Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2277 - Fragmented Legendary Item?

Chapter 2277 – Fragmented Legendary Item?

The instant Autumn Plant collapsed to the ground, silence descended across the entire battlefield. War Blood’s members, who originally wore playful expressions on their faces, were thoroughly stupefied, gaping at Autumn Plant’s motionless corpse.

“Vice commander?”

The Four Naval Generals, who were poised to help Autumn Plant, were similarly dumbfounded by this scene, their bodies petrified from shock.

Autumn Plant died!

The man nicknamed the Bloody Mage was killed, just like that. Despite having used a Deification Crystal to upgrade himself into a Tier 3 player temporarily, Autumn Plant still died so decisively, without even a chance to retaliate. This situation was simply unbelievable.

A Tier 3 player!

That was a bona fide Tier 3 player they were talking about! That was not something pseudo-Tier 3 players like themselves could hope to contend with. The Four Naval Generals simply could not fathom how Shi Feng had pulled off such a straightforward victory over Autumn Plant.

“Could the rumor be true?” During the time everyone was shocked over Autumn Plant’s death, someone among War Blood’s members suddenly remembered the rumor that had been circulating in the outside world for quite some time now. “Right! Black Flame must’ve gained the strength of a Fragmented Legendary item! That’s why he’s able to instantly kill the vice commander!”

A Fragmented Legendary item? At this moment, aside from War Blood’s members, even the distant Blue Phoenix entertained such thoughts.

Even the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion had not seen a Fragmented Legendary item before. Although one was rumored to have been among the Storm Serpent King’s loot, as a member of the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion’s upper echelon, she knew that this remained only a rumor. After all, even now, she had not heard of any superpower obtaining a Fragmented Legendary item.

However, seeing how Shi Feng could kill Autumn Plant instantly, she could not help wondering whether the rumors were actually true. Otherwise, she had no way to explain this situation.

Previously, the concept of Tier 3 classes was still very foreign to everyone. However, as players continuously leveled up and got increasingly closer to Level 100, they became more aware of just how frightening Tier 3 classes were. A Tier 3 class was something mere Tier 2 classes could not hope to compete against, standing already on a whole different level.

Meanwhile, even being fully geared in Epic Equipment was not sufficient for one to cross the divide while still Tier 2. The only possibility of doing so was by relying on the rumored Fragmented Legendary items. After all, according to God’s Domain’s information, Fragmented Legendary items granted its users the ability to transcend tiers.

Aren’t Fragmented Legendary items a little too powerful? Blue Phoenix was filled with an indescribable sense of shock and envy as she gazed at Autumn Plant’s corpse on the ground.

The Deification Crystal was a Consumable with a short duration of three hours. Obtaining even one such crystal was incredibly difficult. A Fragmented Legendary item, on the other hand, could be used forever. Most importantly, Fragmented Legendary items could actually grant a Tier 2 player combat power superior to even ordinary Tier 3 players’.

Suddenly, aside from Blue Phoenix, everyone else present started eyeing Shi Feng with a different type of gaze.

Rather than fear and awe, they looked at him with admiration and envy instead.

It seems I’ve shown off too much. Shi Feng quickly picked up the sudden change in the atmosphere and could not help revealing a bitter smile at this situation.

Originally, he had thought to shock War Blood’s members by instantly killing their vice commander. He never thought that his actions would give rise to a misunderstanding.

Part of the reason why Shi Feng could kill Autumn Plant was indeed because he possessed Fragmented Legendary items. However, a larger part of the reason for this was his having reached Level 100 already. With all of his restrictions removed, his reaction speed naturally surpassed Autumn Plant’s, who was only a Level 87 player and still had his body restricted. If Autumn Plant had been Level 100 as well, then Shi Feng would not have had such an easy time killing the Elementalist. At the very least, Autumn Plant would have evaded his Lightning Flash.

Disregarding the envious gazes he was receiving, Shi Feng turned to the Four Naval Generals, who were similarly looking at him with a trace of greed in their eyes.

“What? You still want to continue?” Shi Feng asked, smirking.

