Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2256 - Youthful Arrogance?

Chapter 2256 – Youthful Arrogance?

Lu Xingluo was stunned to hear Shi Feng’s reply, but his lips curled into a sneer.

Black Flame, do you really think such a noble attitude will gain Elder Wu’s favor? Lu Xingluo inwardly chuckled. Unfortunately, you’ve made the wrong bet! Elder Wu is not Melancholy!

Lu Xingluo was very familiar with Elder Wu’s personality. Elder Wu was a man of his word. Since Elder Wu had promised to give Shi Feng the Tower of Four Gods’ teleportation stone, he would ensure Shi Feng took it. Rejecting the offer would only disgust Elder Wu. Moreover, the old man wouldn’t mind retracting his offer after such a rejection.

The experts standing guard along the hall’s sides stared at Shi Feng in astonishment, looking at him as if he were a fool.

“Has this kid gone crazy?”

“Even if he isn’t, I’m sure he is very close. Does he really think he can obtain an entry slot to the Tower of Four Gods with his strength alone?”

“He might be trying to boast about his bravery before Elder Wu.”

The Tower of Four Gods’ entry slot presented a very rare opportunity, and only one King-class Sea Monster dropped the tower’s teleportation stone. However, an extremely large number of powers was currently vying for these teleportation stones. There were already more than 10 superpowers preparing for the upcoming raid.

At this point, only Thirteen Thrones was confident of securing these teleportation stones. The other superpowers had no guarantee of success.

Shi Feng had only recently reached Dragonheart Island, and even though Zero Wing had some naval power, it couldn’t dispatch its forces to Tranquil Mine Island on such short notice. Swimming Dragon’s Dragon Riders adventurer team could help the Guild by adding to its combat power, but the adventurer team wasn’t even strong enough to defeat the sea monsters that guarded the King-class Sea Monster, much less the main boss.

The idea that Shi Feng intended to rely on his strength to obtain the teleportation stones was simply a joke.

However, the moment Shi Feng finished his statement, he turned and left the tent. He didn’t even pause to wait for Elder Wu’s response.

Startled, Melody and her companions followed Shi Feng out of the tent.

Youthful arrogance,” Elder Wu indifferently commented as he watched Shi Feng leave. His gaze then shifted to Lu Xingluo as he began to address their plans, reacting as if Shi Feng had never arrived.

The expert guards found nothing strange about Elder Wu’s reaction. They had watched many arrogant players behave as Shi Feng had, and they received nothing from Elder Wu after rejecting his offers.

Youthful arrogance, huh? Inwardly, Happy Art couldn’t disagree with Elder Wu more.

She had gained some understanding of Shi Feng’s mindset during her time with him in the Thunder God’s Secret Land. He didn’t act unless he was absolutely confident in succeeding. Since Shi Feng had claimed that he’d secure the teleportation stones by himself, then he was confident he’d succeed.

However, Happy Art couldn’t help but worry. Trying to claim the Tower of Four Gods’ teleportation stones from the various superpowers wouldn’t be easy, and they were currently out at sea. One would need ships to defeat sea monsters.

“If you’re worried, little Art, I can let them tag along with our fleet. At least that would give them a chance to approach the boss. It will also avoid giving the others a reason to call out our Guild for being unscrupulous,” a young, robust Level 80 male Ranger said when he noticed Happy Art’s concerned expression.

“Really?” Happy Art asked, giving the Ranger youth an excited, joyful look.

The youth before her was the commander of Thirteen Throne’s Third Fleet, Modern Rain. If Modern Rain were willing to help, they wouldn’t have any trouble getting Shi Feng’s group close to the King-class Sea Monster.

“Rest assured; if they’re with me, they’ll reach the Boss’s side,” Modern Rain declared.

Happy Art was Thirteen Thrones’ prided daughter. Modem Rain was a little annoyed with how highly Happy Art thought of Shi Feng, but he could use this opportunity to show off his power before the young woman.

Once Elder Wu and Lu Xingluo finished their business, Happy Art and Modern Rain left in search of Shi Feng.

Countless ships, all belonging to the various major powers, were tied to the docks in Tranquil Mine Island’s port, including hundreds of Bronze Speedboats, which the various well-known adventurer teams considered quite rare and precious. There were also quite a few Small Sailboats, and many of the expert players on the island were shocked by the spectacular scene.

This was especially true when these experts saw the fleets the various superpowers had dispatched. Every fleet consisted of 100 ships, and even the weakest among them was an advanced speedboat. Each fleet had over 20 Bronze Speedboats and two or three Mysterious-Iron Speedboats, as well. Every one of them was led by a Medium Sailboat.

“So, this is the strength of various superpowers’ foundations?” Melody gazed at the fleets, surprised.

These superpowers were on an entirely different level compared to Dragonheart Island’s adventurer teams. Melody even spotted Bronze Sailboats among the multiple fleets.

A single Bronze Sailboat was more than enough to annihilate the Dragon Riders adventurer team.

Of course, adventurer teams had their own powerhouses. Take Dragonheart Island’s top 10 adventurer teams, for example. All of these top adventurer teams had their own Medium Sailboats as the core of their fleet. They only lacked the Bronze and Mysterious-Iron Speedboats that the various superpowers employed.

“With so many ships heading toward the Boss, I’m afraid that there won’t be any room for us to squeeze through, Guild Leader Black Flame,” Swimming Dragon said, smiling bitterly as he watched the powerful fleets sail toward the King- class Sea Monster’s last known sea zone.

Although Swimming Dragon was confident in his Bronze Speedboat, every one of the powers participating in this raid had their own Bronze Speedboats. It was no exaggeration to call these speedboats cannon fodder in this upcoming raid. Trying to claim a teleportation stone with a Bronze Speedboat was simply impossible.

While the group stood in the port, watching the ships, Modern Rain and Happy Art found Shi Feng and approached to greet him.

“Big Brother Black Flame, our Guild Leader’s initial offer was sincere. Unfortunately, Elder Wu has too much authority in the Guild. Even our Guild Leader had no choice but to follow his wishes. Please, don’t be upset with this outcome,” Happy Art explained.

“I understand.” Shi Feng nodded. In truth, he hadn’t paid the matter much mind, to begin with.

“Since that is the case, why don’t you tag along with us, Big Brother Black Flame? With Vice Guild Leader Rain’s fleet, approaching the King-class Sea Monster won’t be a problem,” Happy Art said.

“Since you are Happy Art’s acquaintance, Guild Leader Black Flame, please leave the journey to the Boss to me,” Modern Rain stated as he gestured to the Bronze Sailboat that was the core of Thirteen Thrones’ Third Fleet.

The various major powers would step aside and open a path to the King-class Sea Monster for Thirteen Thrones’ Third Fleet. They wouldn’t need to fight or squeeze through the countless ships.

“Thank you, but we can get there by ourselves,” Shi Feng said, shaking his head as he rejected the offer without a second thought.

“Big Brother Black Flame?” The response surprised Happy Art.

You’re going there yourselves? I don’t mean to look down on you, but even if you have a relatively formidable fleet, I’m afraid that you won’t even reach the mobs around the Boss, not to mention with just the five of you,” Modem Rain said, smirking.

While Modern Rain spoke, however, Shi Feng retrieved the Thunder Eagle’s flute and blew into it.

The deafening screech of an eagle echoed throughout the port, heralding the arrival of a gigantic eagle with a wingspan of 20 meters. It gracefully descended from the sky, landing before Shi Feng.