Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2274 - Level 100 Restriction Removed

Chapter 2274 – Level 100 Restriction Removed

The instant Crow Byson died, Shi Feng’s experience bar skyrocketed. He had already been very close to Level 100, and in the end, his experience bar took less than two seconds to fill completely.

Level 100!

Suddenly, a faint purple glow enveloped Shi Feng’s body. The phenomenon wasn’t like his previous level-ups, and as soon as the glow faded, invisible chains appeared around him. These chains then cracked and shattered, freeing Shi Feng of his prior restrictions.

I’ve already reached Level 100? Shi Feng sighed ruefully as he looked at his level.

He both desired and detested Level 100.

Level 100 might not seem like much, but Shi Feng understood that it was the greatest milestone in God’s Domain. The Main God System didn’t only release monsters and NPCs from their restrictions. Players would also undergo a qualitative transformation upon reaching Level 100. Unfortunately, they’d also lose the Main God System’s protection.

The invisible chains that bound players were a form of restriction and protection.

Not only would players Basic Attributes rise by a large margin, but their sensitivity and reactions would also reach 100%. Of course, this meant they would also fully experience the pain when receiving damage, and their mental exhaustion would begin to affect their physical bodies.

What everyone knew of God’s Domain before Level 100 was an illusion. It was a watered-down simulation that allowed players to adapt to the actual game. As players continued to level up, they’d experience fewer restrictions, and once they hit Level 100, the restrictions would be completely removed, and God’s Domain’s virtual world would truly begin to mimic reality.

I’ve leveled far faster than I had expected. I’ll have to complete my Tier 3 promotion as soon as possible, Shi Feng thought after getting a feel for his Level 100 body. Although combat would be more of a struggle after Level 100, the hazy sensation he had felt all this time had finally disappeared. He had regained the body he had been so familiar with during his previous life.

While his virtual body had been under the Main God System’s protection, he hadn’t been able to exhibit 100% of his strength. Hence, he hadn’t been able to immerse himself in battle fully. That also meant that he hadn’t lost much Concentration when taking damage. That body hadn’t felt like it had truly belonged to him, but now, his Concentration would decrease when he took damage. He could finally enjoy a true sense of realism.

Although players gained massive improvements when they reached Level 100, they would also be at their weakest in God’s Domain.

Monsters and NPCs would be liberated when they reached Level 100, as well. An ordinary Level 100, Tier 2 expert wouldn’t even be a match for a Chieftain ranked monster. In fact, the player would die the moment they entered a Level 100 map. Even with a 6-man party, Tier 2 players had to be extremely careful in Level 100-plus maps.

If players wanted to survive in Level 100-plus maps, they had to cross the Tier 3 threshold.

Before Shi Feng could grow accustomed to his new body, the scene around him blurred. This time, he was teleported to the top of a mountain.

Ancient stone pillars decorated the area, and a large number of Dragonkin roamed the mountain. Dragonkin looked a lot like humans, but they were covered in scales, and draconic heads, and rough, robust tails. These Dragonkin were fully armed with weapons and armor, and they looked like an organized army, guarding these ruins.

(Blackscaled Dragonkin)(Bloodline Creature, Great Lord) Level 100

HP 120,000,000/120,000,000

Although the Blackscaled Dragonkin were only Great Lords, they felt even more dangerous than the Hero, Crow Byson, had, and the ruin Shi Feng had teleported to was full of them. If he attacked a single Dragonkin, at least three of its companions would come to its aid.

System: Congratulations! You have cleared the third floor’s trials and arrived at the Tower of Four Gods’ fourth floor. You may choose to rest here for one day. You may also choose to start the fourth floor’s trials immediately.

The fourth floor really isn’t a place for Tier 2 players. I’ll need to reach Tier 3 to clear these trials. Shi Feng watched the roaming Dragonkin with a bitter smile.

Dragonkin’s Life Rating was considerably high, even surpassing Inferior Dragons and Giants. Dragonkin had inherited a part of the Dragon Bloodline. Even ordinary Tier 3 players would have to flee from a Level 100-plus, Great Lord ranked Dragonkin.

