Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2252 - Shocking Tranquil Mine Island

Chapter 2252 – Shocking Tranquil Mine Island

Shi Feng’s words, combined with the fact that all of Undefeated Star’s bodyguards were now dead, stunned the spectating players. They had ridiculed him for his ignorance and arrogance, yet now, they were silent, staring at Shi Feng as if he were a frightening monster.

On the other hand, Swimming Dragon’s eyes were so wide they might fall from their sockets. Staring at Shi Feng, Swimming Dragon unconsciously muttered to himself, “Isn’t he a little too strong?”

Although Swimming Dragon had known that Shi Feng was extraordinarily strong, he hadn’t dreamed that the Swordsman was this powerful.

Swimming Dragon had seen many peak experts before, but the difference between them and Shi Feng was like the difference between heaven and earth. If he hadn’t known that Undefeated Star’s bodyguards had been trying to kill Shi Feng, he would’ve suspected that they had been putting on a play, with Shi Feng as the hero. Those bodyguards’ Basic Attributes were monstrous, and their combat standards were no weaker than his.

Even Zwei, Heaven’s Blade’s commander, would have to retreat from Undefeated Star’s bodyguards if they ganged up on him. None of those players feared death, and they were more than willing to disregard their defense to go blow for blow with their opponents like lunatics.

However, those bodyguards had been as weak as toddlers before Shi Feng. The Swordsman had only needed one hit to kill each of those players. He had acted as if that fight had been nothing more than a walk in the park.

Shi Feng’s strength was simply inhuman!

Swimming Dragon couldn’t help but turn toward Melody,who stood beside him. He had wondered why she and her companions had tolerated Shi Feng’s rash actions. Their opponent was Nine Snakes, one of Dragonheart Island’s top 10 adventurer teams, but after this latest display, it seemed they didn’t have to worry about dissuading Shi Feng…

What Swimming Dragon didn’t realize, however, was that Melody and her companions were just as shocked as he was.

Of course, they had been confident in Shi Feng’s prowess, not worried that he’d have issues when dealing with Nine Snakes. Even if Nine Snakes were Dragonheart Island’s local tyrant, the adventurer team wouldn’t find a Domain Realm expert like Shi Feng easy to deal with. Even if the Swordsman weren’t a match for Nine Snakes, he was more than capable of evading their grasp.

Only, Melody and the others hadn’t thought that Shi Feng would be this strong, even able to kill strengthened Refinement Realm experts without activating a Berserk Skill. Shi Feng’s Basic Attributes were simply heaven-defying.

“It seems you’re not all talk after all,” Undefeated Star said suddenly, laughing. Contrary to everyone’s expectations, Undefeated Star had remained calm, even after watching his bodyguards die. “However, this isn’t some competition. You might be able to deal with a dozen or so players, but do you think your Basic Attributes can outmatch players with active Berserk Skills? If I send expert group after expert group to attack you, how long do you think you’ll last?

“Moreover, we are on an island right now, surrounded by the sea. Don’t think you can escape me.”

As soon as Undefeated Star finished speaking, another group of a dozen or so players stepped forward, sneering at Shi Feng.

Their combat standards might not be as high as the bodyguards, but their equipment was just as high-quality. Moreover, every one of them possessed Berserk Skills. If they activated their Berserk Skills, their Basic Attributes would be even higher than the bodyguards’, who had been strengthened by the magic array.

“Crap! Undefeated Star’s aiming for a rotational battle!” Swimming Dragon’s expression darkened.

Shi Feng’s strength was shocking, but they were still out at sea. These players didn’t fight like those on land.

On land, one could simply flee from an opponent with an active Berserk Skill, waiting until the duration ended, but an island was only so large. Where could players possibly run to?

Moreover, Shi Feng was greatly outnumbered. Even if he activated his own Berserk Skill and widened the gap in Basic Attributes, Undefeated Star’s subordinates could take their time, dragging the fight out and waiting for Shi Feng’s Berserk Skill to end. Once it did, hundreds of experts with Berserk Skills would besiege Shi Feng.

You’re really quite brave to insist on provoking me. Unfortunately, you simply don’t know how foolish it is to make me your enemy at sea,” Undefeated Star said, glaring at Shi Feng. However, he did not hurry to order an attack; he enjoyed seeing his opponents despair before him. The stronger his opponent was, the more pleasure he’d get from seeing their anguish.

“Are you not afraid that I’ll kill you before my Berserk Skill ends?” Shi Feng asked, curious.

Berserk Skills had short durations, but Undefeated Star only had so many players. Shi Feng only counted 100 or so Nine Snakes members. If he activated his Berserk Skill, he could easily take these players out within a few minutes.

You think our adventurer team has so few members on this island, punk?” a bald man beside Undefeated Star spoke up, laughing. “Dragonheart Island’s various major powers have dispatched several hundred players to Tranquil Mine Island to raid the King-class sea monster. Some of them have sent over a thousand members. How many players do you think Nine Snakes, an adventurer team famed for its high member count, has sent? Moreover, everyone knows that Thirteen Thrones, a bona fide Super Guild, backs Nine Snakes! Do you really think you can take on Thirteen Thrones?”

None of the watching experts commented on the bald man’s statement. What he had said was true, after all. Thirteen Thrones’ support was the reason that so many major powers feared Nine Snakes, allowing the adventurer team to develop as rapidly as it had.

Thirteen Thrones?” The revelation surprised Shi Feng slightly.

“What? Afraid now, punk?” Undefeated Star chuckled when he saw the change in Shi Feng’s expression. “Unfortunately for you, it is too late for regrets. Nine Snakes’ members aren’t the only ones on their way. Thirteen Thrones’ experts are almost here. How long do you think you can evade us all?”

This latest information made Melody and her companions nervous.

Nine Snakes was enough trouble on its own. They had never thought that the adventurer team had the support of a Super Guild. This mess had really blown out of proportion.

God’s Domain only had a small number of Super Guilds, and every one of them was an overlord. Ordinary superpowers simply couldn’t compare.

“Guild Leader Black Flame, you should leave. We’ll figure out a way to stop them. If we wait until their reinforcements arrive, it will be too late to escape,” Melody said in the team chat as she disembarked from the transport ship.

Shi Feng was Zero Wing’s Guild Leader and the main reason for the Guild’s success. He couldn’t afford to let other players kill him. If that happened, and word spread, Zero Wing’s reputation would take a massive hit. Moreover, she was responsible for inviting Shi Feng on this trip, so it was imperative that she keep him safe.

Thoughtful Rain also nodded her agreement, following Melody as she approached Shi Feng.

As the two women reached Shi Feng’s side, a large group of players emerged from the island’s forest. This group was comprised of Nine Snakes and Thirteen Thrones’ members, led by a savage man. This man was none other than Nine Snakes’ commander, Halfstep Victor.

Crap! How is this possible?! Why is a VIP like him here?! Swimming Dragon stared at Halfstep Victor in shock, unable to believe his eyes.

“How did they get here so soon?” Melody’s anxiety spiked as she watched reinforcements arrive.

“You’re really unlucky, punk!” Undefeated Star smiled when he saw Halfstep Victor’s figure. “If you have any last words, now’s the time to speak up.”

When the spectating experts saw Halfstep Victor, they shook their heads and sighed. That man was a VIP that could shake Dragonheart Island with a stomp of his foot, and now that he was here, Shi Feng’s fate was sealed.

However, while Undefeated Star and his companions basked in their assumed victory, a rugged voice echoed across the port.

Star, get over here this instant!”