Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2272 - Bloodline Evolves The third floor's trial is this challenging?

Chapter 2272 – Bloodline Evolves The third floor’s trial is this challenging?

Shi Feng was rendered speechless as he stared at the human Swordsman standing in the center of the elevated platform.

(Crow Byson (Black Sword Knight)) (Hero, Tier 3 Sword King)

Level 99

HP 13,000,000/13,000,000

Practically every player in God’s Domain knew that NPCs were not to be provoked by this stage of the game, yet many were still unaware that there were even massive differences between NPCs.

Take the NPC Giants Shi Feng fought on the first floor, for example. They possessed powerful racial traits that granted them superior combat power. The combat power Giant’s wielded ranked at the top among NPCs of the same Tier, but comparing an ordinary NPC Giant to a Hero was like comparing a candle flame to the sun. However, comparing an ordinary NPC Giant to a Hero was like comparing a candle flame to the sun.

Heroes had completed the Trial of God and received a God’s blessing. Their combat power was unparalleled among those of the same rank. Powerful Heroes could even slay an adult Dragon by themselves. They were akin to kingdoms and empires’ guardian saints.

Many Tier 5 apex experts in Shi Feng’s previous life had grown conceited and would frequently attack kingdoms and empires’ caravans. In the end, many of them had encountered hidden NPC Heros and received a painful beating. These experts hadn’t been able to escape and had been locked up in prison for their crimes.

Why wouldn’t Shi Feng be stunned to learn that he had to face a Tier 3 Hero?

System: Kill Crow Byson, the Black Sword Knight, within 1 day. If you fail to complete this task in the stipulated time, the challenge will automatically be regarded as a failure.

Shi Feng’s last spark of hope faded the instant he heard the system notification.

He had hoped that he’d only have to survive against the Tier 3 Hero for a certain time to clear the third floor’s trial. If that were the case, he’d have a chance, but he actually had to kill a Tier 3 Hero. Shi Feng wouldn’t be able to defeat a Tier 3 Hero even if he were a Tier 3 player, let alone right now, as a Tier 2 player.

The Tier 5 apex experts of the past had commanded incredibly powerful combat techniques, and the weakest piece of equipment they had worn had been Epic Rank. They had also carried a few Fragmented Legendary items, yet they had only earned a one-sided beating during their encounters with Tier 5 Heroes.

Wait, why is that Hero only wearing Dark-Gold Equipment?

Just as Shi Feng was about to give up on the trial and stop wasting his time in the Tower of Four Gods, he noticed that the glow effect on Crow Byson’s weapons and equipment was effect unique to Dark-Gold ranked items.

Normally, NPC Heroes wore a minimum of Epic Set Equipment, while some of the stronger individuals were fully geared in Fragmented Legendary Equipment. An NPC would have an easier time collecting such equipment than players, after all.

However, the Tier 3 Hero before him only wore Dark-Gold Equipment. Moreover, by the looks of the Hero’s equipment, it wasn’t even a Dark-Gold Set Equipment.

I have a chance! Shi Feng’s eyes glowed with excitement at this discovery.

There was a three-rank difference between Epic Set Equipment and individual Dark-Gold Equipment. In other words, this Hero’s combat power would be three ranks lower than usual. Most importantly, Crow Byson was not Level 100, but Level 99.

Level 100 was a massive turning point in God’s Domain for monsters and NPCs. Until monsters and NPCs reached that threshold, they’d be restricted by the system, only able to exhibit a portion of their full strength. Hence, Shi Feng still had a chance of completing the trial.

Considering the situation, Shi Feng quickly calmed himself and stepped onto the platform.

“I advise you to turn back, young adventurer. You are not strong enough to defeat me,” Crow Byson said.

“How will I know that without trying?” Shi Feng countered.

“Then, I have no choice but to remove you myself!” Crow Byson declared, unsheathing the pitch-black greatsword from his back. The intensity of his aura skyrocketed as he charged at Shi Feng.

Crow Byson was extremely fast, and mid-charge, he split into six clones, which were impossible to differentiate between.

Sure enough, he’ll execute all of his Skills and Spells with a 100% Completion Rate. Shi Feng wasn’t surprised in the least to see the six Heroes charge at him.

