Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2259 - Snatching Loot

Chapter 2259 – Snatching Loot

The moment the Storm Serpent King died, Shi Feng’s experience bar skyrocketed.

Since he hadn’t been a part of a raid team, that last hit had allowed him to claim nearly half of the Storm Serpent King’s EXP.

The Boss definitely awarded a lot of EXP. I really got my money’s worth for that Tier 4 Magic Scroll. Shi Feng was quite satisfied with his rising experience bar.

Shi Feng had already reached Level 90, and normally, it would take him four or five days, at least, to fill his experience bar.

However, the Storm Serpent King wasn’t the usual Boss.

Sea monsters originally already granted more EXP than ordinary monsters, and combined with the fact that the Storm Serpent King was King-class, it granted even more abundant EXP than a World Boss of the same level. Each player would receive a sizable amount of EXP if they split it between two fleets. It was easy to imagine how much EXP Shi Feng had earned by monopolizing nearly half of the Storm Serpent King’s EXP.

In less than a second, Shi Feng had risen to Level 91. After two more seconds, he reached Level 92. His experience bar only began to slow after he had climbed to Level 93.

Eventually, Shi Feng’s experience bar stopped at 24% of Level 93. Not even he had expected to receive so much EXP.

Once the Storm Serpent King had died, the various major powers in the sea zone went mad, charging toward the Boss’s corpse without any hesitation.

“Quick! Get the loot!”

Everyone’s eyes were bloodshot as they rushed to claim the items.

A Mythic ranked King-class Sea Monster’s loot was unimaginably tempting to current players. Not even the various superpowers’ upper echelons could resist.

Thousands of ships sped toward the sinking sea monster’s corpse.

The Storm Serpent King’s corpse slowly began to disintegrate, and orbs of light began to appear around it. These orbs of light were none other than the Boss’s loot.

However, unlike ordinary Boss’s loot, the Storm Serpent King didn’t drop a single pile of items. Instead, the items scattered, floating through the air. By the time the loot reached the water’s surface, a significant distance separated each orb. Players would have to swim for quite some time to get from one item to another. This setting prevented players from claiming all of the Storm Serpent King’s loot for themselves.

The Storm Serpent King had dropped a very large number of items. Easily more than 300 items had scattered within 200 yards of the Boss’s corpse, their beautiful lights decorating the area.

Unfortunately, none of these players had the patience to admire the graceful scene. They all rushed toward the globes with everything they had.

The various superpowers, on the other hand, began to work together to claim the items as if they had already negotiated a deal. They formed a barricade around the area, preventing outsiders from approaching the sea of lights.

“If you won’t let us claim any of the treasure, you should forget about getting any, either!”

The various adventurer teams didn’t need long to figure out the superpowers’ goals. Instead of speeding toward the floating orbs, they put themselves in range of the superpowers AOE attacks, launching an assault.

The adventurer teams had an overwhelming numerical advantage. Even if they weren’t a match for the superpowers’ quality, they could make up for it by swarming their opponents. The various adventurer teams were fully capable of standing up to the various superpowers as equals.

For a time, cannon fire filled the sea zone, especially near the sea of lights and the Storm Serpent King’s corpse. Flying cannonballs blanketed the ocean, and anyone that tried to enter the area died instantly.

Some of the superpowers, who thought their defenses were strong enough, had tried to send Mysterious-Iron Speedboats to claim the loot, yet in the end, the ships and crew were blown to smithereens.

“What should we do, Guild Leader?” Blue Bamboo grew very anxious as she looked at this scene.

Despite how close to the Boss they were, ships had begun to fire at them before they had a chance to claim any of the loot. Moreover, far more ships attacked than when Starlink had assaulted them earlier. As a result, they had to distance themselves from the loot.

Superpowers and adventurer teams hammered the loot area with constant attacks, preventing anyone from getting close to the dropped items. Anyone that dared approach the loot would become everyone’s enemy, and every ship in the area would attack.

Not even the various superpowers dared to approach the area, stuck in a stalemate with the adventurer teams while they tried to think of a solution. Not even a Bronze Sailboat would last long against thousands of ships.

