Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2255 - Tower of Four Gods

Chapter 2255 – Tower of Four Gods

Confused, Shi Feng followed Halfstep Victor into the tent.

Just who was this shared acquaintance that could make Halfstep Victor submit?

Halfstep Victor was a Domain Realm expert that would be considered an apex combatant in a Super Guild. Even Super Guilds’ Guild Leaders had to show him respect, especially at sea.

Naval transportation was both dangerous and inconvenient. The sea was vast, and because of this, the various superpowers couldn’t control as much of the ocean’s maps as they did on land.

Since the various superpowers gathered on the sea, the competition here was far more intense than on the main continent, as well. Even Melancholy, Thirteen Thrones’ Guild Leader, couldn’t demand so much respect from Halfstep Victor. Every expert had their pride, after all, especially Domain Realm experts.

While Shi Feng wondered who this acquaintance was, he and his group entered the tent’s main hall.

Although the Bronze Tent only revealed three floors from the outside, occupying a relatively small area, it was many times larger within. It was as if the Bronze Tent contained a miniature world, and its main hall was a spectacular sight to behold. As they entered the main hall, Shi Feng and his companions felt as if they had stepped inside an ancient shrine.

A dozen Level 80 experts lined the two walls, radiating imposing auras. Every one of these experts wore two to five pieces of Epic Equipment, and even the weakest player had reached the Void Realm. Their frightening auras weren’t that of a human player, but of Bloodline Creatures or wielders of Advanced Naval Legacies.

As these experts watched Shi Feng’s group, even Swimming Dragon broke out in a cold sweat. He couldn’t help but lower his head and avoid their gazes.

Blue Bamboo, on the other hand, turned deathly pale when she sensed the experts’ horrific auras. Only Thoughtful Rain fared better than her companions.

Even Shi Feng was a little astonished to see these players.

These experts could likely kill Halfstep Victor with very little effort if they wished to. Shi Feng would have to rely on his trump cards to escape their pursuit.

Among the dozen experts, Shi Feng sensed six Domain Realm experts, two of which had even progressed even further in the Domain Realm than he had. However, since these players held special tools and wore black masks to hide their faces, he couldn’t determine their identities. He couldn’t even see their current levels.

There were three other players in the hall, two males and one female. One of the two men was young, while the other was older. Their female companion was a beautiful youth, and when Shi Feng saw the young man and woman, he was surprised to recognize both of them.

The young man was none other than his old acquaintance Lu Xingluo, while the beautiful woman was Happy Art.

“Elder Wu, I’ve brought the player you requested to see,” Halfstep Victor respectfully announced as he gazed at the elderly man who sat in the hall’s seat of honor. He behaved like a subordinate reporting to his superior.

Elder Wu didn’t radiate the terrifying aura the other experts in the room had. On the contrary, his aura felt ethereal, as if he had one foot in the grave. The elder was Level 79, and there was no comparison between him and the other experts in the room.

Shi Feng didn’t recognize the older man at all, and he had never heard of him in this life or his previous one. However, the fear and respect Halfstep Victor showed this elder were legitimate; this wasn’t some act.

“You may go,” Elder Wu said, nodding.

Hearing this, Halfstep Victor bowed and left the hall, his usual arrogance in the Sea of Death nowhere to be seen. Swimming Dragon was stupefied was so anxious he began to sweat.

To Swimming Dragon’s knowledge, Halfstep Victor could demand respect from superpowers’ Guild Leaders, even if he didn’t stand on equal footing, yet…

While the Dragon Riders’ commander wondered about the elderly man’s identity, the player in question shifted his gaze to Shi Feng. Shi Feng felt as if this old man could look straight through him, and for a moment, even he felt a little afraid.

“Sure enough, the younger generation will always surpass the old. It’s no wonder why Little Melancholy is so optimistic about your prospects,” Elder Wu said, chuckling.

Little Melancholy? Hearing the way Elder wu referred to Thirteen Thrones’ Guild Leader confused Shi Feng. How is he still little?

