Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2265 - Tower of Four Gods' Effect

Chapter 2265 – Tower of Four Gods’ Effect

Shi Feng rapidly lost stamina due to his severe lack of energy. Ignoring the cause of his deprivation, for now, Shi Feng moved to the fridge in his room and retrieved one of the Life Potions within. He popped the cap and downed the bottle’s contents without hesitation.

As the Life Potion flowed down his throat, Shi Feng felt a warmth spread throughout his body, and his mind started to clear.

After the drink warmed him, his cells devoured the nutrients like ravenous wolves. When he had first consumed the Life Potion, his body had needed three to five days to process it, yet now, his body rapidly absorbed its nutrients.

After about ten minutes, Shi Feng felt as if he had been resurrected. He had also completely digested the Life Potion.

If any internal force expert saw this, their eyes would likely fall from their sockets.

The Life Potion contained a frightening amount of nutrients, and even an internal force expert would need three days to process the powerful drink after training to their physical limits. Moreover, they would have to continue training like a madman during that time, yet Shi Feng had digested the Life Potion in ten minutes and still felt as if he needed more.

This Life Potion really is good stuff. Without it, I would’ve needed around five bottles of S-rank Nutrient Fluid to recover from my starvation, Shi Feng inwardly exclaimed as he stared at the empty container in his hand.

Although he had been conserving the Life Potions, he had used far more than he had initially expected. He was already down to his last bottle. Once he was out, his physical and mental progress would plummet.

In fact, the Life Potions were a large part of the reason for his rapid improvement in the Tower of Four Gods.

As Shi Feng recovered from his hunger and looked around him, he felt as if he had emerged in an entirely new world.

To be precise, his perception had sharpened drastically.

What’s going on? The development stunned Shi Feng.

It wasn’t just the world around him that felt different. He could also sense that his cells had become significantly stronger. Now, he felt that he could achieve a punching strength of 1,000kg even with a casual hit. His reaction speed had also improved.

With these changes, his physical control had reached a new level.

Shi Feng had endured a constant headache over how to improve his reaction speed and physical control. He had never expected to make a breakthrough now.

He could push his mental agility to its very limits in God’s Domain because he had an incredibly powerful body and sufficient reaction speed, but that wasn’t the case in the real world. Because of this, he couldn’t replicate many of his in-game actions in the real world.

Now that his physical fitness and reaction speed had significantly improved, he would be able to exhibit greater strength.

Moreover, Shi Feng could tell that his physical condition hadn’t reached its peak. After making a mental breakthrough, his endocrine system had grown stronger, steadily flooding his bloodstream with more hormones and slowly altering and improving his physical fitness.

Have I risen to the grandmaster standard during my training in the Tower of Four Gods? Shi Feng considered the large possibility that he had become a neutralizing grandmaster throughout his training. He couldn’t think of another explanation for the changes his body had experienced.

With his superhuman fitness and reaction speed, his overall strength was leaps and bounds greater than apex internal force experts. He wouldn’t need any fancy techniques to take care of Wang Zongquan if the man appeared before him again. He could easily finish the man with a straight punch.

For a moment, Shi Feng was overwhelmed with the urge to run to the headquarters’ training room to test his physical state.

He still had two teleportation stones, which meant he could send four more players into the Tower of Four Gods. If his guess was correct, and players could gain real-world strength by training in the tower, as well as crossing the 100%

Skill Completion Rate threshold, he needed to send some of his Guild’s experts, those with great potential, to train in the tower.

Although Lei Bao led the Heaven’s Rumble Training Center, and Fire Dance and the others were extraordinarily strong, Lu Xingluo wasn’t to be trifled with. Wang Zongquan’s interruption during the training center’s grand opening had merely been an attempt to test the waters. If Lu Xingluo decided to get serious and attack the training center in secret, he would have many methods to catch the training center off-guard. An experienced master martial artist like Lei Bao might cope with these secret attacks, but Fire Dance and the others simply weren’t strong enough.

Moreover, they needed people to protect Zero Wing’s main headquarters at all times.

If Zero Wing could nurture another grandmaster, the Zero Wing headquarters and the Heaven’s Rumble Training Center’s safety would be assured.

Neutralizing grandmasters transcended ordinary human limits. Their highly-developed minds utilized a seventh sense, which reached beyond their instinctual sixth sense. Their perception of danger and survivability reached inhuman levels. Even if Lu Xingluo tried to attack Zero Wing from the shadows, he’d be hard-pressed to achieve anything against a neutralizing grandmaster.

