Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2283 - Power of Level 100 "What is Black Flame trying to do?"

Chapter 2283 – Power of Level 100 “What is Black Flame trying to do?”

“Is he trying to start a war?”

“Is he insane? Doesn’t he know who Blood Oath is?”

The Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion’s upper echelons and Elders couldn’t bring themselves to look at Blood Oath. None of them had thought Shi Feng would go so far as to provoke the man.

Even Nine Dragons Emperor, who sat across from Phoenix Rain, stared at Shi Feng in shock.

They were all aware that Blood Oath had targeted Blue Phoenix.

Ku Rong, in particular, must’ve watched the battle multiple times, but what difference did that make?

It was common for the various powers to attack their rivals in the fields. With War Blood supporting Nine Dragons Emperor, its assault against Phoenix Rain’s aid wasn’t unusual.

However, there was a limit to how far the various powers would go. As long as they kept the situation in the dark, everyone involved would turn a blind eye.

And yet, Shi Feng had brought the attack into the light. He refused to conform, and because of this, the Pavilion’s and War Blood’s members wore ugly expressions.

It would’ve been fine if Shi Feng had simply insisted on an apology from Martial Dragon. He was, after all, a Guild Leader, while Martial Dragon was merely an upper echelon. It was understandable to expect Martial Dragon to apologize, but it was an entirely different story to demand an apology from Blood Oath.

Setting aside War Blood’s attack on Blue Phoenix, very few people on Dragonheart Island dared to disrespect Blood Oath. Even Ku Rong feared the man in the Sea of Death.

Yet, not only did Shi Feng demand an apology from Blood Oath, but he also wanted Blood Oath to apologize to Blue Phoenix, not the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion. Not even Melancholy, Thirteen Thrones’ Guild Leader, would dare to do such a thing.

The meeting room was frighteningly silent, and the temperature seemed to drop steadily. Even the Void Realm experts in the room felt stifled, not to mention the Refinement Realm experts.

Their reactions weren’t a result of the powerful pressure in the room, but because the meeting room’s atmosphere had become oppressive. The had no doubt that the slightest movement would spark a fight.

After a long period of silence, Blood Oath opened his mouth and asked, “What if I refuse? What will you do about it?”

Blood Oath’s questions were simple and straightforward. Not only did his statement blatantly provoke Shi Feng, the smile he wore and his frosty tone made the room feel even colder.

Even the Guild upper echelons around Phoenix Rain struggled to breathe, their vision fading. Their heartbeats grew increasingly louder as if their hearts would jump out of their chests. The killing intent and pressure they felt from Blood Oath was almost ten times stronger than that of Mythic monsters.

Ku Rong’s expression twisted into something unpleasant. He had never thought that Shi Feng would be this bold.

Blood Oath was a murderous god in the Sea of Death. He didn’t even respect Super Guilds’ Guild Leaders, let alone the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion. Trying to force a public apology out of this murderous god was suicidal.

Even if Ku Rong stepped forward to ease the tension, he’d be powerless to calm Blood Oath’s fury.

“It’s simple.” Shi Feng could not help his grin after hearing Blood Oath’s statement. “I’ll just drag you over here to apologize.”

The room’s occupants nearly collapsed with shock after listening to Shi Feng’s reply. They stared at him in astonishment, with no idea of what he was trying to accomplish.

That was War Blood’s commander they were talking about!

As an individual, Blood Oath was the third-ranked Berserker on Dragonheart Island. Not only did he wear six pieces of Epic Equipment, but he also wielded the Magic Dragon Spear, a well-known Magic Weapon in the Sea of Death. Moreover, he had a special Bloodline related to the Sea God. He was basically invincible at sea.

On top of that, at least one Vice Guild Leader and three bodyguards were constantly by his side. Although the bodyguards couldn’t rival Domain Realm experts, they had a mysterious item that allowed them to manifest a special Domain. This Domain could suppress their enemies in every aspect, as well as form a barrier around specific targets. This barrier could even withstand Mythic monsters’ attacks.

Blood Oath was practically impossible to kill, much less capture.

