Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2266 - Consequences?

Chapter 2266 – Consequences?

Fenglin City’s Redstone Restaurant:

As the most prestigious restaurant in Fenglin City, the Redstone Restaurant was strictly members-only. Regardless of how much money one had, non-members had no hope of dining in the restaurant. However, many of the city’s high- profile individuals frequently visited the establishment to discuss business.

The Redstone Restaurant was a particularly safe place, and one wouldn’t have to worry about other professionals eavesdropping on a sensitive discussion. The establishment’s capable waiters and waitresses made this point clear.

Secondly, the restaurant’s food was amazing. Even people who ate delicacies every day would never forget the taste of the food here, and since the Redstone Restaurant didn’t offer takeout, anyone who wished to dine had to visit personally.

Because of these two factors, practically every respectable individual in Fenglin City took every opportunity they had to dine in the restaurant seriously. Naturally, the Fang Family were frequent customers.

Two young men currently occupied one of the restaurant’s seventh-floor VIP rooms. While they conversed, the young men took their time to enjoy the delicacies that covered the table between them. One of the men was rough and robust, while the other seemed scholarly. No outsider would assume that these two were brothers by blood.

The scholarly young man was the Fang Family’s current head, Fang Xiaotian. Fang Xiaotian currently wore a set of white robes, and although he looked to be in his mid-twenties, he was already in his thirties. He was the Fang Family’s eldest young master.

The muscular man across from him was the family’s second eldest son, Fang Mingyu.

“Little Two, how are the preparations going for the annual martial arts competition between the Five Great Families?” Fang Xiaotian asked, looking up at Fang Mingyu.

Unlike most families, the Fang Family was an ancient martial arts family. To them, the annual martial arts competition between the Five Great Families was even more prestigious than the national fighting competition.

“Rest assured, big bro; this year’s competition is ours for the taking,” Fang Mingyu responded with a laugh. He then pointed at the dozen or so youths standing behind him and explained, “I’ve trained every one of them personally. Two have even grasped internal force.”

The dozen or so combatants behind Fang Mingyu looked very young. None of them were older than 20, and the youngest was only 17. However, not even national-level fighters were a match for these youths’ fitness.

“Good.” Fang Xiaotian nodded approvingly. “God’s Domain has been growing more popular recently, and many major corporations have already invested in the game. Grandpa wants us to join the game as well, so you’d better be prepared.”

“We’re going to play, too?” The revelation surprised Fang Mingyu.

“Mhm. The game touches upon certain important secrets, so the Fang Family intends to take part,” Fang Xiaotian said. This is also why I suggested that we send a representative to propose a marriage with the Bia Family.

“Not only is the Bai Family’s Bai Qingxue beautiful, but she is also quite capable. She successfully defended her elder brother’s Guild, albeit for a short time. With another decade to develop, the Bia Family might be able to join our circle. It’s a pity that the Blackwater Corporation interfered so soon, but I’ve recently heard that she’s prospering in God’s Domain and had earned quite a bit of profit for the White Clan Group. She’s just perfect for Little Three.”

“Hopefully, this will help Little Three finally control himself. Despite several scoldings from Grandpa, he refuses to change and continues to fool around,” Fang Mingyu said, chuckling.

Although their third brother was useless, he was still a member of the Fang Family. Although the Bai Family was second-rate in Fenglin City, the Fang Family had displayed immense respect by allowing Bai Qingxue to marry into the family.

“Unfortunately, it seems that little girl has been playing tricks. If you have the time, pay the Bai Family a visit and shake them up a bit. If she continues to be a problem, invite the Bai Family’s old man to speak with us. Tell him that our family’s head wishes to meet with him,” Fang Xiaotian said.

“Sure, I’ll make sure it gets done,” Fang Mingyu replied, nodding.

Honestly, Fang Mingyu didn’t think it was necessary for him to take action. The Fang Family had already offered them a marriage, and if the Bai Family didn’t know how to appreciate that kindness, the Fang Family could simply remove them from Fenglin City. The Bai Family should understand this point and know which decision they should make.

At this point, Shi Feng arrived outside the Redstone Restaurant.

According to Liang Jing, Fang Xiaotian, the Fang Family’s current head and eldest son, was currently dining in the restaurant. Since Fang Xiaotian was responsible for this marriage proposal, Shi Feng had to discuss the matter with him directly.

“Let’s head inside,” Shi Feng said as he glanced at Xiao Yu, who had just arrived.

Shi Feng wasn’t a member and couldn’t simply enter the Redstone Restaurant. Xiao Yu, however, had gained membership through his connection with Han Yifeng. Even so, Xiao Yu still had to pay 2,000,000 Credits per year to maintain his membership. Ordinary citizens could only afford the membership fees in their dreams.

“Are you really planning to speak with Fang Xiaotian, Head Instructor Shi?” Xiao Yu asked anxiously. “The Fang Family can’t compare to the Starline Corporation, but it has very deep roots in Fenglin City. Its influence across the city is immensely powerful, especially in the city’s fighting industry. We’ve only opened the Heaven’s Rumble Training Center recently. If we provoke Fang Xiaotian, I’m afraid the consequences will be…”

“Old Xiao, you’re afraid that we’ll provoke him, but I’m afraid that he doesn’t understand the consequences for provoking us,” Lei Bao, who stood beside Shi Feng, said, chuckling. “Alright, that’s enough. Let’s head inside.”

Lei Bao’s comment rendered Xiao Yu speechless. He was sure that the man was messing with him.

When Xiao Yu saw Shi Feng’s determination, however, he gritted his teeth and followed the two men into the restaurant.

Once inside, a waiter quickly led Shi Feng’s party to a VIP room on the seventh floor.

Four men in black suits stood by the doors, guarding the room. These people were none other than Fang Xiaotian’s bodyguards, and they all radiated imposing auras. Although they merely stood there, it was clear that the seventh floor was under their observation. They would notice and react to any suspicious movement in the hall instantly.

Even Lei Bao was a little intimidated by the four bodyguards.

All four bodyguards were internal force experts, and in a small city, they’d easily become the bosses of the local fighting industry. However, these individuals had lowered themselves to guarding the Feng Family’s members. It was clear how much power the Fang Family had.

“Sir, this is a private room. Outsiders are not allowed inside,” one of the bodyguards declared as Shi Feng’s group approached.

“Tell Young Master Fang that Heaven’s Rumble’s Shi Feng wishes to chat with him,” Shi Feng replied, unperturbed.

“Please wait a moment,” the bodyguard said. He then communicated Shi Feng’s request to the bodyguard in the room through his earpiece.

The bodyguard in the room relayed the message immediately.

“Shi Feng? Heaven’s Rumble’s Hall Master?” Fang Xiaotian chuckled. “It seems he’s here to stand up for Bai Qingxue.”

“He overestimates himself. He’s just a new training center’s Hall Master, yet he dares to interrupt us?” Fang Mingyu said, frowning. “It seems I’ve been away from Fenglin City for so long that these people have forgotten about me!”

“Forget it. We’ll just send them away,” Fang Xiaotian decided after giving the matter some thought.

The bodyguard beside Fang Xiaotian informed the bodyguards outside the room of his employer’s reply and told them to deal with the problem.

Suddenly, however, the room’s doors burst open, and a young man entered the room, followed by Lei Bao and Xiao Yu.