Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2281 - Going Too Far?

Chapter 2281 – Going Too Far?

Shi Feng’s voice echoed throughout the quiet meeting room for a long time. No one dared to question or complain about his presence. Even Nine Dragons Emperor, who had wanted to silence the man, couldn’t find the strength to open his mouth.

While Shi Feng might not have 100 Bronze Speedboats right now, he could produce them without a problem with the Bronze Speedboat Design in his hand. Even if securing the necessary materials were a challenge, crafting the Bronze Speedboats would be much easier than questing or grinding powerful Field Bosses for them.

With the necessary materials, one was guaranteed to obtain a Bronze Speedboat. In comparison, quests that awarded Bronze Speedboats were extremely rare, and their drop-rate from Field Bosses was abysmally low.

To the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion, 100 Bronze Speedboats were immeasurably valuable. With another 100 Bronze Speedboats, the Pavilion could instantly become a top-ranked superpower in the Sea of Death.

Would the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion dare to slight Shi Feng when he had such a card?

Nine Dragons Emperor was very familiar with the Pavilion’s upper echelons and Elders, and God’s Domain only respected the strong. It was far more important to grow stronger as an individual, rather than rely on others.

Blue Phoenix and her companions, who sat opposite of Nine Dragons Emperor, only snapped out of their daze after losing themselves to the holographic projection. They immediately turned to Shi Feng with an intense excitement in their eyes.

“Black Flame is too awesome, Big Sis Rain! Not even Starlink and War Blood’s support can help Nine Dragons Emperor now,” Blue Phoenix whispered to Phoenix Rain.

Blue Phoenix had never thought that Shi Feng would have such an amazing trump card. The Storm Speedboat Design was a priceless treasure that could strongly influence the status quo in the Sea of Death.

If the Storm Speedboat Design hadn’t been in Shi Feng’s bag space, essentially reducing its chances of dropping to zero, Blue Phoenix had no doubt that everyone in the room would’ve pounced on him.

“Don’t get too excited. We still need to hear the Great Pavilion Master and Guild Elders’ thoughts on this. I don’t think they would’ve chosen Nine Dragons Emperor as the next Great Pavilion Master so quickly simply because he’s gained Starlink and War Blood’s support,” Phoenix Rain quietly replied.

The Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion wasn’t as powerful as Starlink, and its naval strength was no match for War Blood. However, it was still a super-first-rate Guild. Moreover, the Pavilion had been growing stronger recently. Hence, Nine Dragons Emperor’s alliance with Starlink and War Blood wasn’t that surprising. If the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion wanted to, it could easily form alliances with various Super Guilds, let alone these two organizations. Ku Rong knew that.

Phoenix Rain could only assume that Nine Dragons Emperor had revealed some reason or item that forced Ku Rong to make such a hasty decision.

There was also the fact that Cloudy Moon had joined them to show her support for Nine Dragons Emperor. Cloudy Moon had never cared about who would become the next Great Pavilion Master. The decision simply wouldn’t affect her standing in the Pavilion, especially since she’d reached the Domain Realm. Her position in the Guild was practically unshakable.

“But not even the Great Pavilion Master can ignore how tempting 100 Bronze Speedboats are, right?” Blue Phoenix said. Phoenix Rain’s statement had helped her realize how peculiar this meeting was, but she couldn’t help her excitement.

Shi Feng had clearly stated that if Ku Rong chose Nine Dragons Emperor as the next Great Pavilion Master, the matter of the 100 Bronze Speedboats was moot. This was an opportunity for the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion to rise to the top out at sea. There was no way the offer wouldn’t tempt Ku Rong.

After the silence stretched on for a moment, Ku Rong, who hadn’t said a word, finally spoke.

“Guild Leader Black Flame, as an invited guest and the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion’s ally, of course, you qualify to express your opinions in this meeting. Since Martial Dragon was unaware of our rules, I ask that you forgive him,” Ku Rong stated, giving Shi Feng a friendly smile.

The Guild Elders and upper echelons stared at their Great Pavilion Master in astonishment.

None of them had thought that Ku Rong would admonish Martial Dragon.

Martial Dragon was Nine Dragons Emperor’s capable and trusted aide, as well as the commander of Nine Dragon Emperor’s main force. He took care of the Heavenly Dragon Pavilion Master’s normal affairs. As a Domain Realm expert, he was also a pillar of strength in the Guild. Martial Dragon would know the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion’s rules more intimately than most people in the Guild.

Ku Rong’s statement only proved how much he valued the 100 Bronze Speedboats.

“I see, so he didn’t know of the rules. If that’s the case, I can understand.” Revealing a faint smile, Shi Feng turned to Martial Dragon and said, __I.11 forgive him with an apology.”

Shi Feng hadn’t minded Martial Dragon’s rudeness, but he wanted the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion’s Elders and upper echelons to understand what Zero Wing was. Otherwise, these people continue to take his Guild lightly, and they wouldn’t recognize the significance of Zero Wing’s alliance with Phoenix Rain.

Martial Dragon had just made himself the best tool to get this point across.

“Don’t go overboard, Black Flame!” Martial Dragon bellowed as veins popped across his forehead. The room’s temperature dropped several degrees as his cold killing intent swept toward Shi Feng.

Martial Dragon commanded the War Dragon Legion, the Heavenly Dragon Pavilion’s main force. He was also a Domain Realm expert. Only the Great Pavilion Master, the Guild Founders, and the two Pavilion Masters held a higher position than he did in the Guild. A public apology to Shi Feng would ruin his reputation in the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion. He would not be able to show his face in the Guild ever again.

Even the Pavilion’s Guild Elders and upper echelons thought that Shi Feng was going a little overboard.

The Great Pavilion Master had taken a step back and acknowledged Shi Feng’s qualifications to express his opinion in this meeting, yet Shi Feng refused to let the matter rest, pushing the envelope.

Even Ku Rong’s expression darkened slightly.

Phoenix Rain wanted to advise Shi Feng against this tactic. Since Ku Rong had recognized Zero Wing’s position, this meeting would likely conclude without a victor. There was no need to arouse everyone’s disgust and aversion.

But Shi Feng didn’t give her the chance.

“Going too far?” Shi Feng could not help but chuckle. Looking at Martial Dragon, his gaze turned cold as he said, “You know you’ve erred, yet you refuse to apologize. Do you think I, Black Flame, am a pushover? Or does the Dragon- Phoenix Pavilion think that Zero Wing’s Guild Leader is of no importance?”

Shi Feng then released his horrific aura, which spread throughout the room as if some primordial beast had woken from its slumber. Everyone in the room felt an immense pressure bear down on them, resulting from the considerable difference in Life Rating and Basic attributes.

This pressure felt even more powerful than that of a Grand Lord of the same level. Some of the Refinement Realm experts even felt their legs tremble. Fortunately, everyone was currently seated. Otherwise, many of them would’ve caved in, collapsing.

Furthermore, Shi Feng exposed his true level for all to see.

Level 100!

When they saw the eye-catching number, the room’s occupants felt as if a mountain had fallen on their heads.