“Good! Very good!” Blood Oath laughed, his killing intent so intense that it even made Phoenix Rain shudder. “It’s been a long time since anybody has dared to joke with me in the Sea of Death. If you don’t mind, Great Pavilion Master Ku Rong, I’d like to take Guild Leader Black Flame to War Blood’s headquarters and teach him the rules on Dragonheart Island!”

Ink Feather and Blood Oath’s three bodyguards moved as soon as the words left their commander’s mouth.

Dragonheart City’s NPC soldiers would kill anyone who attacked another player within the city, but the Guild Residences, which were private property, were an exception. Players were free to do whatever they wished within their own Guild Residence.

Ku Rong’s expression darkened when he heard Blood Oath’s ‘request.’ The commander might sound like he was asking for permission, but he was merely notifying the room of his intentions.

Each of Blood Oath’s bodyguards retrieved a crystalline totem from their bags, sacrificing 1,000 Magic Crystals to the items. The crystalline totems then formed a Domain that enveloped the meeting room, and everyone felt as if a weight had dropped on their shoulders.

Not only had the Domain reduced their Basic Attributes by 15%, but their physiques had also weakened by 20%. To make matters worse, the gravitational force they experienced had significantly increased, making movement inconvenient.

The moment the Domain took form, Ink Feather squeezed and shattered a Deification Crystal, forcibly upgrading herself to Tier 3. She then pulled multiple purple, crystalline arrows from her bag.

Many of the players in the room gasped when they saw the arrows.

Starburst Arrows!

These arrows had been created by an ancient civilization that had lived in the Gravity Mountain Range. Each arrow contained incredible power and could elevate its user’s attack by one tier to a maximum of Tier 4. Because of this, the Starburst Arrows cost an exorbitant sum on the market. One could even trade 20 Starburst Arrows for a piece of ordinary Epic Equipment.

What truly surprised the meeting room’s occupants was the act that Ink Feather had 12 of these arrows!

“Don’t think that you’re unstoppable just because you’re Level 100! I will ensure that you suffer the consequences for provoking War Blood!” Ink Feather said, her lips curling slightly as she glared at Shi Feng. She pulled back the string of her ancient bow and activated the Tier 3 Skill, Heartseeking Arrow.

Heartseeking Arrow gave players full control over the arrow they fired during the Skill’s activation and allowed the player to control a maximum of 36 arrows at once. Although Ink Feather couldn’t yet control all 36 arrows, she’d have no problems controlling 12 with perfect precision.

Twelve Starburst Arrows flew toward Shi Feng, each with enough power to knock back a Mythic monster. All 12 arrows could even instant-kill a true Tier 3 player.

Everyone in the room squeezed their eyes shut as the arrows flew. A Level 100 player might be very strong, but not all fights in God’s Domain required a frontal confrontation. One could use tools to end a fight.

However, just before the 12 arrows found their target, Shi Feng brandished Killing Ray.

Shadow Blade!

Immediately, 12 sword lights flashed as Shi Feng achieved a 100% Completion Rate with Shadow Blade. Each sword light slammed into one of Ink Feather’s Starburst Arrows, altering their trajectories.

“You have quite a bit of power behind your attacks. Unfortunately, raw power isn’t enough to win all battles in God’s Domain,” Shi Feng said, glancing at the Starburst Arrows as they brushed past him. Although he was not a Tier 3 player, the difference between a Level 100 player and a lower-leveled player wasn’t easy to make up. Shi Feng then activated Wind Blade and charged at Blood Oath.

“Don’t think I’ll let you get close to the commander so easily!”

As Shi Feng approached, the three bodyguards formed a barrier before Blood Oath, separating the two.

In response, Shi Feng swung Killing Ray again.

Lightning Slash!

A massive thunderbolt tore through the magic barrier, stupefying the bodyguards.

At the same time, Blood Oath reacted, lifting his Magic Dragon Spear to counterattack. Unfortunately, he wasn’t fast enough to keep up with Shi Feng, even with the Domain suppressing the Swordsman. Shi Feng’s Twilight Blade pushed aside the spear, and his Sacred Sword stopped right before it touched Blood Oath’s throat.

Less than three seconds had passed since Ink Feather had attacked…