Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2260 - Big Harvest

Chapter 2260 – Big Harvest

The various powers’ craze grew even more intense after Shi Feng had left the loot area.

In less than 10 seconds, as many as 26 light globes had disappeared from the sea of lights. The Storm Serpent King had only dropped a little over 300 items, and even if each participating power only received one, there wouldn’t be enough items for everyone. And now, Shi Feng had gotten away with nearly one-tenth of the King-class Sea Monster’s loot.

The most infuriating part about all of it was how little Shi Feng had contributed to the raid. The various powers, on the other hand, had lost a large number of speedboats.

The imbalance of the situation only incited a deep hatred for Shi Feng.

“Kill him! Kill him at all costs!”

Some particularly furious superpowers stopped focusing on the loot area and fired their Mana Pulse Cannons when they found where Shi Feng had reappeared.

The various adventurer teams saw their opportunity. With the loot in a single location, the various superpowers could guard the items easily, but now that Shi Feng had taken some of these items and teleported elsewhere, the Storm Serpent King’s loot had been split. This would make safeguarding the loot a much greater challenge for the various superpowers, which presented an opportunity they could take advantage of.

The various adventurer teams immediately used their trump cards against Shi Feng.

Tier 4 Magic Scroll, Spatial Lock!

Tier 4 Magic Scroll, Soul Chaser!

Tier 4 Magic Scroll, Stormy Weather!

Any adventurer team that could survive on Dragonheart Island, especially the island’s top 10, was far stronger than an ordinary adventurer team. Even the weakest of them had a foundation that could rival a pseudo-super-first-rate Guild. These top 10 adventurer teams might not possess large-scale war weapons like the Basic Mana Pulse Cannons, but acquiring Tier 4 Magic Scrolls wasn’t impossible.

Spatial Lock would prevent all players in an area from teleporting, while Soul Chaser would lock the target in place, allowing the user to keep track of their position for a certain time. As for Stormy Weather, it summoned a powerful magic barrier that trapped targets within.

All three Spells were Tier 4 and practically impossible for current players to escape.

“These people are insane!” Swimming Dragon paled as he watched the magic barrier form around them. “Do they really need to go this far?”

Tier 4 Magic Scrolls were incomparably precious. Although they were not as valuable as Epic items, each Tier 4 Magic Scroll was worth half as much, yet the adventurer teams below had used three Tier 4 Magic Scrolls in a row. Their small party had practically no hope of escape now.

“This kid really is amazing. He actually snatched 26 items on his first try. I doubt we’ll even get that many after the negotiations,” the masked man beside Elder Wu commented. He sighed ruefully, however, and continued, “It’s a pity that this is a superpowers’ game. How could it be so easy to steal food from a tiger’s mouth?”

Even if the various adventurer teams hadn’t attacked Shi Feng, the superpowers would certainly take him down.

Shi Feng had simply taken too much of the loot. Worse, he had gotten close enough to pick and choose which items he took. Even if he hadn’t taken the best of the loot, he definitely hadn’t claimed the worst of it. It didn’t take much effort to determine an item’s quality based on the Mana density around it.

Shi Feng had taken at least 10% of the loot’s total value. How could the various superpowers afford to let Shi Feng and his party leave with their lives?

“He is a fool that doesn’t recognize his own limitations,” the masked woman coldly commented. “If he hadn’t been so stubborn, he would’ve acquired a Tower of Four Gods’ teleportation stone, at least. Now, he’ll have nothing at all.”

The masked woman was still annoyed with Shi Feng’s prior behavior.

Thirteen Thrones was a bona fide Super Guild and had existed in the virtual gaming world for nearly a century. Moreover, it occupied a significant portion of God’s Domain’s eastern continent. Countless powers sought an alliance with the Guild, yet Shi Feng refused to cherish the opportunity he had been offered.

Hence, she was quite pleased to see him in such a precarious situation.

Even Mythic monsters would have trouble escaping the Tier 4 Stormy Weather’s magic barrier. Surrounded by so many enraged powers in such a cramped space, Shi Feng wouldn’t even escape death if he had multiple Vulnerability Skills.

“Guild Leader Black Flame, we’re in trouble. With us trapped in this barrier, we’ll become moving targets for the powers below us,” Melody stated grimly as she looked at the magic barrier that had completed around them.

Targeted by several thousand ships, not even Anna could protect them from every attack. Moreover, the various powers had marked their souls. Even if they dove into the ocean, there was nowhere they could hide.

“These powers certainly came prepared.” Shi Feng smiled at the magic barrier surrounding them.

“You’re still in the mood to smile at a time like this, Big Brother Black Flame?” Blue Bamboo whined when she saw his grin.

