Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2258 - Might of a Magical Class

Chapter 2258 – Might of a Magical Class

As soon as Anna appeared on the Thunder Eagle’s back, she pointed her staff at the approaching blast of wind. Violent Mana immediately gathered around the Level 96 Summoner, forming a duel-colored, twofold magic array.

Tier 3 Overtier Spell, Yin Yang Pillar!

With Anna in the center, the 30-yard-radius Yin Yang Pillar, a Legacy Defensive Spell Anna had learned after reaching Level 95, manifested.

As the pillar completed, the blast of wind transformed into a lance that flew toward it. The wind lance was so horrifically powerful that space around it began to shatter, and its speed and range made it impossible to dodge, even for the Thunder Eagle.

Melody and her companions paled, terrified, as the wind lance approached.

They had only watched from afar before now, and although they knew that the Storm Serpent King’s attacks were incredibly powerful, they hadn’t been able to get a clear sense of just how powerful the attacks were. Now that they faced one of these attacks personally, they felt nothing but despair as they felt the attack’s devastating aura.

It was this moment when Melody and the others finally understood how frightening the Storm Serpent King truly was.

The strongest monster they had faced thus far was a joke compared to the Storm Serpent King. Before this sea monster, Tier 2 players were little more than ants.


A massive explosion blasted through the sky as the wind lanced plowed into the Yin Yang Pillar. The resulting shockwave was so powerful that it even pushed away the water below, creating 10-meter-high waves around the impact.

“Fool!” Lu Xingluo sneered up at the Thunder Eagle. The mist the explosion had created obscured his vision, but he was certain that both Shi Feng and the Thunder Eagle must be dead. “Do you think the Storm Serpent King’s raid is a battle you can just stroll into?”

The King-class Storm Serpent King was just as powerful as a World Boss of the same level. In fact, the sea monster might actually command even more destructive power than a World Boss. The Storm Serpent King was impossible to raid with normal methods. They could only defeat this Boss by relying on powerful war weapons.

Even the various superpowers’ ships, which had been upgraded multiple times, rapidly lost durability as the Storm Serpent King’s attacks slammed into them. Trying to contend with this Boss with the power of a single individual was extremely foolish.

So what if you can fly? Did you really think that could save you? Modem Rain, who watched from his Bronze Sailboat’s deck, was quite satisfied to see the Thunder Eagle collide with the Storm Serpent King’s attack.

A Flying Mount could cross the sea quickly, but one still needed ships for naval combat.

However, to everyone’s surprise, the mist revealed the Thunder Eagle, still hovering above them, as it dissipated. Shi Feng and his comrades appeared completely unharmed atop the Flying Mount.

“How is that possible?” Lu Xingluo stared, stunned.

That had been a Tier 4 AOE attack, with just as much power as an Intermediate Mana Pulse Cannon. Such an attack would even shatter an Intermediate Defensive Magic Array, yet Shi Feng’s group had emerged unscathed…

“What?! They blocked it?!”

Quite a few powers, aside from Starlink and Thirteen Thrones, were paying attention to Shi Feng’s group. The Thunder Eagle was just too eye-catching, after all.

While the players below were surprised to see that the Thunder Eagle had survived, Shi Feng flew toward the Storm Serpent King.

The King-class Sea Monster’s attacks were immensely powerful, but Anna was no ordinary Tier 2 Personal Guard. Her Yin Yang Pillar was just as strong as an Advanced Defensive Magic Array; Tier 4 attacks wouldn’t be enough to break it.

Unfortunately, Shi Feng’s group couldn’t rely on the Yin Yang Pillar to block every one of the Storm Serpent King’s attacks. That last blow had already depleted almost 6% of Anna’s Mana reserves. At most, the Personal Guard could block another 15 or 16 attacks. Shi Feng needed to end this battle as quickly as possible.

However, he was not a ship, and he couldn’t attack from hundreds of yards away. He had to get closer to the sea monster Boss if he wanted to hit it.

Due to the looting rules for sea monsters, he wanted to attack the Storm Serpent King personally. If he did not deal any damage, he wouldn’t have any claim to the items the Boss would drop. He would have to wait until someone else picked them up and kill that player to get what he wanted.

