Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2245 - New Bloodline

Chapter 2245 – New Bloodline

The instant Shi Feng agreed to the fusion, the Arctic Bloodline in his bag shot through his body and began to merge with the Dark Iron Bloodline.

Thus far, Shi Feng had been quite satisfied with the Dark Iron Bloodline. Although it was only a Basic Bloodline, it was the perfect Bloodline for melee classes, far more valuable to melee players than other Basic Bloodlines.

In fact, Shi Feng wouldn’t necessarily trade the Dark Iron Bloodline for a bona fide Advanced Bloodline if given a chance. Compatibility was incredibly important, and the Dark Iron Bloodline improved his compatibility with his melee Skills. It was a rare Attribute.

Although the Dark Iron Bloodline’s Attribute Panel didn’t clearly outline how much the Bloodline improved his compatibility, Shi Feng had discovered, through trial and error, that his Bloodline improved his Skill Completion Rates by roughly 2%.

While 2% might not seem that high, and even some Epic Equipment could provide a similar bonus, Shi Feng’s Skill Completion Rate was already impressive. Shi Feng was very close to 100% Skill Completion Rate with his Tier 2 Skills. For any other player, the Dark Iron Bloodline would likely increase their Skill Completion Rate by more than just 2%.

Even so, a 2% improvement was extremely valuable for Shi Feng. As God’s Domain evolved into a more perfect game, higher-tiered Skills and Spells would become increasingly difficult to use properly. A player who had a 100% Completion Rate with their Tier 1 Skills wouldn’t be guaranteed to perform as well with Tier 2 to 6 Skills and Spells.

Take Fire Dance, for example. When she had been a Tier 1 player, she had executed her Tier 1 Skills with a 95% or higher Completion Rate, but after reaching Tier 2 and the Flowing Water Realm, she barely achieved a 90% Completion Rate with her Tier 2 Skills. If she wanted to increase her Skill Completion Rate, she had to continue her training and find more inspiration.

In reality, not even Domain Realm experts fared better than Refinement Realm experts with Skill or Spell Completion Rates. Completion Rates depended on a player’s physical control and their understanding of the Skill or Spell in question. Refinement Realm experts already had precise control of their bodies, and Domain Realm experts’ physical control wasn’t that much better. Domain Realm experts merely had superior perception.

Shi Feng only had such a high Completion Rate with his Tier 2 Skills because he had already grown incredibly familiar with the various Tier 2 Skills in God’s Domain. Not a single player in the game could compete with his experience in this regard.

Moreover, the Dark Iron Bloodline would offer greater benefits as he continued to level up and reach higher tiers, particularly as he rose through the tiers.

Although he had already absorbed the Dark Iron Bloodline, he couldn’t yet fully exhibit the Bloodline’s power. Bloodlines’ strength was simply too great for low-tiered players like him to tolerate. He could only unlock more of the Bloodline’s abilities as he increased his tier.

Otherwise, Bloodlines wouldn’t have been as valuable as Fragmented Legendary and Legendary items, becoming one of the best tools to support God’s Domain’s players as they became powerhouses.

As the Arctic Bloodline continued to fuse with the Dark Iron Bloodline, Shi Feng felt an indescribable power spread throughout his body. This power felt violent and cold, the sensations mixing within him. If he hadn’t deliberately concealed his aura with the Nightwalker’s Cape, Fire Dance and the others would’ve sensed his transformation.

After 10 seconds, the turbulent power within Shi Feng had calmed. The moment it did, the crisp sound of a system notification reached his ears.

System: Congratulations! You have successfully fused the Arctic Bloodline and Dark Iron Bloodline. The Frost Iron Bloodline has now bound with you.

Eagerly, Shi Feng inspected the resulting Bloodline.

