Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2247 - Wanderer's Shop Promoted

Chapter 2247 – Wanderer’s Shop Promoted

“A pathway to the western continent?” Shi Feng was surprised to hear the news.

God’s Domain consisted of two main continents, separated by a massive distance. Even with a Flying Mount, it would take several days to travel from one continent to the other. To make matters worse, one would encounter many Level 180 and 200-plus sea monsters and flying monsters.

Even after players reached Tier 3 during Shi Feng’s previous life, very few people had been strong enough to travel between the continents.

Normally, players would have to rely on teleportation arrays or special paths that had survived since ancient times.

Take Starlink, for example. The Guild must’ve secured a teleportation array that only it, alone, knew of.

However, Shi Feng had never heard of a path leading to the western continent in Dragonheart City during his previous life. Shi Feng was also certain this wasn’t because of a weakness in his information network or his Guild’s inability to learn it. If a path had appeared in the middle of a city, it would’ve shaken every power on the continent.

The current situation was the best proof of this. Guilds from the eastern continent’s various kingdoms and empires were rushing to Dragonheart City after learning of the pathway. Even the various neutral powers were making the trip. It would be very difficult not to learn of this pathway’s discovery.

A pathway between the two main continents represented unimaginable opportunities and wealth. The two continents had different cultures and development goals, which was why neither Unyielding Heart nor Crimson Emperor was a match for Starlink’s economic development.

“I’m not sure about the exact details. I came here with a friend who is trying to find out more about the situation,” Melody explained.

“Big Brother Black Flame, why don’t you come with us and take a look at this pathway? Rain and I have explored so many places, but we’ve never visited the western continent,” Blue Bamboo invited Shi Feng.

“My friend has been in Dragonheart City for quite some time now, so his connections and information network are quite impressive. I’m sure he’ll find the facts soon,” Melody said, nodding in agreement. She had considered inviting Shi Feng to join them as well, but it wouldn’t be proper to invite another Guild Leader without a good enough reason.

Since Blue Bamboo had taken the initiative to invite him, she might as well go with the flow and use this opportunity to develop the relationship between Ninth Heaven and Zero Wing.

Zero Wing had prospered lately, and because of that, the Death God Workshop had calmed quite a bit in the Fairy

Country, allowing Ninth Heaven to develop peacefully. Since Shi Feng clearly didn’t know much about the western continent, she could use this opportunity to earn a favor.

“Alright, but I have some matters to see to before I can join you,” Shi Feng said after giving the matter some thought.

A pathway to the western continent was indeed a tempting issue. If he could visit the western continent this early, Zero Wing could gain access to endless wealth and resources. Since Melody was trying to do him a favor, likely to earn one back, he didn’t mind taking advantage of this situation.

“That won’t be a problem. In any case, my friend still needs some time to investigate. We’ll be wandering around this area of the city in the meantime,” Melody said. She secretly rejoiced when she heard Shi Feng’s answer.

Zero Wing was already incredibly strong as a Guild and was almost guaranteed to become a superpower in the future.

If Ninth Heaven could secure a close relationship with the Guild now, Ninth Heaven would only benefit later.

Once Shi Feng and the others agreed on where to meet later, he hurried toward the Wanderer’s Shop.

Due to news of the pathway, the street the Wanderer’s Shop occupied, which had been deserted during Shi Feng’s last visit, was crowded with players. Everyone was here to learn more about this mysterious path to the western continent.

Although I’m surprised that someone has discovered the pathway, it has saved me a lot of trouble in luring customers to the Shop.

With a quick glance, Shi Feng realized that most of the players on the street were experts. These expert players were either from Guilds or well-known adventurer teams. Naturally, they’d have stronger information networks than ordinary experts.

Shi Feng had been worried about how to lure in customers after upgrading the Wanderer’s Shop. Without enough customers, he wouldn’t be able to sell the Black Market teleportation slots for a good price, but it seemed that he no longer had to worry about that.