“Wait here. I’m going to give it a try,” Shi Feng said after giving the matter some thought.

The various adventurer teams and superpowers kept a close eye on the loot, and as more time passed, it would become harder to get one’s hands on those items. At this rate, the adventurer teams and superpowers would be forced to sit down and negotiate terms, or the various superpowers would reveal a trump card to clear the area by force.

Regardless of which outcome occurred, Shi Feng wouldn’t get anywhere near the Storm Serpent King’s items. If he wanted to claim his share, he’d have to brave the cannon fire.

Shi Feng activated the Seven Luminaries Ring’s Gale Domain and flew straight toward the loot area. Since he was significantly smaller than the Thunder Eagle, the ships would have a very hard time targeting him. In addition, Shi Feng was far more agile than the Thunder Eagle, and with Tier 3 reaction speed, he had no trouble dodging the monotonous cannon fire.

“Black Flame’s approaching the loot!”

“Kill him! Those items are ours!”

Many players quickly notice Shi Feng, and none of them showed any mercy as they bombarded him together.

Cannonballs and energy beams flooded the loot area. The various powers attacked Shi Feng with even more ferocity than their assault on the Storm Serpent King…

Does Black Flame really think he can snatch the loot by relying on his own strength? When Modern Rain saw the various powers target Shi Feng, the corners of his lips curled to form a delighted grin.

While the idea was that everyone would have an opportunity to claim some of the Storm Serpent King’s loot, the true outcome of this raid would be based on the later negotiations. The quantity and quality of items each power would receive would be determined by their strength.

This was also why Elder Wu had dared to offer Shi Feng a teleportation stone to the Tower of Four Gods.

Shi Feng seemed to have some difficulty dodging the various powers’ attacks, and as he got closer to the loot area, the more concentrated the attacks became. Some superpowers had even begun to use their Basic Mana Pulse Cannons against the Swordsman.

Not only did the Basic Mana Pulse Cannons’s attacks possess a huge, 20-yard-radius AOE, but they also carried incredible power. Anna was only able to stop a few of the shots with her Yin Yang Pillar.

How ruthless! The superpowers’ bombardment astonished Shi Feng.

Basic Mana Pulse Cannons were war weapons. Installing them on a city’s walls was troublesome enough, and trying to install them on a ship was even more of a challenge. Installing a single Basic Mana Pulse Cannon would cost around 70,000 Gold, and once it had been installed, it couldn’t be removed. If the ship sank, all of the invested money would go to waste.

As a Mana Pulse Cannon’s energy beam swiftly approached, Shi Feng gritted his teeth and activated Absolute Domain, gaining damage immunity for 10 seconds.

Although the Skill protected him from damage, he wasn’t immune to the resulting impact. That one hit nearly plunged him into the ocean.

Fortunately, Basic Mana Pulse Cannons had a very long Cooldown. Even if multiple superpowers had them equipped, they couldn’t fire unceasingly at Shi Feng.

A second later, Shi Feng entered the loot area.

Cannonballs continued to buzz through the area, but Shi Feng’s Basic Attributes were incredibly high. Even if a cannonball hit him, it barely affected his movement. However, since the various powers concentrated their cannon fire, Shi Feng only caught a glimpse of a few items. He couldn’t tell what any of the other items were.

With little choice, Shi Feng dashed for the items that were closest to him and those surrounded by dense Mana.

One item… Two items… Three items…

Shi Feng picked up more items, and the various superpowers went mad, firing one Mana Pulse Cannon at him after another.

“Die! Kill him! Those treasures are mine!” Lu Xingluo’s eyes were almost fully red with rage as he watched Shi Feng claim the loot.

With how bright the light globes were, it was easy to watch them vanish from so far away. According to Lu Xingluo’s count, Shi Feng had already picked up 17 items, which was likely even more than Starlink would get after the negotiations ended.

Unfortunately, no matter how loudly Lu Xingluo bellowed, it didn’t affect Shi Feng’s looting spree.

With less than a second of Absolute Domain’s duration, Shi Feng sighed as he pulled a Tier 1 Instantaneous Teleportation Scroll from his bag. He activated the scroll immediately, vanishing from the loot area.