Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2257 - Reappearance of the Flying Mount

Chapter 2257 – Reappearance of the Flying Mount

Silence fell over the port after the Thunder Eagle’s arrival. Everyone stared at the massive bird, surrounded by arcs of blue electricity, with wide eyes.

A Flying Mount?! Modem Rain was stunned when he saw the Thunder Eagle stand obediently before Shi Feng, unable to believe his eyes. Is he the player that appeared on Frost Hell Island?

Ships might be precious, but compared to a Flying Mount, they were utterly worthless. Not even Medium Sailboats were as valuable as Flying Mounts.

The various superpowers had been in a frenzy, searching for any trace of another Flying Mount. Some superpowers even offered 10,000 Gold for a clue that would lead to a Flying Mount.

However, their search had been fruitless thus far, which was only a testament to how rare and valuable Flying Mounts were.

The only player-owned Flying Mount anyone had heard of was the one that had appeared on Frost Hell Island. There hadn’t been another sighting.

Melody, Thoughtful Rain, and Blue Bamboo, who stood beside Shi Feng, were dumbfounded, as well.

They had only heard of Flying Mounts before. They hadn’t bothered to look further into the matter or try to acquire one for themselves, however. If not even the various superpowers were having any success, what were their chances?

“Rain, look! It’s a Flying Mount! A Flying Mount!” Blue Bamboo excitedly exclaimed as she grabbed Thoughtful Rain’s arm.

Only Happy Art maintained her composure, yet even she envied Shi Feng for his Thunder Eagle.

Thus far, the only person Happy Art had talked to about Shi Feng’s Thunder Eagle was Melancholy. To prevent others from finding out, Melancholy had decided to keep the information between them. As a result, neither player had mentioned anything about the Thunder Eagle’s origin or owner to anyone. Instead, they secretly assigned more teams to grind for Thunder God’s Secret Land entry slots to prepare to raid the side temple.

“Let’s go,” Shi Feng told Melody and the others as he hopped onto the Thunder Eagle’s back. He no longer cared whether or not people knew that he owned the Flying Mount.

The current Zero Wing was no longer the Guild it had been, and since he intended to develop Zero Wing on Dragonheart Island in the future, he could use the Flying Mount to garner some fame for the Guild in the area.

Melody and her companions quickly jumped up to join Shi Feng on the Thunder Eagle’s back as everyone around them watched.

Once everyone was on-board, the Thunder Eagle screeched and flapped its wings. In the blink of an eye, it rose several dozen meters above the ground. With another flap, the Flying Mount broke the sound barrier, disappearing on the horizon and leaving behind a bunch of stunned players.

Naturally, news of the Thunder Eagle quickly reached the various superpowers.

“So, it turns out this kid had such a trump card. It’s no wonder why he was confident of securing teleportation stones to the Tower of Four Gods by himself,” the masked man beside Elder Wu muttered, smiling as he watched the video of Shi Feng leaving Tranquil Mine Island’s port on the Thunder Eagle. The masked man’s information was thoroughly hidden; not even his name or level was visible.

“So what if he has a Flying Mount? Does he think that King-class Sea Monster is so easy to approach? Would we have lost so much to that sea monster if it were?” a similarly masked woman next to him said disdainfully.

Although a Flying Mount would give one an advantage in terms of speed, ships were king in a naval battle.

“Enough!” Elder Wu snapped in a low tone. “This matter is of no concern. Our goal is to secure as many teleportation stones as possible, as well as that item.”

Elder Wu was surprised to learn that Shi Feng possessed a Flying Mount, but it was of little significance to him. It was not worth his attention and time.


Berated by Elder Wu, the masked man and woman lowered their heads and promptly left the tent to see to the final preparations for the raid against the King-class Sea Monster.

Meanwhile, on a Bronze Sailboat amidst Starlink’s fleet…

“What? The Flying Mount that was spotted on Frost Hell Island belongs to Black Flame?” When Lu Xingluo heard his subordinate’s report, envy flashed in his eyes.

A Flying Mount!

As someone with the ability to travel between God’s Domain’s two main continents, he knew just how valuable and useful a Flying Mount could be.

Information about Flying Mounts might be scarce on the eastern continent, but it had already become a well-

topic on the western continent. Some superpowers had even obtained clues leading to Flying Mounts.

Based on what they had discovered, not only were Flying Mounts powerful tools for leveling, but they were also a miraculous addition to a team’s strength.

Flying Mounts were particularly useful at sea. Ship travel was still incredibly inconvenient, and a single Flying Mount could carry multiple players at once. A Flying Mount could transport a team to various islands and provide a massive advantage when exploring new islands.

Unfortunately, despite the discovery of quite a few clues, no one on the western continent had acquired a Flying Mount, yet the Flying Mount Lu Xingluo had been searching for belonged to Shi Feng.

“Why don’t we shoot it down, Guild Leader? Although resurrecting a Flying Mount should be easier than reviving a Personal Guard, he won’t be able to use it for some time,” Bright Dawn ruthlessly suggested.

His hatred for Shi Feng was truly immeasurable!

Flying Mounts had a certain degree of combat power and were much stronger than Land Mounts, but there was no way they could compete with speedboats and sailboats at sea.

They wouldn’t be able to destroy Shi Feng’s Flying Mount completely, but he could use this chance to let off some steam.

“No need,” Lu Xingluo said, shaking his head. Sneering, he continued, “Black Flame is a gullible fool if he thinks he can approach the King-class Sea Monster just because he has a Flying Mount!”