Thinking up to this point, Shi Feng contacted Liang Jing, asking for a report on Zero Wing’s development and gather the Guild’s upper echelons for a meeting. He intended to discuss the Tower of Four Gods with everyone before making a decision. He only had four remaining slots, after all.

Zero Wing had been developing smoothing before he had entered the Tower of Four Gods, and according to Liang Jing’s report, not only had Gentle Snow helped her experts level up rapidly after acquiring her Flying Mount, but she had also hunted down quite a few rare Field Bosses. As a result, she had collected plenty of resources and equipment for the Guild. Meanwhile, Fire Dance and the others relied on Stone Forest City’s advantages, surpassing the various superpowers’ exploration progress in the Bottomless Abyss.

However, while all was well after the Storm Serpent King’s raid, Starlink had spread a rumor that Shi Feng had stolen a Fragmented Legendary item. This caused a huge commotion in the Sea of Death. Every power in the area had begun to target Zero Wing’s members, and as a result, Zero Wing had been unable to continue its naval development or contest for naval resources.

Many experts were also searching for Shi Feng, especially those from the many dark powers. These dark powers’ desire for a Fragmented Legendary item was particularly frenzied, and they had sent more than a few spies into Zero Wing to track Shi Feng down.

“Although we’ve secured the necessary materials for producing Master Potions and Fine-Gold Resistance Equipment from the Bottomless Abyss, our naval supply line has practically been cut off. It has significantly slowed our material collection,” Blackie said.

“Lu Xingluo really is ruthless.” Shi Feng smiled bitterly.

He had not acquired a Fragmented Legendary item from the Storm Serpent King, yet no one would believe him. The Storm Serpent King was the strongest boss anyone had killed in God’s Domain thus far. Not even the Frost Monarch was as powerful as the King-Class Sea Monster.

Meanwhile, when players advanced into Level 100 maps, Master Potions and high-level Resistance Equipment would be a necessity. Level 100 was a massive turning point in the game, and maps of that level would change drastically, not to mention the monsters. Without Master Potions and high-level Resistance equipment, players would have no hope of survival in these maps.

If players couldn’t even survive in these areas, they’d have no chance of surviving in their Tier 3 Promotion Quest venues, which were far more dangerous. To take advantage of the various powers’ ignorance on the matter, Zero Wing had secretly stockpiled the necessary materials to produce these items.

However, with Zero Wing’s naval supply line severed, its material collection had slowed by half.

“Why isn’t Qingxue here?” Shi Feng asked after listening to everyone’s reports, glancing at the empty Vice Guild Leader’s seat beside him with a strange look.

Gentle Snow was responsible for Zero Wing’s Branch Guild in the Black Dragon Empire. She had a significant amount of the Guild’s resources and manpower under her management.

This…” Blackie fell silent for a moment.

“Has something happened?” Blackie’s response, or lack thereof, gave Shi Feng a bad feeling.

“Actually, the Fang Family, Fenglin City’s number one family, has proposed marriage to Big Sis Qingxue. The Fang Family had influence all over the city and in many of its industries, so Big Sis Qingxue’s parents don’t have much choice in the matter. Big Sis Qingxue is absent because she’s trying to find a way to deal with the issue,” Violet Cloud said.

Even with the White Clan Group’s backing, the Bai Family was only considered second-rate in Fenglin City. In comparison, the Fang Family was the top first-rate family in the city. Destroying the Bai Family would be child’s play for the Fang Family.

“The Fang Family?” Shi Feng could not help his smile after hearing the news. “I just so happen to have some business with the Fang Family. Since that is the case, Liang Jing, prepare the car, please.”

“Guild Leader, you shouldn’t do anything reckless. The Fang Family is guarded by a neutralizing grandmaster,” Lei Bao hurriedly cautioned.

Most might not know of the Fang Family, but as one who had spent a good portion of his life in the fighting world, Lei Bao was very familiar with the power the Fang Family wielded. The Fang Family had become the top first-rate family in Fenglin City due to that neutralizing grandmaster’s support.

“A neutralizing grandmaster? What a coincidence! I also happen to be one!” Shi Feng announced as he glanced at Lei Bao. He then stood and left the meeting room.