Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2282 - 2282 Insane

2282 Insane

“Level 100?!”

“How is this possible?!”

“Even the highest-leveled player on Dragonheart Island is only Level 89! And he only reached that level yesterday! How could Black Flame have already reached Level 100?!”

Since Shi Feng had revealed his level, anyone who took a close look could see his statistics. Chaos tore through the meeting room as its occupants saw his level.

All of these players were Refinement Realm experts or stronger, so they knew just how difficult it was to level up as one progressed in the game. At their levels, acquiring two or three levels more than ordinary experts was an amazing feat.

They might have been able to earn five or six levels more than ordinary experts around Level 50, but the gap would shrink as they leveled up. For example, current ordinary experts on Dragonheart Island had only reached Level 85, while even these Refinement Realm experts were only two or three levels higher than that.

And yet, they had just learned that Shi Feng was more than 10 levels higher than they were. ?

How is his level so high? The revelation even surprised Phoenix Rain.

She knew that Shi Feng was mysterious and powerful, but the fact that he had reached Level 100 at this stage of the game was too much of a shock for her.

The fact that Shi Feng had reached Level 100 when no one had even climbed to Level 90 not only proved that his leveling speed was superior, but he was also far stronger as an individual. It was common knowledge that not all experts were high-level players, but all high-level players were undoubtedly experts.

Ignoring all else, Shi Feng’s level meant that his Basic Attributes were far ahead of everyone else’s.

Moreover, as a Level 100 player, he qualified to explore Level 100-plus maps, which no one else could set foot in at this stage of the game. This meant that he could get his hands on resources that none of God’s Domain’s current powers even knew existed, giving Zero Wing a huge advantage.

Ordinary powers might not have realized it yet, but the various superpowers knew that the higher-leveled a map was, the more precious its resources would be. Some high-level maps even contained unimaginably powerful items. Take the ancient civilization’s tools that players had recently discovered, for example. Players had only encountered these tools after they had started to explore Level 90 maps.

In other words, Zero Wing could obtain resources that the various superpowers had no access to yet.

Once he saw Shi Feng’s level and realized the implications of it, Martial Dragon, who had wanted to berate Shi Feng further, kept his mouth shut. He only dared to glare at the Swordsman, nothing more.

The Bronze Speedboat Design Shi Feng had revealed earlier would, at most, for the Guild upper echelons and Elders to forgive his transgressions and treat Zero Wing as a valuable asset. However, now that they knew Shi Feng had reached Level 100, they had no choice but to treat Zero Wing like an equal.

At the very least, Zero Wing had the capital and strength to stand up to the various superpowers in the Sea of Death.

A design was just that, after all. Mass-producing the Storm Speedboat required an astronomical amount of precious resources, and obtaining these resources would be a challenge, even for the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion. However, Shi Feng had the strength to do so. Including Zero Wing’s already formidable naval strength, the Guild would likely have an easier time collecting the necessary resources to mass-produce the Storm Speedboats.

Even without other powers’ support, Zero Wing could produce 100 Bronze Speedboats, becoming one of the Sea of Death’s apex overlords.

Now that the various upper echelons and Elders understood Zero Wing’s status, they’d have to treat Shi Feng and his Guild seriously.

How is this possible?! How is his level so high?! Nine Dragons Emperor was dazed when he saw Shi Feng’s level. He couldn’t believe his eyes.

Even Cloudy Moon, who sat beside the Heavenly Dragon Pavilion Master, stared at Shi Feng in astonishment.

Level 100! Phoenix Rain really knows how to take people by surprise! She actually recruited such a powerful ally! It’s no wonder why she’s remained calm throughout the meeting. Cloudy Moon glanced at Phoenix Rain, who, in reality, had gone stiff with shock, in admiration.

After the commotion continued for a moment, Ku Rong, who had maintained his light smile, hesitated as he said, “Martial, how about you just…”

After giving the matter some thought, Ku Rong thought it was wisest to make Martial Dragon apologize for his earlier slight. Shi Feng was Zero Wing’s Guild Leader, and Martial Dragon had provoked him first.

Suddenly, however, a rough voice echoed throughout the meeting room.

You really have a bad temper, Guild Leader Black Flame. Commander Martial has merely misspoken, yet you’re demanding an apology from one of the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion’s pillars of strength. If I didn’t know any better, I would’ve assumed you were the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion’s Great Pavilion Master,” the rough, middle-aged man beside Nine Dragons Emperor spoke up, poking fun at Shi Feng.

The Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion’s upper echelons and Elders nodded in agreement. The Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion was a super-first-rate Guild, and Martial Dragon commanded one of its two main forces. He was a Domain Realm expert, a true pillar in the Guild. Demanding a public apology was too much.

This person certainly knows how to counter. Not only has he suppressed Black Flame, but he’s also minimized the severity of Martial Dragon’s insult. Phoenix Rain turned to the rough man as the Guild upper echelons and Elders began to discuss the situation amongst themselves.

Phoenix Rain could tell that Shi Feng was trying to improve the upper echelons and Elders’ opinion of Zero Wing. It would give her a better chance of undermining Nine Dragons Emperor and replacing him as the next Great Pavilion Master.

However, this middle-aged man had elevated the conflict between Shi Feng and Martial Dragon to one between Zero Wing and the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion. Now, even if the upper echelons and Elders hadn’t seen a problem with pushing Martial Dragon to apologize, they’d have to support Martial Dragon. If this insult concerned the Guild’s reputation, they couldn’t afford to concede.

“And you are?” Shi Feng asked as he turned to the rough, middle-aged man.

“Blood Oath, commander of the War Blood adventurer team,” the man responded, smiling faintly.

The many Guild upper echelons and Elders that supported Nine Dragons Emperor mimicked the grin.

Shi Feng had only been allowed to act so arrogantly because he had an item that could tempt the Pavilion, and Martial Dragon’s status wasn’t as high as his. However, Blood Oath was a different story. Blood Oath commanded War Blood, the third-ranked adventurer team on Dragonheart Island. The adventurer team had just as many experts as the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion, and its naval prowess was even slightly stronger than the Pavilion’s.

Even Ku Rong had to treat Blood Oath with respect, and now that he had spoken, Shi Feng could no longer suppress Nine Dragons Emperor’s position.

“So, you’re War Blood’s commander,” Shi Feng said nonchalantly. “Your adventurer team ambushed Commander Blue Phoenix’s people in the Buried Bones Ruin and nearly too her life. She’s a friend of mine, you know. I had planned to seek you out, but since you’re here, things have become a lot simpler. Compensate for the damage and apologize to my friend!”

As Shi Feng finished speaking, a deathly silence descended upon the room again, and everyone turned to stare at him with stupefied expressions.


He was insane!