Shi Feng’s words were spoken very calmly. However, an invisible killing intent suddenly spread across the entire battlefield. Upon sensing this killing intent, the Four Naval Generals shuddered involuntarily, the greed in their eyes instantly disappearing without a trace as they realized that their lives and deaths now lay in Shi Feng’s hands.

“No! We’ll retreat. We’ll retreat immediately!” the Four Naval Generals said hurriedly.

Shortly after, all of War Blood’s members disappeared from the Buried Bones Ruin, leaving behind only Blue Phoenix and the other Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion members.

“Guild Leader Black Flame, even if you let them leave now, I’m afraid the War Blood adventurer team will not let this matter rest. Moreover, War Blood will definitely spread the news about your Fragmented Legendary item. At that time…” Blue Phoenix said worriedly after Shi Feng allowed War Blood’s members to leave with their lives.

Previously, everyone was still dubious about the rumor of Shi Feng owning a Fragmented Legendary item. Even so, the various major powers and experts of dark forces had put in quite a lot of effort to search for Shi Feng.

Now that the rumor was verified, countless powers and experts would definitely go crazy.

“If news about it is going to spread, so be it. Even if I kill them, the news will still be spread. Why should I waste my time killing them? When the time comes, anyone who wishes to take action against me can try as much as they want,” Shi Feng said, chuckling. He paid no heed to this matter at all. “Right, why are you grinding here? This place is very dangerous for players of your level.”

Shi Feng’s words rendered Blue Phoenix speechless. Although he was indeed frighteningly strong, he was still susceptible to ambushes and assassinations. Even the Guild Leader of a Super Guild would lose his life at some point if so many powers and experts targeted him. She never thought that Shi Feng would actually treat this matter so lightly.

Although Fragmented Legendary items had a low probability of dropping and Shi Feng surely wouldn’t lose his after dying just once or twice, he was bound to lose his Fragmented Legendary item eventually, the more he got killed. Not to mention, there were many tools in God’s Domain that could be used to increase the death penalty of players.

However, Blue Phoenix could only sigh in regard to this situation. After all, this was Shi Feng’s problem. It was not her place to tell him how he should handle it.

“We are here for a quest. Originally, Big Sis Rain had already secured an advantage in the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion. However, due to Nine Dragons Emperor’s close relationship with Starlink, he received a large number of resources from Starlink as support. Now, his side is prospering on Dragonheart Island while we can only run to this dangerous place. Recently, Nine Dragons Emperor even worked with Lu Xingluo to secure an ancient civilization’s ruin in the Gravity Mountain Range. A short while ago, Nine Dragons Emperor suddenly called for an emergency Elder’s meeting on Dragonheart Island. By the looks of it, he plans on taking action against Big Sis Rain. After receiving news about this, I tried to hurry back to Dragonheart Island, but ran into War Blood’s members as you saw just now,” Blue Phoenix explained helplessly.

“It seems Nine Dragons Emperor plans on snatching the position of Great Pavilion Master,” Shi Feng said.

“I think so as well.” In a slightly anxious tone, Blue Phoenix continued, “Guild Leader Black Flame, I need to return as quickly as possible. I won’t be able to continue chatting with you.”

No, I’ll go with you,” Shi Feng said, shaking his head.

Upon hearing Shi Feng’s words, Blue Phoenix simply nodded in agreement. After all, he represented Zero Wing. Having him present would undoubtedly give Phoenix Rain more authority at the meeting.

Following which, Shi Feng led Blue Phoenix to the canyon’s exit and summoned the Thunder Eagle, the appearance of the Flying Mount filling the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion’s members with envy.

“Let’s go,” Shi Feng said as he hopped onto the Thunder Eagle’s back. He planned on bringing Blue Phoenix back to Dragonheart Island first. As for the other Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion members, they would have to slowly sail back to the island on their ships.

While Shi Feng was flying toward Dragonheart Island, news of his appearance in the Buried Bones Ruin as well as his possession of a Fragmented Legendary item spread rapidly throughout the Sea of Death. For a time, the entire Sea of Death was in an uproar.