Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2262 - Storm Serpent King's Loot

Chapter 2262 – Storm Serpent King’s Loot

After entering the tower, Shi Feng found himself in a vast, endless plain.

Packs of wild wolves, each consisting of three to five, wandered this endless plain. These wolves bore two heads, and each possessed a pair of glowing, green eyes. Scorching flames enveloped their bodies, and the wolves’ eerie auras felt as if they had climbed up from the pits of hell in search of fresh souls.

(Twin-headed Netherfire Wolf) (Demonic Creature, Lord)

Level 93

HP 27,000,000/27,000,000

As soon as Shi Feng inspected one of the two-headed wolves, the sound of a system notification reached his ears.

System: Kill 1,500 Twin-headed Netherfire Wolves within 3 days. If you fail to complete this task in the stipulated time, the challenge will automatically be regarded as a failure.

So, this is a trial of the Tower of Four Gods? Shi Feng breathed a sigh of relief after reading the notification. The first floor’s trial was not as difficult as he had assumed.

Although he hadn’t entered the Tower of Four Gods himself, he had heard quite a bit about it during his previous life. The Tower of Four Gods had a total of seven floors, and each floor was a world of its own. Meanwhile, each world had a total of three trials.

These trials were straightforward. Players were only required to kill monsters, nothing else. After all, might was right in God’s Domain, and everything other than strength was inconsequential. Without sufficient might, the various kingdoms and empires wouldn’t have defeated the other powerful races and ruled over the God’s Domain continent for tens of thousands of years.

The rewards for clearing the tower’s trials were secondary to most expert players. The experience was far more important.

Due to the Tower of Four Gods’ Eternal Energy, this was the best place in God’s Domains for players to train. Not only could players exert their Skills and Spells to their full potential, but they could also execute combat techniques without worrying about running out of Stamina and Concentration. Players could rapidly develop their combat standards here.

This was also why Tier 6 God-ranked players had still tried to enter the Tower of Four Gods despite their standing.

Even for Tier 6 God-ranked players, exerting 100% of Tier 5 Skills and Spells’ effects was an extreme challenge, not to mention Tier 6 Skills and Spells. They had the same issue with their more powerful combat techniques.

Unfortunately, not even the Mana in a Main City could assist Tier 5 and 6 classes. They’d have to rely on a location like the Tower of Four Gods to practice their high-tiered Skills, Spells, and powerful combat techniques.

This feature drove any player that visited the tower to remain within it for as long as possible, rather than rushing through the trials. If they missed this opportunity, they’d have to wait 360 natural days before they could enter the tower again.

After a glance at the wandering Netherfire Wolves, Shi Feng sat on the grassy plain and inspected the loot he had obtained from the Storm Serpent King, instead of rushing to kill the nearby monsters.

Killing Level 93 Lords wouldn’t be difficult for Shi Feng. In fact, this first trial was quite simple. Three days was more than enough time to kill 1,500 Netherfire Wolves.

Since he had been in such a hurry, he had only spared a glance for the items he had picked up. Now that he had some time, he had to inspect his gains properly. If he had gotten lucky, he might have acquired something that could increase his combat power and his chances of clearing the Tower of Four Gods’ trials.

After several minutes of looking through his harvest, Shi Feng took a sharp, deep breath.

Most of the 26 items he had picked up were Level 90 Fine-Gold and Dark-Gold Weapons and Equipment. None of the weapons or equipment pieces were Epic rank, so they were of no use to Shi Feng. If he sold these items, however, the various major powers would fight over them like madmen. Current players were nowhere near Level 90, and top-tier Level 90 weapons and equipment would provide the various powers an edge over their rivals.

Most of the other items were materials from the Storm Serpent King’s body, such as Storm Serpent King’s Scales. All of these materials were Epic rank and could increase sailboats’ defenses and durability.

Of the two most valuable items, one was the extremely rare Epic material, Spatial Crystal, and the other was a design for the Bronze ranked Storm Speedboat.

