like this.

Despite War Blood’s Vice Guild Leader and three bodyguards by his side, Blood Oath had ended up at the end of Shi Feng’s blade. Nobody would believe them even if they retold this tale to others.

“This is some trick, right? Blood Oath couldn’t actually stop Black Flame?”

“So strong! How high are Black Flame’s Basic Attributes? Even with a Domain suppressing him, he still pushed away Blood Oath’s two-handed weapon so easily!”

“No! Black Flame’s reaction speed is far more frightening than his Basic Attributes! If it weren’t, Blood Oath would’ve been able to use a Defensive Skill and wouldn’t have had to rely on his weapon.”

None of these players were ordinary experts. Some of them had even reached the Void Realm. Although Shi Feng was very fast and imperceptible to the naked eye, his movement couldn’t escape a Void Realm expert’s notice. Thus, many of the room’s occupants had caught a clear glimpse of what had just happened.

Of course, witnessing that exchange was the very reason for their shock.

The Domain Realm experts in the room evaluated Shi Feng with a far more serious gaze than before. They had watched the recording of Shi Feng killing Autumn Plant, and they had assumed the Swordsman only had high Basic Attributes, combat techniques, and reaction speed. They had assumed that these factors were the only reason that Shi Feng had been able to instant-kill Autumn Plant.

However, this display made it clear that they had been severely mistaken.

The fluidity of Shi Feng’s movements was the true reason that he was so frightening.

They had no doubt that even if Shi Feng’s Basic Attributes were on par with Blood Oath’s, the result of this exchange would’ve been the same. If not even Blood Oath was a match for Shi Feng, they, who were weaker than the War Blood’s commander, had no hope against Zero Wing’s Guild Leader.

“Stop messing around, Black Flame! Blood Oath is the War Blood adventurer team’s commander!” Ink Feather coldly warned Shi Feng, watching him hold Blood Oath captive.

Shi Feng’s strength was far beyond her expectations. She had never expected an outcome like this.

God’s Domain was a virtual reality game that mimicked reality to a frightening degree.

Although players could view details that weren’t available in the real world, there was little difference between the two. Unlike monsters, players didn’t have thick hides and powerful life forces, and because of that, players had to don armor to protect their vulnerable bodies.

Even an ordinary Tier 2 player could deal an absurd amount of damage if they attacked Blood Oath’s unprotected neck, not to mention Shi Feng, who had incredible Basic Attributes and wielded an Epic Weapon.

With Shi Feng’s blade against his throat, Blood Oath’s life was in Shi Feng’s hands.

Although a player would only lose one level if they died in God’s Domain, the significance of one leveled differed from player to player. An ordinary expert would have no problem coming back from the loss. They couldn’t catch up to God’s Domain’s frontline players, to begin with, and they weren’t strong enough to contest for resources in new, unexplored maps. However, dying and losing a level was an immense loss to a frontline player like Blood Oath.

With Ink Feather’s warning, the meeting room fell silent again as everyone stared at Shi Feng. Even Phoenix Rain was extraordinarily tense.

Shi Feng might have control of Blood Oath’s life, showing off his strength before every player in the room, but he had also grievously offended the War Blood adventurer team.

For War Blood, allowing its commander to be taken captive in such a public setting was immensely embarrassing. To save its reputation from this blow, the adventurer team couldn’t allow Shi Feng to get away with this.

You really know how to dig your own grave, Black Flame! I won’t even need to lift a finger to deal with you now! As Lu Xingluo watched Shi Feng, he silently celebrated the Swordsman’s folly.

After all was said and done, War Blood’s relationship with Starlink was only one of cooperation. Lu Xingluo didn’t have the authority to command the adventurer team, but now that Shi Feng had humiliated War Blood, the adventure team would find a variety of ways to kill the man.

If War Blood were hellbent on killing someone, even a Super Guild’s Guild Leader would have a headache trying to stop the adventurer team.

“Messing around? Why would I be messing around?” Shi Feng laughed. “I told Commander Blood Oath that if he’s unwilling to apologize, I’ll have to drag him to Commander Blue Phoenix and make him do it.”

Shi Feng extended a hand to grip the back of Blood Oath’s neck.

“Black Flame!” Blood Oath understood what Shi Feng intended the moment the Swordsman moved. He immediately activated his Berserk Skill, disregarding the blade pressed against his throat.

However, Blood Oath did not stop with just one Berserk Skill. Following which, he activated his Legacy Berserk Skill, the intensity of his aura instantly skyrocketing to the standard of a Mythic monster of the same level.

Tier 2 Taboo Skill, Storm Rage!

With the power to rip apart space itself, Blood Oath thrust his Magic Dragon Spear at Shi Feng. However, golden, divine runes began to appear across the Swordsman’s body, and his aura’s intensity skyrocketed.

Heavenly Dragon’s Power!

Shi Feng then pulled back Killing Ray, swinging it at the incoming spear.


The collision’s shockwave was so powerful that it threw the spectating players back against their chairs. The Magic Dragon Spear, which had far more power than Ink Feather’s Starburst Arrows, came to an abrupt halt, unable to harm Shi Feng in the slightest.

Blood Oath’s expression darkened. He hadn’t expected that, even after activating Twofold Berserk, he’d still be helpless against Shi Feng. He quickly activated another Skill to put some distance between him and Shi Feng.

Unfortunately for Blood Oath, Shi Feng was a step ahead. Tugging Killing Ray sharply, he dragged the Magic Dragon Spear, and Blood Oath with it, forward. Taking advantage of the momentum, he snatched the back of Blood Oath’s neck. Blood Oath had seen Shi Feng’s movements, yet he failed to react in time.

The instant he felt Shi Feng’s hand on the back of his neck, Blood Oath felt as if a Dragon had grabbed him. He couldn’t move at all.

Shi Feng jumped into the air with his burden, dodging Ink Feather’s attacks and landing before Blue Phoenix. He then tightened his grip on the back of Blood Oath’s neck and pressed down.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Shi Feng smashed Blood Oath’s head into the ground three times, the marble floor shattering and shaking the meeting room with his strength. Blood Oath rapidly lost HP before it eventually hit zero.

The scene even dumbfounded Nine Dragons Emperor and Lu Xingluo, not to mention the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion’s upper echelons and Elders. Ink Feather, who had been preparing to launch another attack, was utterly dazed.

As if time had stopped, everyone in the room froze. For a moment, they even forgot to breathe…