Melancholy might seem young in God’s Domain, but that was just his appearance. The man should be nearing his 60s. Moreover, Melancholy was Thirteen Thrones’ Guild Leader, and he had held that position for over two decades. His word was practically law within his own Guild. Who would dare call him ‘little?’

“Big Brother Black Flame, Elder Wu is Thirteen Thrones’ largest shareholder and one of the Guild’s founders. You might not know of him since he had been in seclusion for some time. Our Guild Leader is two generations younger than Elder Wu,” Happy Art explained in a whisper to Shi Feng when she saw his confusion.

The explanation stunned Shi Feng.

Thirteen Thrones had been established nearly a century ago. Initially, the Guild had been supported by two major corporations. In other words, this Elder Wu was more than 100 years old.

Although Elder Wu had the support of a Super Guild, it was astounding that a man like him had reached Level 79 at this stage of the game.

It was true that a person’s physical body in the real world wouldn’t impact their virtual body in God’s Domain, someone as old as Elder Wu should have some mental deterioration. It was simply impossible for him to behave like a lively, young man, even in God’s Domain.

If Elder Wu kept up with peak experts despite his extreme age, Shi Feng couldn’t imagine how powerful this man had been during his prime.

“May I know what business you have with me, Elder Wu?” Shi Feng asked after taking a moment to calm down.

He didn’t know Elder Wu, and no one of this man’s status would call him here for a simple greeting.

“Smart young man,” Elder Wu nodded approvingly. Smiling, he continued, “I’ve heard about your situation from Little Melancholy. I’ll be direct. I want Zero Wing to withdraw from the deal involving Gravity Mountain Range’s fortress. My reasoning is simple. This operation involves some of Thirteen Thrones’ valued secrets.

“However, Little Melancholy has still made you a promise. As compensation for breaking this promise, I will give you one of the Tower of Four Gods’ teleportation stones we will obtain after raiding this King-class sea monster. The Tower of Four Gods has existed since before the Great Destruction, and it’s rumored to contain countless opportunities.

Some of the current empires’ founders even attributed their success to the Tower of Four Gods. In fact, the Ore Empire’s Founding Emperor had only gained enough strength to unify the Ore race, forming his empire, due to his experience in the Tower of Four Gods.

“Each teleportation stone can transport two players into the Tower of Four Gods. Whomever you choose to accompany you will be none of my business.”

Realization dawned on Shi Feng after listening to Elder Wu’s explanation.

He had never heard of Dragonheart Island containing a path to the western continent in the past. How could such a trip be so easy, after all? It was more likely that the rumor about the teleportation stone had been blown out of proportion as it had spread. The fact that various superpowers were keeping a tight lid on the information likely played a factor.

Although the true teleportation stone didn’t allow one to visit the western continent, its ability to access the Tower of Four Gods was just as valuable.

As Elder Wu had stated, the Tower of Four Gods was an amazing place. To be precise, it was a land for Gods. Every teleportation stone that allowed entry into the Tower of Four Gods was incomparably valuable, easily worth an Epic item.

“What are your thoughts?” Elder Wu asked.

Happy Art couldn’t do anything about this situation due to Elder Wu’s immense authority within Thirteen Thrones. Not even Melancholy would dare go against this man.

Lu Xingluo couldn’t help his inward sneer as he glared at Shi Feng.

The higher-ups have forbidden me from touching you, but they never said anything about impeding your development! Don’t even dream that you’ll get access to Dragonheart Island through Thirteen Thrones!

Thirteen Thrones was a Super Guild. Melancholy might be interested in Shi Feng, but he wasn’t the only person with authority over the Guild.

Although Elder Wu offered the Tower of Four Gods’ teleportation stone due to the broken partnership, not everyone would find success within the tower, especially with a single teleportation stone.

As Lu Xingluo felt pleased with himself for pulling this coup off, Shi Feng opened his mouth and replied, “Thank you for your offer, Elder Wu, but since Zero Wing will not be participating in the fortress’s capture, we will not need compensation. Zero Wing has its own strength, and we will fulfill our dreams on our own.”