Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2275 - Black Flame Reappears

Chapter 2275 – Black Flame Reappears

After leaving the Tower of Four Gods, Shi Feng found himself on an island enveloped in death energy. Not only was the atmosphere chilling, but it also reduced Shi Feng’s reaction Speed, and Level 90-plus Lord ranked Undead roamed all around him.

The Buried Bones Ruin? Looking around, Shi Feng quickly recognized where he was. The system really knows how to teleport people. To think it would send me to such a dangerous location.

The Buried Bones Ruin was located in the Sea of Death’s core area. Although the island wasn’t as dangerous as the Tidal Vortex, it was still a risky place for current players. Ordinary Level 90 experts would almost certainly die if they visited this place alone. Not only was flight unallowed in the Buried Bones Ruin, but all means of teleportation were also prohibited. Players had to rely on their own two feet to venture in and out of the ruin. Because of this, players had a difficult time escaping dangerous situations in the area. Only 20-man teams or greater would have any chance of exploring the ruin safely.

However, Shi Feng was powerful enough to come and go as he pleased.

Once he had his bearings, Shi Feng made his way to the Buried Bones Ruin’s entrance.

Although the Buried Bones Ruin was a small, isolated island, it was unique. Docking on the island’s shore was akin to entering a miniature world. The island wasn’t any smaller than large-scale grinding maps on the main continent.

After over 20 minutes of running, Shi Feng finally found the exit of the canyon that housed the Buried Bones Ruin. As he arrived, he encountered over a thousand players crowding the exit.

These players were split into two different teams. One only had 100 players, while the team that blocked the exit consisted of more than 1,000.

These were high-leveled players, with the lowest among them at Level 86, and quite a few at Level 87. The weakest equipment they wore was Level 85 Secret-Silver rank. At this stage of the game, a Guild would have to be first-rate at the very least to arm their experts with such high-quality equipment.

Shi Feng, however, was more surprised by their identities than their levels and items.

The members of the 100-man team sported the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion’s guild Emblem, and the team’s leader was none other than Phoenix Rain’s trusted aid, Blue Phoenix. In contrast, every member of the 1,000-man team blocking the canyon’s exit was an independent player, and they all wore the same adventurer team logo, sewn into their capes.

Interesting. An adventurer team dares to challenge the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion?

The matter piqued Shi Feng’s curiosity. The Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion was a super-first-rate Guild. With the exception of other superpowers, no one would dare provoke it.

And yet, an adventurer team had ambushed the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion’s members. Nobody would believe this.

While Shi Feng watched in surprise, a man broke away from the adventurer team. The atmosphere in the area intensified as he appeared.

This man was a Level 87 Half-elf Elementalist, and the weakest of his equipment was Level 85 Fine-Gold rank. He also carried four items that radiated with the Epic glow effect, including the icy-blue staff in the man’s hand. Overall, the man’s equipment standard was just as impressive as Blue Phoenix’s.

Blue Phoenix, who had seemed quite calm, tensed the moment this man appeared.

“To think that you would come to deal with us as well, Vice Commander Autumn Plant. It seems War Blood thinks quite highly of us,” Blue Phoenix sarcastically spat.

War Blood was the publicly acknowledged, third-ranked adventurer team on Dragonheart Island. Although the adventurer team didn’t have as many members as a first-rate Guild, its overall strength and experts could rival that of an ordinary superpower.

Everyone on Dragonheart Island knew War Blood’s Four Great Vice Commanders, all of which possessed monstrous strength. Autumn Plant had earned the nickname ‘Bloody Mage’ after destroying an entire fleet at sea by himself. Now, he had been recognized as one of the top 10 Elementalists on Dragonheart Island.

“You can only blame yourself for your unwise decisions. Do you think you’ll be safe here?” Plant Autumn asked nonchalantly. “Starlink and Thirteen Thrones have already captured a fortress in the Gravity Mountain Range, acquiring access to unimaginable resources. Despite the invitation Guild Leader Lu sent the Phoenix Pavilion to cooperate against Zero Wing, you people rejected the offer. Since you have made your decision, like Zero Wing, you will have no hope of surviving in the Sea of Death.”

“First, well see if you have the power to keep us here,” Blue Phoenix snarled as she revealed a purple-red crystal, chanting an incantation.

The crystal shattered and transformed into a crimson magic array before Blue Phoenix.

A Level 92 Great Lord ranked Magma Giant then emerged from the magic array. Moreover, the Magma Giant was an Archaic Species. The instant this Magma Giant arrived, the temperature in the area soared.

This Magma Giant was Blue Phoenix’s trump card. A Level 92 Great Lord might not be a tough opponent for current players, but as an Archaic Species, it would give them a run for their money. Under a player’s control, such a Great Lord could easily slaughter a 1,000-man team. Not even Autumn Plant would survive.

However, War Blood’s members didn’t seem flustered. Rather, they all gave Blue Phoenix playful expressions.

“Do you think we came here unprepared, Blue Phoenix?” Autumn Plant said. “I already knew about this summoning crystal of yours, but I suppose that since you’ve revealed your trump card, we should show you what we’ve prepared.”

As soon as Autumn Plant said so, 60 War Blood members each took a Magic Array Scroll from their bags and activated it.

Suddenly, a gigantic magic array appeared, enveloping the canyon’s exit.

A lightning bolt then struck the exit, shattering the ground before a colossal hand emerged. The hand belonged to a gigantic skeletal warrior that pulled itself free of the rubble. This skeletal warrior was fully geared in magical armor and wielded a two-handed battle axe. Eerie flames burned in its hallowed eye sockets.

(Hell’s Guardian) (Undead, Grand Lord)

Level 96

HP 150,000,000/150,000,000

A Grand Lord? Blue Phoenix’s expression darkened when she saw the Hell’s Guardian.

A Great Lord ranked Archaic Species might be very powerful, but it wasn’t as strong as an actual Grand Lord.

Moreover, the Hell’s Guardian was Level 96. Not even their entire 100-man team would last more than five moves against it.

“What do you think? Our adventurer team has gone to great lengths to obtain this summoning array,” Autumn Plant said, sneering at Blue Phoenix. “I thought you were so confident. Where did that confidence go? Do you think you can get away from me now?”

The Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion’s members were instantly disheartened.

War Blood had an overwhelming advantage both in terms of numbers and trump cards. The outcome was obvious even before the fight began.

As Autumn Plant spoke, the Hell’s Guardian raised its battle axe and swung the weapon at Blue Phoenix, catching the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion members off-guard.

The Hell’s Guardian’s axe felt like a small mountain as it descended, generating an immense amount of wind pressure. Every player within 8 yards of the weapon struggled to move. With this added effect, the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion members couldn’t even defend themselves, let alone dodge the incoming attack.

Suddenly, a sword light flashed between the teams, striking the side of the colossal axe. As if it had been struck by a massive boulder, the axe’s trajectory drastically deviated, and the blade landed eight yards away from Blue Phoenix, hitting nothing but the ground.

“Who’s there?” Autumn Plant spun toward the origin of the sword light. With a dark look, he growled, “Are you so desperate to die in the Sea of Death, daring to interfere with War Blood’s matters?”

A figure then emerged from the nearby forest, fully clad in pitch-black armor and wielding a light blue sword surrounded by faint arcs of electricity. As this figure approached the battlefield, a deep voice reached everyone’s ears.

“I’m Zero Wing’s Black Flame!”