However, trying to take an item from another player was easier said than done. The various powers would do everything in their power to protect the players that collected the loot.

The moment the Boss died would be the only opportunity he’d have to claim any of the loot. Everyone would be busy contesting for their share and wouldn’t pay attention to him. This was why he had decided to attack once the Storm Serpent King had very little HP remaining.

“Don’t even think of touching the Boss that easily! Attack him!” Lu Xingluo commanded. He recognized what Shi Feng intended to do the moment he noticed the Swordsman approach the Storm Serpent King.

Several dozen ships within the Boss’s range immediately turned their attacks on the Thunder Eagle.

Gnome Cannons!

Magic Cannons!

Several hundred cannonballs and beam attacks flew toward the Thunder Eagle’ each with peak Tier 3 power. Moreover, every player in charge of these cannons was a Refinement Realm expert, and they all had an accurate grasp of the Thunder Eagle’s flight trajectory. They were able to get an accurate grasp of the Thunder Eagle’s flight trajectory.

It’s over! Swimming Dragon’s expression darkened as he watched hundreds of beam attacks and cannonballs fly toward him.

These attacks might not be as powerful or cover as much area as the Storm Serpent King’s attacks, but there were many of them. Not even a fly could evade these attacks in time.

“Don’t think I’m that easy to stop!” Shi Feng growled as he glanced at the incoming attacks. “Do it, Anna!”

All players still had the opinion that magical classes were weaker than melee players in PvP. At best, a team treated its magical class members like mobile turrets. However, God’s Domain’s magical class Personal Guards were far more valuable than melee Personal Guards. The value of a magical class Fine-Gold Guard could even rival that of a melee Dark-Gold Guard. During Shi Feng’s previous life, most players with magical class Fine-Gold Guards had refused to trade, even when offered melee Dark-Gold ranked Personal Guards.

At most, a powerful melee Personal Guard could annihilate a city by themselves, but a powerful magical class Personal Guard could obliterate an entire country.

Hearing the command, Anna, who had completed her next Spell’s chant, waved her staff.

Suddenly, a frightening amount of Mana gathered around Anna. These Mana fluctuations were even stronger than that of her previous Spell.

Several hundred magic arrays then manifested around Anna, their glowing light illuminating the stormy sky. Black and white chains shot forth from these arrays.

Tier 3 Overtier Spell, Yin Yang Chains!

Every one of these chains had peak Tier 3 power, and they were all under Anna’s control.

The chains blocked and countered every cannonball and energy beam in the air, and none of the attacks reached the Thunder Eagle.


The players below were dumbfounded by the scene.

The sight astonished Melody and her companions on the Thunder Eagle, as well. They had never thought that a Personal Guard could be so powerful that she could render Starlink’s several dozen ships powerless.

While everyone watched Anna block one round of Starlink’s attacks after another, the Thunder Eagle came within 100 yards of the Storm Serpent King. With less than 5% of the Boss’s HP remaining, it had gone berserk, but since there were so many ships participating in this raid, several thousand remained, despite the several thousand the King-class Sea Monster had already destroyed.

Once the Flying Mount was within range of the Storm Serpent King, Shi Feng ordered Anna to attack the Boss. Meanwhile, he pulled a Tier 4 Magic Scroll, which he had obtained from the Frost Monarch, from his bag.

This Tier 4 Magic Scroll contained a single-target Spell, one that would be perfect against this Boss.

As the Storm Serpent King’s HP fell to a critical low, Shi Feng unfurled the Magic Scroll and activated it. The Mana around him grew turbulent, and the surrounding temperature plummeted.

Tier 4 Spell, Arctic Fall!

Immediately, countless ice shards appeared and rained down from the sky. As the ice shards collided with the Storm Serpent King, they formed an icy shell around the Boss. One second after the Storm Serpent King had been imprisoned, the shell shattered, and a damage of over -10,000,000 appeared above the Boss’s head, even surprising Shi Feng.

This attack decimated the Storm Serpent King’s remaining HP, and its titanic body slammed into the ocean, the impact forming a 30-meter-tall tidal wave that swept across the water’s surface in a perfect ring.