“If the various powers knew that I picked this up, they’d do everything in their power to kill me,” Shi Feng said, chuckling as he looked at the Storm Speedboat Design.

The Spatial Crystal could be used to repair the Mysterious-Iron ranked Hurricane Sailboat, but it wasn’t nearly as valuable as the Storm Speedboat Design.

The Hurricane Sailboat might be the strongest ship available at this stage of the game, but it couldn’t withstand attacks from several thousand ships.

If he had enough materials, however, he could produce an unlimited number of Bronze Speedboats with the Storm Speedboat Design. Not even the various superpowers could form a fleet of Bronze Speedboats, led by a Mysterious- Iron Speedboat, yet now, Zero Wing could.

For some time now, Zero Wing had been stockpiling Ancient Origin and Diamond Wood, the two main materials to construct the Storm Speedboat. Zero Wing could definitely create the strongest player fleet in the game. This would also resolve the Guild’s lack of naval strength.

Thinking up to this point, Shi Feng even considered leaving the Tower of Four Gods to start production on the Storm Speedboats immediately.

Fortunately, he suppressed the urge.

Entering the Tower of Four Gods hadn’t been easy, and if he left now, he’d suffer an incredible loss. The environment he was in would even be helpful to Tier 5 and 6 players, not to mention a Tier 2 player like himself.

Finished with his loot, Shi Feng decided to stop wasting time. He stored the Spatial Crystal and Storm Speedboat Design and hastily walked toward the nearest pack of Twin-headed Netherfire Wolves.

The five Netherfire Wolves noticed Shi Feng as soon as he was within 100 yards of the pack. Their perception was far more sensitive than ordinary Level 93 Lords.

The five Netherfire Wolves were very smart. Like real wolves, they did not move alone. They slowly surrounded Shi Feng and planned their attack from multiple sides, searching for weaknesses.

Why are they so intelligent? The Netherfire Wolves’ behavior surprised Shi Feng.

Ordinary Level 93 Lords couldn’t employ such a strategy. Monsters this intelligent generally had combat standards on par with the Trial Tower’s third floor.

Before Shi Feng could refocus, the five Netherfire Wolves pounced from five different directions.

The Netherfire Wolves were even larger than a normal lion. If five of them attacked together, they could topple a large elephant.

However, these Netherfire Wolves were still only Lord ranked monsters. They might be a threat to ordinary Tier 2 players, but their Attack Speed was too low to be effective against Shi Feng. Their attack patterns were also quite obvious.

Shi Feng evaded the Netherfire Wolves’ attacks with slight movements. As the monsters brushed passed him, he brandished Killing Ray and Twilight’s Blade.

Shadow Blade!

Like shooting stars, ten sword lights sliced at the five Netherfire Wolves.

The impact threw all five Netherfire Wolves as two damages of over -200,000 appeared above each of their heads. The counterattack heavily injured all five monsters, and with pained whimpers, they turned back to Shi Feng with fear in their eyes.

System: Shadow Blade Completion Rate 100%, resulting in 150% of Skill’s effect. Skill Proficiency +5.

One hundred percent?! Is this the Tower of Four Gods’ effect?

Shi Feng was stunned to see the system notification.

Shadow Blade was a Tier 2 Skill. Normally, his Completion Rate with the Skill was only at 90%. He only achieved a 91% or 92% Completion Rate on rare occasions. Tier 2 Skills were far more complex than Tier 1 Skills, and if he hadn’t had a decade of experience playing God’s Domain, he wouldn’t even have executed Shadow Blade at 85% Completion Rate.

And yet, despite his casual manner, the results had been so excellent.

If he could reliably execute his Skills with such a high Completion Rate, his combat power would increase tremendously. He’d even achieve an overwhelming victory against an opponent with equal Attributes and combat standards.

Flaming passion began to burn in his eyes. Shi Feng immediately charged at the frightened Twin-headed Netherfire Wolves in an attempt to replicate the feeling of his previous attack.