Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2280 - Qualification?

Chapter 2280 – Qualification?

With Shi Feng’s statement, silence descended over the meeting room.

Nobody had expected Shi Feng to stand up and object to the Great Pavilion Master’s decision. Blue Phoenix and the other Guild upper echelons by Phoenix Rain’s side were particularly surprised, and the blood drained from their faces. In contrast, Nine Dragon Emperor’s supporters couldn’t help but grin.

It’s over… Blue Phoenix stared at Shi Feng, speechless.

Although Ku Rong had chosen Nine Dragons Emperor as his successor in this meeting, Nine Dragons Emperor couldn’t take the position for another ten days, during which time, Phoenix Rain had the right to call another meeting with the Elders. If more than half of the Guild’s Elders decided that Nine Dragons Emperor was unfit for the position, someone stronger would be chosen.

A meeting of the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion’s Elders was of the utmost importance in the Pavilion. Not even the Guild’s ordinary upper echelons would qualify to participate, much less the core members.

Normally, outsiders like Shi Feng shouldn’t have been allowed in today’s meeting, but since they had been invited by the two Pavilion Masters to show their support, everyone had turned a blind eye. At most, Shi Feng and the others were allowed to listen, nothing more.

Since Ku Rong had chosen a successor, not even a Guild upper echelon like Blue Phoenix could object, much less Shi Feng. Only the Pavilion Masters and the Guild Elders were allowed to speak up.

Since Shi Feng had objected to the decision, not only would the Guild Elders look unfavorably on Phoenix Rain, but Ku Rong’s opinion would likely fall, as well. Shi Feng was a member of Phoenix Rain’s entourage, after all. If she couldn’t control her supporters, ensuring that they’d respect the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion, the Guild Elders and Ku Rong would doubt her power. Trying to replace Nine Dragons Emperor as the Great Pavilion Master would become a pipe dream.

“Guild Leader Black Flame! This is the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion! You are but an outsider! You do not qualify to object! Even as the Phoenix Pavilion Master’s guest, we will remove you from this meeting if you wish to cause a scene!” Martial Dragon, who sat beside Nine Dragons Emperor, snarled, sneering at Shi Feng.

Although Martial Dragon’s statement had been a warning for Shi Feng, his words reminded the Guild Elders and Great Pavilion Master that he was Phoenix Rain’s supporter. This implied that this disruption was due to Phoenix Rain’s inability to control her people.

Ku Rong frowned in response. Shi Feng’s interruption had soured his mood, and the Guild Elders chatted quietly amongst themselves.

“What does Black Flame think the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion is? Zero Wing can barely rival a superpower, yet he dares to show such arrogance before us!”

“How does Phoenix Rain normally manage her Pavilion? I can’t believe she brought such a disruptive supporter to such an important meeting. I had thought she was quite capable, but it seems that Nine Dragons Emperor is more suited for the position.”

“I know, right? Nine Dragons Emperor has managed to ally himself with Starlink and War Blood. With such success, Phoenix Rain has no hope of catching up.”

For a time, the various Guild Elders began to question Phoenix Rain’s authority and re-evaluate their criticisms of Nine Dragons Emperor. Even Cloudy Moon, who had remained indifferent, turned to look at Phoenix Rain.

Cloudy Moon had previously been impressed by Phoenix Rain’s judgment of others, but it seemed that she had been severely mistaken.

Shi Feng was a courageous fool, all brawn and no brains. First, he had provoked Dragonheart Island’s various major powers. Then, ignorantly, he returned to Dragonheart Island, revealing himself. Now, he had even upset the Dragon- Phoenix Pavilion’s Elders.

But despite the opinions everyone in the room expressed about him, Shi Feng didn’t react in the slightest. Instead, he calmly turned to Martial Dragon.

“Everyone is aware that Zero Wing has allied with the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion. Thus far, our Guilds have enjoyed a good working relationship with the Phoenix Pavilion Master on Thunder Island. Why can’t Zero Wing object since it is uncomfortable with the proposed successor?” Shi Feng asked, chuckling. “If he is to become the Great Pavilion Master, Zero Wing will have to reconsider selling the Pavilion 100 Bronze Speedboats.”

As Shi Feng finished speaking, the meeting room’s occupants gasped.

“What? One hundred Bronze Speedboats?”

“Impossible! Even our Guild doesn’t have 100 Bronze Speedboats in total!”

The Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion’s members were flabbergasted by the idea of 100 Bronze Speedboats. Their reaction wasn’t due to a lack of experience, but because Shi Feng had mentioned such a frightening number.

Although the various superpowers had constructed powerful fleets, they mostly consisted of advanced and ordinary speedboats. Most fleets had less than a handful of Bronze Speedboats. Even the superpowers’ top fleets only had a dozen or so.

Even Starlink and War Blood, organizations that had the most powerful naval forces in the Sea of Death, only had 30 or so Bronze Speedboats.

Not even a Super Guild like Thirteen Thrones could form a force of nothing but Bronze Speedboats, much less Starlink. Superpowers needed to consider their average strength. They couldn’t just assign all of their Bronze Speedboats to a single force, much less sell an entire fleet of such ships to another power. Only a lunatic would do something like that!

Bronze Speedboats were a power’s main combatants at sea. The number of Bronze Speedboats a power owned determined how much influence it commanded, and the greater one’s influence was at sea, the more naval resources they could obtain. Needless to say, they would also wield far greater authority.

Ku Rong turned toward Phoenix Rain, and although he said nothing, his intentions were clear. He wanted to know what was going on. Why hadn’t he been made aware of such a monumental deal before this meeting?

Unfortunately, Phoenix Rain didn’t have an answer for her Great Pavilion Master. Shi Feng’s declaration had shocked her just as much as it had stunned him!

She didn’t remember discussing a massive transaction, involving 100 Bronze Speedboats, with Shi Feng. If she had, she wouldn’t have acted as passively as she was.

Fortunately, Phoenix Rain hid her emotions and adjusted her shocked expression. She then gave Ku Rong a look that confirmed Shi Feng’s claim.

However, she was still confused. She did not know what Shi Feng was trying to do, and she felt that he was playing with fire.

In contrast, Nine Dragons Emperor’s expression had darkened.

“Impossible! There is no way Zero Wing can produce 100 Bronze Speedboats!” Nine Dragons Emperor instinctively stood to deny Shi Feng’s words. “If Zero Wing has so many Bronze Speedboats, it would’ve prospered on Dragonheart Island, yet Zero Wing doesn’t even have a Guild Residence in the city!”

“That’s right. Guild Leader Black Flame, this behavior is shameless. You spout lies just to prevent the Dragon Pavilion Master from becoming the Great Pavilion Master,” Lu Xingluo added.

Everyone in the room agreed with Nine Dragons Emperor’s statement. If Zero Wing had so many Bronze Speedboats under its command, it would’ve become an overlord in the Sea of Death.

“Is that so?” Shi Feng asked, flashing Nine Dragons Emperor and Lu Xingluo a confident look. He then pulled an ancient, dilapidated tome from his bag, sharing its details on the meeting room’s holographic screen. “What is this, then?”

When the room’s occupants saw the information displayed, they were dumbfounded.

It was the design for the Bronze ranked Storm Speedboat!

“May I know if I qualify to object, now?” Shi Feng asked as he surveyed the people in the room.