[Frost Iron Bloodline (Fused Bloodline)]

Increases player’s compatibility with melee Skills and reaction speed. Mainly improves Strength, followed by Agility, Endurance, Vitality, and Intelligence. (Can absorb Bloodline Power to evolve once. The more Bloodline Power absorbed, the greater the evolution’s effects will be. Can absorb up to 100 Bloodline Power. Currently absorbed Bloodline Power: 0 points.)

So, this is a Fused Bloodline?

As he inspected the Frost Iron Bloodline’s Attributes, Shi Feng couldn’t believe his eyes. He had assumed the fusion would only improve the Dark Iron Bloodline’s inherent Attributes, not birth an entirely new ability. The Frost Iron Bloodline could practically rival Advanced Bloodlines[l]. The only real difference was the increased Basic Attributes.

Fortunately, the missing Basic Attributes weren’t that important to Shi Feng. He valued the Bloodline’s ability far more,

especially the Frost Iron Bloodline’s new ability. Increased reaction speed would be significantly helpf^^


The improved reaction speed would be especially useful when fighting monsters. Unlike players, monsters’ reaction speed continued to increase with their levels, which was why higher-leveled monsters were so difficult to deal with. Normally, the only way players could improve their reaction speed was by increasing their Basic Attributes and physique, but the resulting improvement would be minor.

Meanwhile, weapons and equipment that increased reaction speed directly were painfully difficult to acquire. Now that the Frost Iron Bloodline could do just that, it was easily more valuable than the Advanced Bloodlines players could buy from the Divine Shrine.

Amazing! Truly amazing! With this boost, my reaction speed is just as fast as true Tier 3 classes’! Shi Feng was ecstatic when he sensed the change to his reaction speed.

The Tier 3 Promotion Quest was far more difficult to complete than the Tier 2 version, and players’ results would

largely influence their future development. Shi Feng had hoped to obtain an Advanced Bloodline before

Tier 3 Promotion Quest to increase his chances of securing a good result. After all, his Blade Saint class was one of

God’s Domain’s Ten Great Saint Legacies, and his Promotion Quest would be considerably more challenging than other


Now that he had the Frost Iron Bloodline, he was far more confident of clearing his Tier 3 Promotion Quest.

If this Bloodline is so powerful after the fusion, just how powerful will it become after evolving with 100 points of Bloodline Power? Anticipation overwhelmed Shi Feng as he read the Bloodline’s Attribute Panel again.

To obtain Bloodline Power, players had to extract it from Bloodline Creatures or Archaic Species. Unfortunately, the former were incredibly rare in God’s Domain.

It seems I’ll have to find some time to explore the Thunder God’s Secret Land. After giving the matter some thought, Shi Feng decided that hunting in the Thunder God’s Secret Land would be the most reliable way to collect Bloodline Power.

Although he knew where to find a few low-level Bloodline Creatures, the Main God System wouldn’t give him any chance to exploit such a loophole. His chances of extracting Bloodline Power from low-level Bloodline Creatures would be abysmal. To increase his chances, he had to hunt Bloodline Creatures in the Thunder God’s Secret Land.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t easy to gain access to the secret land. He would need an entry pass, and entering the secret land by himself wouldn’t be efficient. He’d need to obtain enough entry passes for a group of players.

As a result, Shi Feng decided to prioritize Zero Wing’s development in the Sea of Death. However, he hadn’t come to that decision simply because he wanted entry passes to the Thunder God’s Secret Land. After Level 100, the various major powers would turn their attention to the sea due to its many available resources, and if Zero Wing wanted a cut of that pie, it would have to secure a foothold in the Sea of Death as soon as possible.

Thinking up to this point, Shi Feng’s gaze drifted tot he Bronze Shop Promotion Order in his bag, his desire to upgrade the Wanderer’s Shop as soon as possible growing. The naval resources he obtained through his partnership with Phoenix Rain wouldn’t be enough for Zero Wing to establish itself in the Sea of Death, and Zero Wing still had to deal with Starlink’s harassment.

Once the raid team had rested, Shi Feng returned to White River City alongside his companions.