Although Shi Feng could rival actual Tier 3 players, he wasn’t an actual Tier 3 player. Furthermore, these Blackscaled Dragonkin had awakened their Bloodline abilities.

Initially, Shi Feng had wanted to try his luck with the fourth floor’s trials, but he dismissed the thought. He decided to give up on the challenge, throwing away his two remaining lives and leaving the Tower of Four Gods. As he was, he couldn’t gain anything more from the tower, so there wasn’t any reason to stay.

Once Shi Feng gave up on the challenge, the system teleported him to a temple.

Various treasures were on display within the temple, all intensely dazzling. Every one of the treasures radiated an incredible pressure, and some had an aura that was even stronger than that of a Mythic monster.

“Young adventurer, your success in clearing the third floor is quite the achievement. Even the strongest of your four companions barely managed to clear the second floor,” The man that had first greeted Shi Feng by the tower’s golden doors congratulated. Smiling, the man continued, _’As your reward for clearing the third floor, I will present three items to choose from. You may only take one item with you.”

After the man’s statement, three brilliant treasures appeared before Shi Feng. As soon as they did, Eternal Energy began to gather around them.

As expected of the Tower of Four Gods. The rewards are amazing. Shi Feng stared at the three items in shock.

The first item was the Draconic Eagle’s Summoning Flute. The Draconic Eagle was an Advanced Extraordinary Flying Mount with the Dragon Bloodline. Although it was only one rank higher than the Thunder Eagle, the difference between them was massive. The only Flying Mount stronger than this Draconic Eagle was Legendary rank, and very few Legendary Flying Mounts existed in God’s Domain.

As for the two other items, they were…

(Dragonblood Sacred Stone) (Consumable)

Has a 20% chance to upgrade a piece of Epic Equipment to Fragmented Legendary rank. There is a 50% chance that the Dragonblood Sacred Stone will mutate and strengthen the target equipment.

(Hero’s Tome) (Special Item)

Sacrifice 50,000 Magic Crystals to summon a Tier 4 Hero that is 20 levels higher than the user for 12 hours. Can only be used three times.

Cooldown: 10 days

Although none of the items were Fragmented Legendary rank, they were no less valuable, and every one of the greatly tempted Shi Feng.

Upgrading an Advanced Extraordinary Flying Mount to Tier 4 would be a very simple task. On the other hand, he would have to invest a ton of resources in the Thunder Eagle to get it to Tier 4.

The Dragonblood Sacred Stone’s value went without saying. Even if it failed to upgrade the target Epic Equipment piece to the Fragmented Legendary rank, there was still a 50% chance for the piece would mutate.

The Hero’s Tome was also a priceless item. A bona fide Tier 4 Hero would be many times stronger than ordinary Mythic monsters.

You have 10 minutes to decide. Then, you will be teleported to where you came from. Choose wisely,” the majestic man said.

“I choose the Hero’s Tome,” Shi Feng announced after giving the matter some thought.

Although an Advanced Extraordinary Flying Mount was immensely powerful, he would need to invest a lot of time to nurture it. Furthermore, that item wasn’t entirely out of his reach. As he grew stronger, he was bound to encounter an opportunity to obtain one. As for the Dragonblood Sacred Stone, it only had a chance of granting him a piece of Fragmented Legendary Equipment. It wasn’t a guarantee.

The Hero’s tome would be more helpful to him than the Draconic Eagle or Dragonblood Sacred Stone. He wouldn’t be able to use external items during his Tier 3 Promotion quest, but he could use a Tier 4 Hero.

In response, the majestic man waved a hand, and an ancient, dilapidated tome appeared in Shi Feng’s grip. The sight of the book elated Shi Feng. With this Hero’s Tome, he was far more confident of completing the high-difficulty Tier 3 Promotion Quest. With Tier 3 being a major turning point in God’s Domain, his performance in the Promotion Quest would greatly affect his chances of reaching Tier 4 and 5 in the future. He could not afford to be careless.

“Since you’ve received your reward, you may leave now.”

The majestic man waved a hand again, and Shi Feng transformed into a streak of light as he was evicted from the temple.