They had gone to great lengths to claim some of the Storm Serpent King’s loot, yet before they had a chance to inspect the items, they were going to die. It was a huge loss.

“Here, take these,” Shi Feng said as he took out two tokens made of Seven Luminaries Crystals. He then handed Thoughtful Rain and Melody one each.

“Seven Luminaries Crystal!?” Melody’s eyes nearly fell from their sockets when she saw the token in her hand.

At this stage of the game, everyone in God’s Domain knew how valuable Seven Luminaries Crystals were. They were necessary for upgrading players’ Mind Space Systems, which was useful both in-game and in the real world.

Even when a large Guild like Ninth Heaven found some, they only obtained two or three units at most, yet the palmsized token in Melody’s hand was made entirely of Seven Luminaries Crystal. By her estimates, the token should be more than 40 units. It could easily fetch an astronomical sum on the market. One wouldn’t even have a problem trading it for two or three Epic items.

However, Melody quickly discovered that this token was not as simple as it appeared. As she held the token, the ambient Mana began to gather around her. As a Half-elf, she was far more sensitive to Mana than human players. Hence, she could tell that the Mana around her had grown at least 20% denser during the brief moment she held the crystal token. This was definitely a priceless treasure.

“Stop daydreaming! This is the teleportation stone to enter the Tower of Four Gods! Melody, take Dragon with you. Rain, you’ll take Bamboo! Teleport away from here now!” Shi Feng barked when he noticed Melody’s dazed expression.

Although he had blindly picked up loot, he had obtained quite a few items by searching for higher Mana density.

Among these items, he had claimed five Tower of Four Gods’ teleportation stones.

These teleportation stones were incomparably valuable. Not even a Mythic ranked King-class Sea Monster would drop more than 30 teleportation stones on its First Kill, yet Shi Feng had claimed five for himself. He had profited greatly from this trip.

If Thirteen Thrones’ people learned this, they’d die from envy.

With so many superpowers participating in the raid, even a top-ranked Super Guild like Thirteen Thrones would be lucky to claim three or four teleportation stones after the negotiations. The ordinary superpowers would likely be limited to a single stone.

The Tower of Four Gods had been created by an ancient civilization for the Gods. As long as one had one of the tower’s teleportation stones, they could enter the tower from anywhere in God’s Domain, even from a special place like the Thunder God’s Secret Land.

A measly Tier 4 Magic Scroll couldn’t disable such a powerful teleportation stone.

Hearing Shi Feng’s orders, realization dawned on Melody and Swimming Dragon, and they flashed the Swordsman a grateful look.

The Tower of Four Gods’ entry slots were beyond precious. The various superpowers’ madness to reclaim the teleportation stones made that clear. Receiving an entry slot was akin to encountering a golden opportunity to further one’s development, yet most experts would never have such a chance.

No one would’ve been surprised if Shi Feng had given a teleportation stone to Thoughtful Rain and Blue Bamboo since they were Zero Wing members, but he had handed Melody and Swimming Dragon, both outsiders, entry slots. Not even a superpower’s Guild Leader would be so generous.

“Alright, hurry it up! If you don’t go now, it’ll be too late!” Shi Feng urged his companions as the ships below prepared to open fire.

Melody and Swimming Dragon nodded and stopped hesitating. Following which, Shi Feng, Melody, and Thoughtful Rain began to activate their teleportation stones.

A moment later, three large-scale magic arrays enveloped Shi Feng’s group. The arrays remained intact even as the various powers’ cannon fire struck them. Similarly, Shi Feng and his comrades were safe within the magic arrays.

“What’s going on?”

“A defensive magic array?”

When the players below realized that Shi Feng’s group hadn’t taken any damage from their bombardment, they were stunned.

They had fired several thousand cannonballs, in addition to a few energy beams from Basic Mana Pulse Cannons. Each of those energy beams contained Tier 4 power, and they were even capable of punching a hole through a city’s defensive magic array, yet they had done nothing to the array protecting Shi Feng’s party…

While the various powers stared at Shi Feng’s group in confusion, a spatial tear opened before the flying players. Shi Feng and his companions than transformed into five streaks of light as they shot through the tear, vanishing.

They’re gone?”

“How is that possible? Didn’t we seal the area with a Tier 4 Magic Scroll?”

Frustrated and confused, the various major powers wondered how Shi Feng’s group had managed to escape. The various superpowers’ upper echelons, on the other hand, had turned ashen.

There was only one way they could think of that Shi Feng had been able to ignore the cannon fire and Tier 4 Spatial Lock’s effects; he had used the Tower of Four Gods’ teleportation stones.