Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2244 - Another Flying Mount

Chapter 2244 – Another Flying Mount

Upon seeing the summoning flute decorated with blue runes, every member of the raid team was ecstatic.

Thanks to the Flying Mount that had appeared in the Sea of Death, players were no longer strangers to the concept of Flying Mounts. News of that Mount had spread across God’s Domain, giving countless players a new dream of obtaining one for themselves.

Even Aqua Rose and Zero Wing’s other main force members, who already knew that Shi Feng was the owner of that mysterious Flying Mount, were at a lost for words, not to mention Asura’s members.

Except for Shi Feng, they hadn’t heard of any player owning a Flying Mount at this stage of the game. In other words, this summoning flute was only the second Flying Mount found in God’s Domain!

Epic Weapons and Equipment might be incredibly precious, but not even the top-tier Epic Weapon, Winter Spear, was worth one-tenth of a Flying Mount. They had already experienced the benefits Flying Mounts had to offer, and their travel speed was simply unbelievable. A Flying Mount could even cross a large-scale map in no more than two or three hours.

Most importantly, Flying Mounts’ combat power was incredible. Take Shi Feng’s Thunder Eagle, for example. The Thunder Eagle was a bona fide Tier 3 combatant with the ability to contend with Level 100 Great Lords.

If they had a Flying Mount, they’d have their own powerful companion in battle.

“I won’t say much about this Flying Mount. If you want it, fight for it. The starting bid will be 300,000 GCPs or 300,000 Asura Contribution Points. The highest bid wins!” Shi Feng said, chuckling as he glanced at the excited crowd before him.

In truth, even Shi Feng had been quite surprised to see the Frost Monarch drop a Flying Mount.

Even a Common Flying Mount was easily worth several Level 100-plus Epic items. Although this Frost Bone Dragon, the Flying Mount the Frost Monarch had dropped, wasn’t as powerful as his Thunder Eagle, it was an Intermediate Extraordinary Flying Mount. It was even more valuable than ordinary Fragmented Legendary items.

Initially, he had intended to give the Flying Mount to someone of his choosing to maximize its usefulness, but everyone’s intense desire for the Mount had changed his mind. Hence, he had resorted to an internal auction.

Three-hundred-thousand Contribution Points was exceedingly cheap for a Flying Mount like the Frost Bone Dragon. Normally, he should’ve set the starting bid at 3,000,000 CPs, but since this was an internal auction, he didn’t mind lowering the price. Moreover, the sooner one of his players was spotted using the Flying Mount, the more Zero Wing or Asura could benefit.

Naturally, there was no chance of some low-rank player claiming the Frost Bone Dragon. Three-hundred-thousand Contribution Points was an astronomical amount for both Zero Wing’s and Asura’s members. Not even ordinary core members could afford that price. Of the 200 players participating in this raid, only a dozen or so had enough CPs to bid for the Flying Mount.

Every member of the raid team stared at Shi Feng in astonishment. They had never expected him to sell off the Flying Mount in an internal auction.

He had even assigned the Winter Spear and Extreme Frost Set to a specific player, yet the Flying Mount would go to the highest bidder.

Most importantly, Shi Feng was actually allowing them to compete for it, not keeping such a precious Flying Mount for himself. No other Guild Leader or commander would be as generous as Shi Feng.

It didn’t take long for the raid team members to snap out of their daze after Shi Feng’s announcement.

“I bid 300,000 GCPs!” Blackie shouted, placing the first bid.

“In that case, I’ll bid 310,000!” Cola shouted, not willing to concede.

“Commander, I bid 320,000 CPs!” Solitary Nine shouted, unable to help himself from participating in the auction.

Asura’s Contribution System was similar to Zero Wing’s, and earning Contribution Points wasn’t easy. Of course, as one of Asura’s two vice commanders, he could afford to hand over 300,000-plus CPs.

“I bid 350,000 CPs!” Lifeless Thorn announced.

Although Lifeless Thom had already acquired a top-tier Epic Weapon and Dark-Gold Set Equipment, the idea of owning a Flying Mount was simply too tempting. A Flying Mount would also affect his development rate, so he couldn’t just give up this chance.

Zero Wing and Asura’s members frantically bid on the Frost Bone Dragon, the price quickly climbing to 450,000 CPs. Once the price rose that high, Asura’s Lifeless Thorn and Solitary Nine had to drop out of the auction. Unlike a Guild, there were fewer means for adventurer team members to earn Contribution Points. Adventurer teams didn’t have access to Guild Quests, for example. Now, only Zero Wing’s upper echelons could compete over the Flying Mount.

In the end, Gentle Snow had won the Frost Bone Dragon for 580,000 Contribution Points. Although Shi Feng didn’t prohibit his players from borrowing points, they had silently agreed to rely on their own Contribution Points due to the importance of a Flying Mount. Their Contribution Points, after all, represented how much they had contributed to the Guild or adventurer team. The player who had contributed the most deserved something as important and valuable as a Flying Mount.

After the auction, Shi Feng handed Gentle Snow her new Frost Bone Dragon summoning flute, and she rejoiced. Ideas of how to use this Flying Mount swam in her head.

Shi Feng then let the raid team members bid for the remaining Dark-Gold Weapons and Equipment, and every item had been auctioned off in less than 10 minutes.

As for the other items the Frost Monarch dropped, Shi Feng didn’t share their information or add them to the internal auction. These items touched on Guild interests.

The Bronze Shop Promotion Order, for example, had to be kept a secret.

Moreover, since the Frost Monarch was a Bloodline Lord, it had dropped a Bloodline.

Normally, Shi Feng would’ve let his players take a look at an ordinary Bloodline. It’s not like they were a secret among the various superpowers anymore, and some were even available for purchase in the World Summit’s Divine Shrine. If players had enough points, they could even purchase a Peak Bloodline.

However, the Frost Monarch’s Bloodline was special, and Shi Feng couldn’t afford to reveal it casually.

[Arctic Bloodline] (Special Bloodline)

Can be fused with a normal Bloodline to produce a new Bloodline. The resulting Bloodline has one opportunity to evolve, and the evolution’s benefits depend on the Bloodline Power the resulting Bloodline has absorbed. The more Bloodline Power absorbed, the more benefits the resulting Bloodline will provide. Can absorb a maximum of 100 Bloodline Power. Current Bloodline Power absorbed: 0 points

(Warning: The resulting Bloodline will automatically bind to the user after using the Arctic Bloodline. It cannot be traded and can only be stored in the user’s bag space. If the user dies, the Bloodline will drop and be forever lost.)

System: Do you wish to fuse with the Arctic Bloodline?

System: You have one hour to decide. If you fail to decide or refuse the fusion, the Arctic Bloodline’s power will be lost.

Although Shi Feng trusted these players, he had no plans to inform them of the Arctic Bloodline.

While the team rested, Shi Feng wandered off to find a place to sit. He then agreed to fuse with the Arctic Bloodline.