The move Crow Byson just used was the Swordsman class’s Tier 3 Skill, Sword Phantom. Normally, the Skill only allowed the user to split into four copies, but one would gain two more if they achieved a 100% Completion Rate. Not only would these additional doppelgangers confuse the enemy further, but all six were also physical copies.

Of course, Shi Feng wouldn’t take Crow Byson’s attack lying down. He immediately brandished Killing Ray.

Shadow Blade!

Thanks to his incessant training, Shi Feng could now execute Shadow Blade with a 103% Completion Rate. As a result, the number of sword lights he summoned had increased from 10 to 12.

Although Crow Byson was a Tier 3 Hero, his Basic Attributes were only slightly higher than a Strength-type Great Lord due to the limitations of his equipment. Meanwhile, Shadow Blade’s power had risen with a 103% Completion Rate. Now, a single sword light had enough Strength to rival this NPC Hero.

However, Crow Byson’s six doppelgangers altered their footwork and agilely evaded all 12 attacks like nimble cats just as Shi Feng’s sword lights were about to slam into him. Without pause, the NPC continued toward Shi Feng.

The evasion surprised Shi Feng.

An Advanced Combat Technique!

All six doppelgangers had executed an Advanced Combat Technique simultaneously…

Facing so many enemies, Shi Feng had no choice but to defend himself with Sword’s Transmigration.

Shi Feng had improved his use of Sword’s Transmigration during his training in the Tower of Four Gods as well. Now, he could deflect six simultaneous attacks without trouble.

However, the instant the two Swordsmen’s attacks were about to collide, Crow Byson’s six strikes converged into two. Shi Feng felt two powerful forces strike his blades, the combination attack containing so much Strength that he couldn’t defect. The impact threw Shi Feng over 10 yards away as he lost nearly 10,000 HP.

A Bronze Combat Technique? Shi Feng stared at the Tier 3 NPC Hero in shock.

Shi Feng had used a Bronze Defensive Combat Technique, yet he hadn’t been able to deflect Crow Byson’s attacks. Moreover, he had taken damage from the attempt. He could only assume that this was because Crow Byson’s offensive combat technique was Bronze rank as well.

Although Shi Feng had known that NPC Heroes were immensely powerful, unparalleled among those of the same tier, he hadn’t expected them to be this powerful.

It was no wonder why Crow Byson could exhibit 100% of his combat power if NPC Heroes could casually execute Advanced and Bronze Combat Techniques. Not even a Domain Realm expert could achieve such a feat.

Before Shi Feng could steady himself, Crow Byson’s main body transformed into a streak of pitch-black light, arriving before his opponent almost instantly.

Tier 3 Skill, Spatial Slash!

Normally, Spatial Slash only yielded one attack, yet in Crow Byson’s hands, it had produced three, each with the Strength of a Mythic monster.

Unfortunately, Shi Feng didn’t have time to employ a defensive maneuver against the speed of this attack. As a result, he was forced to activate Defensive Blade.

Shi Feng suffered defeat in less than a minute due to his disadvantage in terms of Basic Attributes, Skills, and combat standards. After his death, he automatically respawned at the bottom of the elevated platform.

His combat power might be three ranks lower than normal, but he’s still so powerful. It is no wonder why most apex experts in the past ran away from Heroes. Looking up, Shi Feng gave Crow Byson a bitter smile.

Not only was Crow Byson capable of effortlessly executing Bronze Combat Techniques, but he also had a 100% Completion Rate with all of his Skills. A Tier 3 player had no hope of defeating him.

Not even Shi Feng’s current combat power was a match for this NPC Hero.

My combat power is still weaker than his, but I might have a chance of victory if I can gain a Basic Attribute advantage. After the first fight, Shi Feng realized that the difference between their strength wasn’t as large as he had assumed. His gaze shifted toward the Frost Iron Bloodline’s Attribute Panel. The Frost Iron Bloodline has already increased my strength so drastically. If I can upgrade it to an Advanced Bloodline, my Attributes should climb even higher.

With little choice, Shi Feng tapped on the Frost Iron Bloodline’s Attribute Panel and chose to evolve it.