Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2251 - - Fury

Chapter 2251 – Fury

Silence fell over the area after Ironhand’s death, and everyone stared at Shi Feng in shock.

“He’s dead?” Swimming Dragon muttered, utterly stupefied after watching Ironhand’s body transform into particles of light and disappear. However, he wasn’t just shocked that Ironhand hadn’t responded to the attack in time to save himself and died instantly as a result. Rather, Shi Feng’s decisiveness astounded him.

Swimming Dragon had known that Shi Feng wouldn’t tolerate humiliation, especially since Zero Wing had become a pseudo-super-first-rate Guild. As Zero Wing’s Guild Leader, Shi Feng was like a king. If he weren’t, Melody wouldn’t be working so hard to strengthen her relationship with him.

However, Zero Wing might be Star-Moon Kingdom’s absolute overlord, but there were plenty of overlords on Dragonheart Island. The weakest Guilds on the island was a first-rate Guilds, and even they had to show Nine Snakes respect. The adventurer team was simply that powerful.

This was also why Swimming Dragon had been trying to ease the tension between Shi Feng and Nine Snakes, yet all of his efforts were for nothing.

Not only had Shi Feng slain Ironhand, but he had spoken so arrogantly to Undefeated Star in front of a large crowd. It was akin to a slap in the face. Powers like Nine Snakes, which prioritized their reputations, wouldn’t take this insult lying down.

We’re truly doomed now. Swimming Dragon couldn’t help his bitter smile when he saw Undefeated Star’s ashen complexion.

Undefeated Star was one of the top-ranked experts on Dragonheart Island. Moreover, he was accompanied by his squad of powerful bodyguards, all of which carried a special item that allowed them to form a specific magic array. This magic array would massively boost these bodyguards’ strength when they were on the open ocean. Every one of these bodyguards was like a humanoid sea monster when the array was active. Because of this, very few people dared to disrespect Undefeated Star.

Even Heaven’s Blade’s vice commanders treated the man with respect.

You are the first person to speak to me in such a way in the Sea of Death,” Undefeated Star said, staring at Shi Feng like he was a dead man walking. “Let’s see whether or not I can afford to provoke you!

“Wolf, I want him to suffer 100 deaths today!”

Every one of Undefeated Star’s last few words had been spoken in an incredibly chilling tone. Even unrelated players shuddered when they heard it.

“Understood!” a man named Devouring Wolf, who stood beside Undefeated Star, replied.

Devouring Wolf then led the dozen or so bodyguards in a charge against Shi Feng.

Not only were these bodyguards all Level 79, but they were also experts that had followed Undefeated Star when he had left the Nine Stars Family, giving up his position as Vice Guild Leader. Every one of them was a veteran Refinement Realm expert.

As these bodyguards approached Shi Feng, magic runes began to appear on their bodies. At the same time, a gigantic magic array, covering a 300-yard radius, appeared in the sky above them. As the array manifested, the bodyguards’ Basic Attributes began to rise. Their auras also underwent a tremendous transformation. Now, they felt more like ancient sea monsters rather than human players.

“Careful! Their Basic Attributes are higher than a Great Lord’s of the same level while they’re in the magic array! You can’t face them head-on!” Swimming Dragon hurriedly warned Shi Feng.

“Thanks.” Shi Feng responded to Swimming Dragon’s warning with a light nod.

“So what if you know about the magic array? You might be able to avoid a fight with one of us, but can you avoid us all?’ Devouring Wolf, the bodyguards’ leader, asked disdainfully.

Devouring Wolf swung his battle axe at Shi Feng, and the weapon’s Strength was even high enough to warp space around it. However, before the battle axe could come anywhere near Shi Feng, the Swordsman used Killing Ray to deflect the attack.

The moment the sword and axe collided, an intense shockwave shook the players’ surroundings. The clash of metal echoed throughout the magic array.

Surprisingly, Shi Feng didn’t stumble backward after the exchange, yet Devouring Wolfs expression changed as if he had just seen a ghost.

How is his Strength so high? Shock and confusion filled Devouring Wolfs mind as he glanced down at his trembling arms and the 1,000-plus HP he had just lost.

He was as strong as a sea monster while the magic array affected him. He even had enough Strength to frighten a peak MT. However, when his axe had met Shi Feng’s sword, he had actually taken damage.

Swimming Dragon gaped at the two fighting players. Devouring Wolf wore even better equipment than he did, and while the magic array affected the bodyguard, even he’d have to activate a Berserk Skill to match Devouring Wolf’s Strength. However, Devouring Wolf had taken damage after charging at Shi Feng…

“Not bad. I can see why Nine Snakes has become one of Dragonheart Island’s top 10 adventurer teams,” Shi Feng said, chuckling at Devouring Wolf’s frightened expression. “Now that you’ve attacked me, I should return the favor.”

Shi Feng then swung Twilight Blade.

A sword light sliced at Devouring Wolf, and although he had seen it coming, he hadn’t been able to keep up with the attack’s speed no matter how hard he tried to block it with his axe.

In the end, Devouring Wolf could only watch as the sword light passed through his body. His HP then plummeted, only stopping after it had hit zero. A moment later, Devouring Wolfs vision faded to black, and his body collapsed to the deck of the transport ship.

Devouring Wolf was dead!

Despite their many years of combat experience, Undefeated Star’s other bodyguards were stunned when they saw this. For a moment, they even forgot to surround and attack Shi Feng.

However, Shi Feng did not wait for these players to recover from their daze, and he charged forward.

Shadow Blade!

Immediately, 10 sword lights flew at the remaining bodyguards.

After acquiring the Arctic Bloodline, Shi Feng had practically become a Tier 3 player. He only lacked the ability to use Tier 3 Skills.

The difference between Tier 2 and Tier 3 players was even larger than the difference between Tier 1 and Tier 2. The most obvious difference was the players’ reaction speed. It was no longer a gap that could be shortened through Basic Attributes.

Every one of Undefeated Star’s bodyguards died in less than 20 seconds, and as a result, the magic array vanished. The only evidence that they had been here was the several equipment pieces they had left behind.

“Vice Commander Star, do you still think you can afford to provoke me?” Shi Feng calmly asked as he sheathed his swords.