They were going to raid a Level 91 Mythic ranked King-class Sea Monster. Every one of its attacks had Tier 4 power. They were prepared to use their ships’ extraordinary defensive capabilities to tank the Boss. Even before this King- class Sea Monster, a Level 100 Flying Mount was a joke. The shockwaves from the Boss’s attacks alone would likely be enough to throw the Thunder Eagle.

Meanwhile, Shi Feng rode his Thunder Eagle through a stormy patch of the Sea of Death.

If the Thunder Eagle hadn’t been an Extraordinary Flying Mount, it would’ve had quite a bit of trouble navigating through the powerful storm.

Sure enough, ships still have an advantage when passing through special sea zones. When Shi Feng glanced at the Mysterious-Iron Sailboats below, he noticed that they made more progress than the Thunder Eagle.

Of course, not even Dark-Gold Speedboats would be a match for the Flying Mount’s speed through normal sea zones.

After nearly half an hour, Shi Feng’s group arrived in the heart of the stormy sea zone.

When they saw the spectacle before them, Blue Bamboo and her companions gasped.

A giant tornado stretched between the water and the sky, spinning in the very center of the stormy sea zone. Nestled within the eye of the tornado was a colossal sea serpent that was several thousand meters long. The sea serpent’s body was pitch-black, and a silvery-white horn grew from its head.

(Storm Serpent King) (Marine King Creature, King-class Sea Monster, Mythic)

Level 91

HP 2,250,000,000/2,250,000,000

The Storm Serpent King’s 2.25 billion HP was more than enough to induce despair, yet the Boss was protected by a group of Lord and Great Lord-ranked One-horned Sea Serpents. At a glance, they were easily more than 300 of these monsters. The One-horned Sea Serpents would likely devour an ordinary fleet before it even reached the Boss.

For the moment, every ship in the area remained at least 1,000 yards away from these monsters. None dared to approach, yet as more powers gathered, the various superpowers began to assign tasks to their ships. The fleets then began to surround the Storm Serpent King.

As all 10,000-plus ships spread out, even Swimming Dragon, who had seen many naval battles, was shocked.

When these ships began to attack, the results were catastrophic. The Level 90 Great Lord ranked sea serpents rapidly lost HP, unable to survive a bombardment from so many ships. However, as they fell, new sea serpents surfaced to replace them.

Prepared for this, the various superpowers lured these sea monsters away with their weaker ships, leaving their main ships behind to attack the Storm Serpent King.

“Foolish humans, I will tear you to pieces to feed the fishes!”

The Storm Serpent King bellowed in rage as the numerous ships approached. A massive tidal wave rose around the Boss and swept toward the offending ships.

“Defend yourselves!”

The main ships promptly activated their defensive abilities. Among the various superpowers ships, the Mysterious-Iron Speedboats in the lead took the brunt of the Serpent King’s attack.

Boom… Boom… Boom…

As the tidal wave slammed into the Mysterious-Iron Speedboats, their defensive barriers flickered with light. It was obvious that the barriers’ durability had decreased by a sizable chunk.

The lesser powers in the raid weren’t as fortunate as the various superpowers. The tidal wave crushed their advanced speedboats, dragging ship and crew to their watery graves. Only their Bronze Speedboats had withstood the attack, yet they had lost nearly 100 durability from the blow. At this rate, the Storm Serpent King only needed four or five more attacks to skin the Bronze Speedboats.

With its first attack, the King-class Sea Monster had sunk nearly a hundred advanced speedboats. The attack’s ferocity instilled fear in the various adventurer teams’ members.

Of course, the superpowers didn’t stop their assault, despite witnessing the Storm Serpent King’s power. Immediately, several dozen sailboats responded with attacks of their own.

Sailboats’ cannons were far more powerful than speedboats’, and the various superpowers had invested a large number of resources into reinforcing these ships. As a result, every one of their attacks had peak Tier 3 destructive power, and each sailboat carried five or six cannons. Each sailboat dealt over -1,000,000 damage to the Storm Serpent King after a single round of attacks.

The Storm Serpent King’s HP fell by several tens of millions, inspiring hope in the various powers. They charged toward the Boss without any regard for the sea monster’s attacks.

The Storm Serpent King shattered one speedboat after another, and in return, its HP rapidly decreased.

The scene even shocked Shi Feng.

Not even a creature as powerful as the Storm Serpent King could withstand a bombardment from 10,000-plus ships.

As the Storm Serpent King’s HP continued to fall, the intervals between each attack grew shorter. As a result, more ships began to skin. The tragic scene was even more frightening than a large-scale war between two Guilds.

“We should make our move, too,” Shi Feng said once the Storm Serpent King’s HP fell below the 10% threshold. He directed the Thunder Eagle to fly into the King-class Sea Monster’s domain.

“We’re going in?” Shi Feng’s comment took Melody and her companions off guard.

They had witnessed the Storm Serpent King’s strength; charging toward it now would be suicidal.

When Lu Xingluo, who commanded Starlink’s fleet, noticed the Thunder Eagle’s approach, he sneered.

The Storm Serpent King’s attacks bombarded the entire area and were impossible to avoid, even from above. The sailboats’ defensive magic arrays were the only reason that the various superpowers had survived the attacks thus far. How could a Level 100, Great Lord ranked Flying Mount possibly stand up against the Storm Serpent King’s attacks?

“Another attack is coming! Prepare to defend yourselves!”

The Storm Serpent King growled again, and the various superpowers fleets deployed their defensive barriers once more.

A powerful storm swept toward the players, and not even the Thunder Eagle, which had entered the Storm Serpent King’s range, was spared.

As the approaching blast of wind was about to strike the Flying Mount, Shi Feng retrieved a Summon Guard Scroll and called forth Anna.