Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2268 - Threat What did he do?

Chapter 2268 – Threat What did he do?

Although Fang Mingyu had only stumbled back a step, the Fang Family members were shocked. This was especially true for Fang Xiaotian.

Every member of the Fang Family knew how powerful Fang Mingyu was. The family’s old man had even called him a talent that only appeared once a century in the Fang Family and was the strongest member of the younger generation.

Fang Mingyu’s strength had been unparalleled among Fenglin City’s younger generation even before he had mastered the Henglian Style. Later, Fang Mingyu had gone overseas to continue his training and master the Henglian style, gaining monstrous strength.

Yet, not only had he failed to affect Shi Feng, but he had taken a blow, as well. Why wouldn’t his family members be shocked to see it?

Even Lei Bao, who stood some distance behind Shi Feng, was stunned. He knew that Shi Feng had become a neutralizing grandmaster, but that should’ve achievement should be recent.

Neutralizing grandmasters’ superior mental capacity allowed them to improve their strength in all aspects, which was a part of the reason that they were so powerful. It especially affected their physical fitness, but even with the help of various hormones, these improvements weren’t immediate. Rather, these alterations would take place over a long time.

Fang Mingyu, on the other hand, had already reached the Henglian Style’s unbreakable realm. Physically, he was a humanoid monster. Even some of the weaker grandmasters wouldn’t be a match for his raw power, not to mention Shi Feng, who had so recently become a grandmaster.

And yet, contrary to Lei Bao’s expectations, Shi Feng had won a direct confrontation. It was simply unbelievable.

“To counterattack in the brief moment when I relied on my strength, it seems that you’re not all talk after all,” Fang Mingyu said, frowning. He realized what had happened immediately. “But I won’t give you another chance!”

Fang Mingyu’s fist shot toward Shi Feng in a straight, simple punch. It was even cleaner and more straightforward than a textbook punch.

However, this simplicity was precisely the reason that not even a neutralizing grandmaster would find a gap to take advantage of.

Lei Bao couldn’t help but flinch.

He felt as if the sky were falling as the punch shot toward Shi Feng. There was simply no room to flee. There were no holes to exploit. If he were on the receiving end, he’d have no choice but to take the hit.

Worse, this punch hadn’t made any sound that Lei Bao could hear. This meant that Fang Mingyu’s punch was even faster than the speed of sound. Combined with Fang Mingyu’s ferocious strength, the hit could likely kill an adult elephant.

However, just as Fang Mingyu’s fist was about to collide with Shi Feng’s cranium, Shi Feng moved forward to greet the attack. Before meeting with the hit, Shi Feng side-stepped and allowed Fang Mingyu’s fist to brush past his head. Shi Feng moved to the larger man’s side, while Fang Mingyu’s fist met nothing but air.

Shi Feng’s arm swayed as he placed his palm on Fang Mingyu’s chest and shoved. Fang Mingyu lost his balance and fell, pinned to the ground by Shi Feng’s hand.


Fang Mingyu lay flat on his back, and the impact of his fall was so powerful that it cracked the marble floor and shook the room. The large man’s consciousness wavered, his insides shaken.

From an outsider’s perspective, it had looked like Shi Feng had just appeared beside Fang Mingyu, grabbed the giant, and slammed him to the ground.

Everyone in the room fell deathly silent.

Are neutralizing grandmasters really this powerful? Lei Bao was at a loss for words as he stared at Fang Mingyu on the ground.

Lei Bao had seen Shi Feng’s every action, so he knew the movements had been quite simple, yet these simple actions had become magical when Shi Feng performed them. Not only had Shi Feng effortlessly neutralized Fang Mingyu’s punch, but he had also reversed the situation, pinning the bear of a man to the ground.

Lei Bao had never thought that such a great expert, who had reached the Henglian Style’s unbreakable realm, would be so frail before a neutralizing grandmaster. At this point, he couldn’t even fathom how powerful neutralizing grandmasters truly were.

The rest of the room’s occupants stared at Shi Feng as if he were a monster.

However, the young man’s gaze never left Fang Mingyu, who lay beside his feet.

This unbreakable realm is really something. Shi Feng was quietly amazed as he stared at the dizzy Fang Mingyu. He hadn’t thought it possible for someone to nurture their strength to such an extent. If he hadn’t become a grandmaster, he wouldn’t have been a match for this man.

Shi Feng’s fight with Fang Mingyu had seemed one-sided to everyone else in the room, but Shi Feng didn’t think so. If anyone else had faced Fang Mingyu, that punch would’ve blown them away.

The larger man was even more physically fit than Shi Feng. At the very least, Shi Feng would need quite a bit of time to catch up. In a frontal confrontation, Fang Mingyu would thoroughly outmatch Shi Feng. However, neutralizing grandmasters’ reaction speed and precise control of their power were what made them so powerful.

Shi Feng had moved to dodge the hit the moment Fang Mingyu’s fist had moved. Once Shi Feng had pushed the man off balance, he had relied on Fang Mingyu’s weight and his own strength to achieve the shocking results.

Despite such a heavy blow, Fang Mingyu had suffered barely any damage as if his body were truly made of steel. He had merely suffered a minor disruption to his blood circulation and had been temporarily incapacitated.

After inspecting Fang Mingyu’s condition, Shi Feng looked up at the dumbfounded Fang Xiaotian, who sat on the other side of the table. Sensing Shi Feng’s gaze, Fang Xiaotian felt a chill crawl down his spine.

“What are you trying to do?! I’d advise you against messing around! This is the Redstone Restaurant!” Fang Xiaotian blurted out.

The Redstone Restaurant had branches all over the world, residing in any second-tier or above city. Although many major powers had desired the restaurant’s special food and beverages, no one had successfully stolen the recipes. The restaurant’s power was obvious.

A little commotion within the Restone Restaurant was acceptable, but it wouldn’t tolerate anything more than that.

“Young Master Fang, you jest. Why would I act recklessly here?” Shi Feng asked with a chuckle.

Shi Feng knew a little about the Redstone Restaurant situation, so he knew the restaurant’s rules. Even a neutralizing grandmaster would suffer if they tried to provoke the Redstone Restaurant.

The moment Shi Feng had entered the VIP room, he had sensed a powerful aura lock on to him. Although the aura didn’t originate from a grandmaster, the individual’s spiritual prowess was quite high. Shi Feng guessed that the individual was only a half-step from becoming a grandmaster.

Shi Feng approached the table, and Fang Xiaotian instinctively wanted to retreat. However, the mentality of a superior he had nurtured over many years allowed him to remain firm in his position.

“What are you trying to do?” Gloomy, Fang Xiaotian snarled, “Even if you’re immensely powerful, the Fang Family’s might in Fenglin City is beyond imagining!”

“You shouldn’t get so excited, young Master Fang. I’m here merely to chat with you,” Shi Feng said as he sat in Fang Mingyu’s original seat. He glanced at Fang Xiaotian and continued, “I know you wish to annex Zero Wing starting with Gentle Snow, but I’d advise that you abandon that notion while you still can. Zero Wing will be taking charge of this matter.

“You might have great authority and strength under your command, but you shouldn’t forget that not even an entire country can protect you if your enemy is close.”

After Shi Feng’s statement, a biting cold assaulted everyone in the room. For a moment, these individuals felt as if they stood before the gates of hell.

After two seconds of this cold, it vanished as if it had never happened. However, Fang Xiaotian’s back was drenched in sweat, and by the time he snapped out of his gaze, Shi Feng had stood and left the room.