He immediately headed into his Wanderer’s Shop.

The Wanderer’s Shop had a total of three floors, and the building itself was quite old. The items it currently sold were of little value, as well. Not even ordinary players would be interested in these items, much less expert players. The only customers currently in the Shop were NPCs, and when Shi Feng checked the daily transaction volume, it was pitifully low.

System: Bronze Shop Promotion Order detected. Do you wish to upgrade the Wanderer’s Shop?

“Upgrade.” Shi Feng chose to upgrade the Shop without hesitation.

The Bronze Shop Promotion Order sitting in Shi Feng’s bag transformed into particles of light and disappeared. As it did, the Shop itself began to change.

The changes were not visible from outside the Shop, but internally, the Wanderer’s Shop underwent a metamorphosis.

Although the Shop’s first floor still looked old and tattered, the system replaced the old, garbage items. Now, the shelves held magic tools that could even tempt expert players, including Tier 2 Magic Scrolls.

Among the various new items, one stood out to Shi Feng, surprising him.

The Spirit Stone!

The Spirit Stone was a special type of gemstone, a Consumable. It was incredibly rare, and when equipped, it would improve players’ Mana perception.

The improved Mana perception would be useless to physical-class players, but to magical class players, the Spirit Stone was a priceless treasure. Their Mana perception directly affected their Spell Completion Rates. Unlike Skills, casting a Spell didn’t rely on physical movement. Instead, it relied on players’ control over Mana. Naturally, a caster with stronger Mana perception would have better control of their Spells.

Once God’s Domain’s magical class players discovered the Spirit Stone, they’d go crazy over it.

However, when Shi Feng saw the Spirit Stone’s price, he broke out in a cold sweat.

Each Spirit Stone actually cost 400 Ancient Gold!

The Spirit Stone was a Consumable item and would vanish after seven days of use, but even incredibly powerful experts would need several months to earn 400 Ancient Gold.

As expected of the Black Market. The prices are all fraudulent. Shi Feng realized that earning Ancient Gold through the Wanderer’s Shop alone wouldn’t be as easy as he had hoped. Although the Wanderer’s Shop’s merchandise was incredible, very few players would be able to afford any of it.

As for the Black Market teleportation slots, the 2-star Shop would only sell 20 slots each day, and the minimum price for each slot was 200 Ancient Gold, 10% of which would go to the Shop’s owner. Even if all 20 sold for the minimum price, Shi Feng would earn 400 Ancient Gold from the Wanderer’s Shop each day. It was an absurd amount.

Players would be lucky to earn 200 Ancient Gold from ordinary 2-star grocery stores or smithies each day. With the Wanderer’s Shop, on the other hand, a player could earn double that though the teleportation slots alone. And that was only the beginning. As the Shop’s traffic and transaction volume increased, more teleportation slots would become available for purchase, increasing the Shop’s total income.

It’s no wonder why the various superpowers were so desperate to own a Wanderer’s Shop. Every Wanderer’s Shop is a goldmine. The daily profit from one of these Shops can rival one-fifth of the income from a newly-captured fortress in the Gravity Mountain Range.

As Shi Feng browsed the Shop’s wares, he determined that he could earn 500 Ancient Gold per day if sales were good. Even the well-established first-rate powers in Dragonheart City only earned that much Ancient Gold per day.

As for the Gravity Mountain Range’s fortresses, players couldn’t just capture one on a whim. Unlike other fortresses, a power would need a large number of experts to garrison the Gravity Mountain Range’s fortresses long-term. Swarms of monsters would attack the fortresses every day, and the amount of manpower needed to run a fortress was no trivial matter. Not even ordinary superpowers would have the necessary strength to secure and profit from one of these fortresses.

In comparison, the Wanderer’s Shop could generate one-fifth of a newly-captured fortress’s income without any risk.

System: The Wanderer’s Shop has been upgraded. Do you wish to open it to the public?