Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2267 - Initial Confrontation

Chapter 2267 – Initial Confrontation

As Shi Feng and his two companions entered the graceful, antique-styled room, Fang XiaoTain and Fang Mingyu stared at them in shock.

“Who allowed them inside?” Fang Xiaotian demanded coldly as he glared at the open doors.

He was furious. He had clearly instructed his bodyguards to chase Shi Feng’s group away, yet they had made it into the room. He hadn’t heard a commotion outside the room, so he could only assume his bodyguards had allowed them to pass.

However, Fang Xiaotian received no response as the seconds ticked by. The situation confused him.

Had they all betrayed him?

After considering the idea, he realized that would be impossible. The Fang Family had paid a huge sum to train their bodyguards, so the men were absolutely loyal. Even if one of them had become a turncoat, there was no way that all four bodyguards had turned against him simultaneously.

“Save your energy, Young Master Fang. Your bodyguards are already asleep,” Shi Feng explained when he noticed Fang Xiaotian’s confusion.

“That’s impossible!” Fang Xiaotian denied Shi Feng’s claim instinctively.

He was very familiar with the four bodyguards’ skills. They were only basic internal force experts, but if they worked together, they could even give a national fighting champion a run for his money. How could anyone knock all four of them unconscious without making a sound?

Lie Bao could only shake his head and sigh from behind Shi Feng.

The cooperation between four basic internal force experts would certainly be a magnificent scene to behold, but compared to a true neutralizing grandmaster, they were little more than infants. With exceptional reaction speed, perception, and physical prowess, if a neutralizing grandmaster wanted to go somewhere, how could a bunch of bodyguards stop him?

Fang Xiaotian ordered one of the bodyguards behind him to check on the four outside. When he reached the door, he found the four bodyguards unconscious in a corner of the hall.

Young Master, Ah Tao…the others, they’re really unconscious,” the bodyguard stammered.

Silence filled the room, and Feng Xiaotian turned to evaluate Shi Feng’s group.

“It’s no wonder why you were so confident to meet me here,” Fang Xiaotian said. Despite his passed-out bodyguards, he didn’t seem flustered. On the contrary, he maintained a calm attitude as he said, “However, do you think this display will change my mind? Stop dreaming.

“I know who you are, Shi Feng. You’re Heaven’s Rumble’s Hall Master. You’ve already defeated Wang Zongquan and shook Fenglin City’s various dojos and training centers with your name alone. Moreover, you are one of Zero Wing’s core upper echelons. Zero Wing has been developing quite nicely in God’s Domain and has become a pseudosuperpower. It is now an overlord on the eastern continent. Now, the Guild has been recruiting a large number of talented fighters through the Heaven’s Rumble Training Center and is rapidly growing stronger in the game.

“However, this is the real world, not some game! In the real world, Zero Wing has no background or supporters. It’s nothing! I wouldn’t even need to lift a finger to deal with you! A few words would be more than sufficient to end your business in Fenglin City!”

Xiao Yu felt an immense weight drop on his shoulders as Fang Xiaotian spoke.

Zero Wing wasn’t afraid of financial suppression. Only small, hostile tricks could affect the Guild and Workshop.

Fang Mingyu stood abruptly, looming like a brown bear in the room. Standing at 2.3 meters[l]. His arms were thicker than a woman’s thighs, and his tanned complexion made him look like a golden statue.

Unbreakable! Someone’s actually trained in the Henglian Style to the unbreakable realm?! Lei Bao stared at Fang Mingyu as he walked toward the group in utter shock.

Training with the Henglian Style was a painful toil. One had to submit themselves to hellish training tactics to master this martial art, which was several times more challenging than other styles. Even internal force experts would struggle to deal with the difficult training regiment, but if one could master the Henglian style, they’d become horrifically strong.

With basic mastery, one could face-off against ordinary internal force experts. Not only would a combatant’s punch carry 1,000 kilos of force as an advanced master, but they’d also be able to take hits from an internal force expert without injury. Not even apex internal force experts would want to mess with an advanced Henglian Style practitioner.

And yet, Fang Mingyu had fully mastered the Hengliann Style, reaching the unbreakable realm. If he fought someone like Wang Zongquan, he could end the fight in one hit. Wang Zongquan would be utterly helpless against Fang Mingyu.

“You are quite strong to take out four of my elder brother’s bodyguards simultaneously. I’ll give you a chance. Join the Fang Family and sell us all of your Zero Wing shares. You’ll receive your share of the pie once the Fang Family owns Zero Wing. You will enjoy greater status and authority than you could ever enjoy in Zero Wing,” Fang Mingyu offered as he approached Shi Feng, his firm tone leaving no room for negotiation.

Xiao Yu, who stood behind Shi Feng, felt the strength drain from his legs.

Fang Mingyu’s aura was simply too frightening. Xiao Yu normally trained as well and had cultivated a relatively formidable aura though his years work, yet he felt tiny before Fang Mingyu. Moreover, Fang Mingyu had something on him that most professional fighters did not-killing intent. As the man walked toward the trio, it felt like a mountain of corpses were lumbering toward him.

“What if I refuse?” Shi Feng calmly replied.

“Then I’ll just have to take you back to the family. Once you’re there, I’m sure you’ll change your mind,” Fang Mingyu said, laughing.

You say that if I join the Fang Family, I’ll enjoy greater status and authority than I currently do in Zero Wing?” Shi Feng asked.

“That’s right. You certainly qualify to receive such power,” Fang Mingyu answered, nodding.

“My position in Zero Wing is quite high. Not only do the Guild’s Vice Guild Leaders have to listen to my commands, but every large-scale operation the Guild considers must receive my permission first. Moreover, I am responsible for approving any decision regarding the Guild’s finances and development,” Shi Feng said after giving the matter some thought.

As soon as Shi Feng finished speaking, silence returned to the room.

“Are you toying with me?” Fang Mingyu demanded, his expression darkening.

If the Fang Family annexed Zero Wing, not even Fang Xiaotian would have such immense authority, much less Fang Mingyu.

“I’m not. It is simply the truth,” Shi Feng said honestly.

“It seems you won’t be convinced until you face reality. Since that is the case, you’ll return with me!” Fang Mingyu declared as he extended a hand to grab Shi Feng by the shoulder.

Although the action seemed innocent, how could the touch of one who had reached the unbreakable realm in the Henglian Style be so simple? The grab was actually a technique with thirteen transformations. Even if Shi Feng were a lively monkey, there was no escaping Fang Mingyu’s grip.

However, as Fang Mingyu was about to clamp down on Shi Feng’s shoulder to immobilize the young man, Shi Feng shrugged his shoulder slightly, so faint that the movement was barely discernible. As if he had been electrocuted, Fang Mingyu jerked back his hand. To an outsider, it would’ve looked like the larger man’s hand had bounced off an invisible barrier.

Losing his posture, Fang Mingyu stumbled back a few steps…