Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2261 - Land of Gods

Chapter 2261 – Land of Gods

After Shi Feng’s group had left the sea zone, silence fell over the area.

“Now that he’s used the teleportation stone to escape, there’s no point in chasing him,” the masked man beside Elder Wu said. With a slight hint of admiration in his tone, he continued, “He managed to secure 26 items by himself. He’ll likely have benefited the most from raiding the Storm Serpent King.”

Thirteen Thrones wasn’t even likely to secure three teleportation stones after the negotiations, yet Shi Feng had used three to escape. Since the Swordsman had gotten away with 26 items in total, he had certainly acquired more than just three teleportation stones. In other words, Shi Feng had walked away with more teleportation stones than Thirteen Thrones would see from this raid.

The participating powers have severely suffered to slay the Storm Serpent King. Since Shi Feng stole so much of the loot, he’s made every one of them his enemy,” the masked woman stated dryly. “He might’ve escaped with the treasure, but he nor Zero Wing have any hope of developing on Dragonheart Island.”

Many superpowers had gathered on Dragonheart Island, and one couldn’t discount the top 10 adventurer teams that led various independent powers. Not even Thirteen Thrones dared to provoke all of these powers at once, yet Shi Feng had done just that. His very survival on Dragonheart Island would be a miracle.

Dragonheart Island was an important trade hub. No one who wanted to develop in the Sea of Death could avoid the island. If the various land-based powers wanted to further their development, they couldn’t ignore their naval expansion. Resources were far more abundant in the Sea of Death than they were on land, and the sea had the highest concentration of neutral races. Furthermore, many resources required naval transportation.

If a power ignored its naval development, it would have to depend on other powers for many aspects of its growth. This would severely restrict its development. This was why the various powers, particularly the first-rate and stronger powers, frantically invested in their naval development.

“And yet, he managed to secure quite a few teleportation stones for the Tower of Four Gods. His future might not be as bleak as you think,” the masked man countered while shaking his head. He very much disagreed with the masked woman.

The Tower of Four Gods had existed long before the Great Destruction. Not even the Ancient Gods could destroy the tower. After the Great Destruction, the Tower of Four Gods had been involved in the rise of many kingdoms and empires. That fact alone made it clear that the tower had plenty of opportunities to offer.

“Alright, that’s enough. Whether that kid has provoked the various powers or not is none of our business. For now, focus on the remaining treasures!” Elder Wu snapped, glancing at the masked man and woman. Shi Feng’s success in seizing many of the dropped items had surprised him, but that was all. He felt nothing about the situation beyond that.

Meanwhile, among Starlink’s fleet…

“Guild Leader, what should we do? We have no way to reach Black Flame now that he’s teleported to the Tower of Four Gods,” Bright Dawn asked, staring at where Shi Feng had been with a twisted expression.

“Oh? We have no way?” Lu Xingluo suddenly laughed. “How can we have no other method to reach him? Since Black Flame dares to steal food from the tiger’s mouth, I will send him to hell!

“Have someone spread the rumor that Black Flame has obtained a Fragmented Legendary item and a large number of entry slots to the Tower of Four Gods. I want to see how he intends to survive in God’s Domain as the rumor spreads!”

The Storm Serpent King was a Mythic ranked King-class Sea Monster. Although Lu Xingluo did not know if the Boss would actually drop Fragmented Legendary items, this had been the Boss’s First kill. As far as the public knew, it wasn’t impossible for the Storm Serpent King to drop a Fragmented Legendary item.

Every player in the stormy sea zone had watched Shi Feng snatch a bunch of items.

Meanwhile, a Fragmented Legendary item was so rare that not even every superpower in God’s Domain had one. It was easy to imagine how tempting a Fragmented Legendary item would be.

A Fragmented Legendary item wasn’t like a Flying Mount, which bound to a player upon use. A Flying Mount wouldn’t drop if its owner died, but Fragmented Legendary items were a different story.

“Understood! I’ll get it done immediately!” Bright Dawn said, a big grin appearing on his face.

Not only had Shi Feng provoked Dragonheart Island’s various powers, but now, the public would assume he held a priceless treasure. He had no hope of avoiding death now.

Shortly after Shi Feng’s group had disappeared, the various superpowers and adventurer teams resumed their intense struggle over the remaining loot.

When Shi Feng and the others opened their eyes, they were flabbergasted by the scene before them.

They were surrounded by a galaxy of stars; it was simply beautiful. Waiting within the core of this galaxy was a tower of immeasurable height.

Not only was the tower’s aura unimaginably powerful, but it also felt strangely eternal. The Gods’ Divine Might couldn’t even rival one-hundredth of a percent of the tower’s aura.

So, this is the Tower of Four Gods? Shi Feng was overwhelmed with emotion as he gazed at the colossal set of golden doors before him. The doors were easily several thousand meters tall.

He had seen Gods in God’s Domain before, and they couldn’t even compare to these golden doors, much less the Tower of Four Gods, itself. If the five of them hadn’t stood so far away from the doors, the pressure radiating off of the doors would’ve been enough to flatten them.

Even from this distance, Shi Feng felt as if he were carrying several hundred kilograms on his back. The smallest movement was incredibly difficult, let alone walking forward.

He had only ever heard about the Tower of Four Gods in the past, never actually visited it.

However, after standing here now, he finally understood why even Tier 6 God-ranked experts had repeated visited this place.

The Eternal Energy in this space was simply astounding.

Eternal Energy was far superior to Elemental Mana. Just by being in this space, Shi Feng’s mind was unprecedentedly clear. He could now understand and solve many of the problems he had faced before with ease. The Tower of Four Gods was definitely the perfect place for players to improve their combat standards and master their Skills and Spells.

While Shi Feng’s group was intoxicated on the Eternal Energy, the phantom of a man appeared from the void. He was over a dozen meters tall and fully equipped in silver armor. The man also radiated a boundless Divine Might, yet Shi Feng couldn’t discern any details about this NPC.

“Outsiders, welcome to the Tower of Four Gods,” the man lowered his head to look at Shi Feng and the others. “Since you have arrived via teleportation stones, according to the agreement the Ancient Gods had made so long ago, you will be allowed into the tower.

The Tower of Four Gods had seven floors, and each has several trials awaiting you. As you clear these trials, you will be able to ascend within the tower. In return, you will gain more abundant rewards. Each of you will have three chances within the Tower of Four Gods. After three deaths, your trial will come to an end, and you will be barred from this place for 360 natural days. I hope you cherish this opportunity. If you don’t have any questions, you may enter the tower now.”

After saying so, the man waved a hand. Shi Feng and his companions then transformed into five streaks of light and vanished through the golden doors.