Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2254 - Sea God's Kin

Chapter 2254 – Sea God’s Kin

As Undefeated Star watched Halfstep Victor lead Shi Feng’s group to Tranquil Mine Island’s inner region, he was overwhelmed with shock.

“May I know what is going on here, Vice Commander Star?” Snowy Afterglow asked.

As the War Blood adventurer team’s youngest team leader, Snowy Afterglow qualified to look down on Nine Snakes’ vice commanders. He wasn’t a match for Undefeated Star, but his combat power did rival peak experts’.

Of course, Nine Snakes’ commander, Halfstep Victor, was an entirely different story.

Nine Snakes was far weaker than War Blood, but it was still one of Dragonheart Island’s top 10 adventurer teams, and as such, Halfstep Victor stood on the same level as War Blood’s commander.

“I don’t know, but we have to put this matter to rest. I hope Brother Afterglow can forgive us for this,” Undefeated Star said, shaking his head as he smiled bitterly.

Undefeated Star had assumed Shi Feng had been joking; he hadn’t actually thought that the man’s claim was true. If even someone like Halfstep Victor had to treat Shi Feng with such great respect, how could a vice commander possibly afford to provoke the Swordsman?

“You jest, Vice Commander Star. Encountering such an important person had made this trip worth my time,” Snowy Afterglow said, chuckling. Not even he could afford to provoke someone that even Halfstep Victor clearly feared. At this moment, he only hoped that Shi Feng would forget about what had happened between them.

The various major powers had set up Advanced Tents on a vast, open plain within the Tranquil Mine Island’s forest. Swimming Dragon, who had followed Shi Feng, was stunned when he saw it.

Every one of these tents housed a power that was much stronger than the Dragon Riders adventurer team. With just a casual glance, Swimming Dragon noticed quite a few of Dragonheart Island’s top 50 adventurer teams’ and those were the powers on the edge of the clearing.

As Halfstep Victor led the group toward the clearing’s center, Swimming Dragon noticed increasingly stronger powers, many of which were first-rate powers on Dragonheart Island.

Since Halfstep Victor was their guide, Shi Feng’s group attracted a lot of attention as they passed.

“Who are those people? Halfstep Victor is treating them so respectfully, acting like a tour guide.”

“Isn’t that Swimming Dragon, the commander of the Dragon Riders adventurer team? Why is he with that group?”

These players weren’t familiar with Shi Feng and Melody’s group, but they did recognize Swimming Dragon. The Dragon Riders adventurer team ranked among the top 100 adventurer team son Dragonheart Island, albeit barely. Since it was a second-rate power on the island, Dragonheart Island’s players would have some familiarity with the adventurer team’s commander.

As Swimming Dragon felt the various first-rate powers watching him, his heart pounded with excitement. Normally, Dragon Riders didn’t qualify to stand on equal footing with Dragonheart Island’s first-rate powers, even if it was a well- known adventurer team, yet because of Shi Feng, he received these powers’ attention. He had never dreamed of such a thing happening.

“Commander Dragon, I’ve caused you quite a bit of trouble. This Sea Barrier Stone should be helpful to your adventurer team while at sea. I hope you can accept it as my apology,” Shi Feng said as he handed Swimming Dragon the Sea Barrier Stone.

Shi Feng greatly admired Swimming Dragon’s righteous behavior. The man had stood up for him, despite knowing how powerful the Nine Snakes adventurer team was. Although the Sea Barrier Stone was a valuable item, it was useless to Shi Feng. The stone was only effective against Great Lord rank and below sea monsters. It’s effects against Grand Lords and Mythic sea monsters would be minimal.

One Sea Barrier Stone would mean nothing to a Guild of Zero Wing’s size. Otherwise, why would Halfstep Victor have been so willing to part with it?

In comparison, the stone would provide a massive boon to a weak adventurer team with few members.

“How can I accept such a valuable item? I barely did anything, anyway,” Swimming Dragon instinctively rejected Shi Feng’s offer.

“Guild Leader Black Flame has made the offer. You should accept it, Dragon,” Melody advised.

“Big Brother Dragon, just take it. Our Guild Leader rarely offers gifts,” Blue Bamboo chimed in.

“In that case, I’ll take it.” Realization dawned on Swimming Dragon after listening to Melody and Blue Bamboo’s insistence. Turning back to Shi Feng, he said, “Guild Leader Black Flame, if ever you find yourself in need of the Dragon Riders adventurer team’s help, please, feel free to give us a call. We’ll use everything we have to assist you.”

The apology had confused Swimming Dragon, but after listening to Melody and Blue Bamboo, he realized that Shi Feng was trying to offer him a favor. How could he possibly ignore the opportunity to form a connection with someone that even Halfstep Victor respected?

“I might have to take you up on your offer in the future, Commander Dragon,” Shi Feng said, nodding.

Dragonheart Island would become the heart of navel development in the future. If Zero Wing wanted to gain strength on the open sea, it would have to develop on the island as well. Fortunately, Swimming Dragon was familiar with matters that related to the Sea of Death, and if he could convince the Dragon Riders to become one of Zero Wing’s subordinate adventurer teams, Zero Wing would have an easier time developing on the island.

Most importantly, Zero Wing could recruit Dragonheart Island’s independent experts through the Dragon Riders adventurer team. Not all of God’s Domain’s experts wanted to join a Guild; most of them preferred adventurer teams that offered far more freedom.

Swimming Dragon silently rejoiced that Shi Feng was willing to accept his offer. With this connection, he wouldn’t have to worry about his adventurer team’s development on Dragonheart Island. He couldn’t help but flash Melody a grateful look.

While Shi Feng and his companions chatted and followed Halfstep Victor, they quickly arrived before a three-story-tall Bronze Tent.

Six Level 80 Refinement Realm experts stood guard outside of the tent’s entrance. Although they were only Refinement Realm experts, they radiated unique auras, which didn’t feel that those of human players. Their auras resembled Undefeated Star’s, who possessed a Naval Legacy, yet somewhat different.

Sea God’s Kin? Shi Feng looked at the six players in surprise.

Bloodlines could increase players’ Life Ratings, but there were other items and methods that could do the same in God’s Domain. One of these methods involved receiving a God’s blessing and becoming said God’s kin. This was akin to becoming a Bloodline Creature.

In other words, the six players before him were Bloodline Creatures.

Unlike players with Bloodlines, Bloodline Creature players didn’t receive boons to all aspects. Only certain aspects were improved. Not only would the six Refinement Realm experts before him receive a boost to their Basic Attributes and physiques when fighting out at sea as a Sea God’s Kin, but they’d also be able to trigger the Bloodline Abilities the Sea God had granted them.

Although these benefits couldn’t rival those a Peak Naval Legacy provided, they could rival and Advanced Legacy. In other words, these six Refinement Realm experts were even stronger than ordinary Refinement Realm experts. Every one of them should have the strength to rival ordinary peak experts.

The only downside to becoming a Sea God’s Kin was that players would be barred from many of the kingdoms and empires on the main continent, which weren’t friendly to non-human races.

Obtaining a Sea God’s blessing and becoming a Bloodline Creature wasn’t an easy process, yet these six players had succeeded.

Suddenly, a young, Level 80 player emerged from the tent. His aura was similar to the guards, but more intense. Based on the young man’s movements, Shi Feng could tell that he had reached the Void Realm and was a bona fide peak expert.

“You may enter. The lord is waiting inside,” the young man said, glancing at Halfstep Victor with an indifferent gaze. “Remember; you must show respect once you’re inside!”

Halfstep Victor nodded in response before leading Shi Feng and his companions into the tent.