Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2253 - Bigshot?

Chapter 2253 – Bigshot?

Halfstep Victor’s arrival alone had surprised the various experts in the port, but when they heard what he had to say upon his arrival, they were utterly dumbfounded.

“What’s going on?”

As one of the top 10 adventurer teams on Dragonheart Island, Nine Snakes was even stronger than some of the first- rate Guilds in the area. It was no exaggeration to say that Nine Snakes was only inferior to Dragonheart Island’s superpowers.

Halfstep Victor was resoundingly famous on Dragonheart Island for his numerous victories on the battlefield. He had earned the nickname ‘Ironblooded Berserker’ and was one of the island’s publicly acknowledged top 10 Berserkers.

Plenty of superpowers had focused their attention on Dragonheart Island, and they had countless experts under their command. It was easy to imagine how powerful Halfstep Victor was to rank among the top 10, despite such impressive competition.

When such a bigshot had arrived, the crowd had immediately assumed that Shi Feng was a dead man.

Unexpectedly, however, Halfstep Victor had disregarded Shi Feng, yelling at his own vice commander instead. Based on the man’s tone, he clearly wasn’t pleased with Undefeated Star’s latest behavior.

Even Nine Snakes’ members were stunned.

You called for me, commander?”

Undefeated Star approached Halfstep Victor, confused. He had no idea what was happening, either.

“Order your men to pull back immediately!” Halfstep Victor snarled, glaring at Undefeated Star.

“But, Commander, we haven’t taught that punk a lesson yet,” Undefeated Star quickly insisted. “We invited Snowy Afterglow to further our relationship with War Blood, yet that punk dared to disrespect us in front of him. If we don’t deal with this properly…”

“Enough! I will not repeat myself!” Halfstep Victor frostily declared.

Halfstep Victor commanded great respect, even on Dragonheart Island. Needless to say, his word was law within the Nine Snakes adventurer team. Not even Undefeated Star would dare to defy him.

Obediently, Undefeated Star ordered his subordinates to retreat.

The spectators on the docks were astonished as they watched Nine Snakes’ members withdraw. None of them understood what the adventurer team was up to.

“They’re not fighting anymore?”

“What?! Is this for real?! Nine Snakes’ members are leaving, just like that?!”

Undefeated Star had been adamant about killing Shi Feng a moment ago, yet now, his subordinates were pulling away from the fight. The watching experts simply couldn’t keep up with this situation’s development.

Even Melody, Swimming Dragon, and their companions were confused. They didn’t understand why the adventurer team would retreat so suddenly.

While everyone wondered about Nine Snakes’ intentions, Halfstep Victor approached Shi Feng.

“Friend, this has all been a misunderstanding. I hope you won’t take this matter to heart,” Halfstep Victor said with an apologetic look. “Here, take this Sea Barrier Stone as compensation for the Nine Snakes adventurer team’s mishap.”

Halfstep Victor then revealed a fist-sized, light-blue globe and handed it to Shi Feng. Right now, the man looked nothing like Nine Snakes’ peerless commander.

Undefeated Star’s eyes nearly fell from their sockets as he watched the exchange. He even wondered if the player he was looking at was the same Halfstep Victor he knew.

Halfstep Victor was an overlord on Dragonheart Island, standing at the very apex of the island’s experts. Even superpowers’ Guild Leaders treated him with respect, yet now…

Melody and Thoughtful Rain, who stood by Shi Feng’s sides, were at a loss, and Swimming Dragon stared at the Swordsman as if he were some unknown god.

Melody and Thoughtful Rain’s group were new to Dragonheart Island, so they weren’t familiar with Halfstep Victor’s status and normal behavior. Swimming Dragon, however, was very familiar with what kind of person the commander was.

Halfstep Victor was the Demon King of Disasters!

He was absolutely ruthless!

He wouldn’t have been able to tame Nine Snakes’ arrogant members, otherwise. He was so ruthless that not even Undefeated Star dared to show any disrespect before him.

And yet, Halfstep Victor apologized and offered Shi Feng compensation. It was the first time many of the spectating experts had ever seen such a thing.

Moreover, the item Halfstep Victor had offered was the Sea Barrier Stone.

Players outside of the Sea of Death might not be familiar with the Sea Barrier Stone, but those who frequented the map knew it was a priceless treasure. First-rate naval Guilds would go crazy over the item.

The Sea Barrier Stone would generate a magic array that was strong enough to suppress any sea monsters caught within. Not only would players have an easier time defeating the sea monsters, but it also increased players’ chances of escaping powerful sea monsters they encountered and couldn’t defeat.

However, the Sea Barrier Stone only dropped from Level 70-plus Mythic ranked sea monsters.

Mythic sea monsters were many times more difficult to defeat than Mythic monsters on land. Even the various superpowers would have to pay a high price to take down such a powerful target. Hence, very few powers were willing to raid Mythic sea monsters.

Swimming Dragon was utterly flabbergasted that Halfstep Victor was actually willing to offer Shi Feng such a precious item.

“Do we know each other?” Shi Feng asked. Halfstep Victor’s behavior surprised him, as well.

Shi Feng had been prepared for a fight. Although the Nine Snakes adventurer team was quite formidable, the team had no hope against the cards he had on hand.

Shi Feng certainly hadn’t expected Halfstep Victor to submit before him.

He knew quite a bit about Nine Snakes’ commander. The man was undoubtedly a ruthless player. Not only was Halfstep Victor a Domain Realm expert, but he would also grow into a Tier 6 Berserker God in the future. Halfstep Victor had been known as the Ironblooded Wargod during Shi Feng’s previous life.

“No,” Halfstep Victor said, shaking his head. “However, we have a shared acquaintance on Tranquil Mine Island. You’ll understand once you meet them.”

“A shared acquaintance?” Halfstep Victor’s answer confused Shi Feng. He did not remember having any acquaintances on Dragonheart Island or Tranquil Mine Island. “Since that is the case, let’s forget about this issue. Take me to them.”

“Please, follow me.” Halfstep Victor released a held breath, relieved after hearing Shi Feng’s reply. He then led Shi Feng away from the docks.

When the spectating crowd saw this, they were dumbfounded. Undefeated Star had been out for Shi Feng’s blood a moment ago, yet a bigshot like Halfstep Victor had shown up, offering peace and leading Shi Feng away. Moreover, Halfstep Victor smiled amicably and treated Shi Feng with immense respect. For a moment, the watching experts wondered if they were hallucinating.

“Who is that player?”

“For Halfstep Victor to apologize and act as a guide, he must be some kind of VIP.”

The spectators discussed their guesses about Shi Feng’s identity, but since he wore a Black Cloak, they couldn’t learn anything about him other than the fact that he was a Level 80 Swordsman. They had no idea who Shi Feng really was.

The experts from the various major powers promptly reported the situation to their superiors, while the adventurer team players spread the news throughout the Sea of Death. For a while, Dragonheart Island was in an uproar.