Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2243 - Winter Spear

Chapter 2243 – Winter Spear

The entire raid team had personally experienced how powerful this spear, which the Frost Monarch had manifested with condensed Power of Frost, was.

The Frost Monarch’s extraordinary Strength and speed hadn’t been the main reason that the raid team had struggled against it. They had relied on Kite as the lead MT, and the NPC was more than capable of surviving the World Boss’s attacks, taking barely any damage. Rather, the Frost Monarch’s frost spear had been the main reason that these players had had so much trouble.

Despite the Frost Monarch’s focused attacks against Kite throughout the raid, it had used its attacks’ residual power to assault the players, sapping their Stamina and Concentration. This, in turn, had steadily decreased the team’s combat power, and to make matters worse, they hadn’t been able to block or dodge this residual power.

If Anna hadn’t been so powerful, the team would’ve died from exhaustion before they could kill the World Boss.

“It’s even possible for such a weapon to drop?”

“Its Attributes are insane! The team’s Berserkers have truly hit the jackpot!”

When they saw the frost spear’s Attribute Panel, everyone on the team felt jealous. Even Shadow Sword and Rampant Blade, who both used an Epic Weapon, couldn’t help their desire for the spear. Its Attribute bonuses were just that awesome.

[Winter Spear (Replica)] (Spear, Epic Rank)

Level 50 – Level 100

Equipment Requirement: Strength 2,100 Attributes adjust according to user’s level.

Attack Power +2,550 (Level 50)

Strength +301, Agility +210, Endurance +270 Attack Speed +12

Attacks carry the Power of Frost. When attacking, all attacks reduce the target’s Stamina and Concentration.

Attacks have:

30% chance to deal frost damage to all enemies in a 10-yard radius;

20% chance to trigger Frost Possession, increasing Strength by 20% by 3 seconds. During this time, attacks also deal an additional 270% frost damage and reduce targets Movement Speed when struck by 30%.

When equipped:

Main Attribute increased by 25%;

All secondary Attributes increased by 15%;

Reaction speed increased by 10%;

Ignore Levels +10;

All Berserker Skill effects increased by 30%;

All item level requirements reduced by 5 Levels;

Additional Passive Skill 1-

Chaotic Battle: Strength, Attack Speed, and Movement Speed increased according to the number of enemies hit. Each enemy hit will grant a 3% increase for 5 seconds. Bonus can stack to 30%.

Additional Passive Skill 2-

Ice Guard: When HP falls below 50%, Power of Frost triggers to improve the user’s physique by 15%, main Attribute by 15%, and Defend Skill by 3 levels.

Additional Active Skill-

Frozen Century: Converts a 100-yard radius into a frozen realm, using the Power of Frost to corrode all enemies in range. At the same time, the user creates two frost doppelgangers, each with 115% of the main body’s Strength.

Duration: 5 minutes

Cooldown: 1 hour

Even Shi Feng was relatively surprised to see the Winder Spear Replica drop.

The original Winter Spear was a Legendary Weapon, but even a Replica would be extraordinarily powerful. The Epic ranked Replica could likely rival an ordinary Fragmented Legendary Weapon’s strength. In terms of Attack Power, this Replica was even stronger than Gentle Snow’s Glorious Will. The only difference between the Winter Spear’s Replica and Glorious Will’s was that the latter could be upgraded to Fragmented Legendary rank, while the former could not.

Even so, the Winter Spear was the best weapon under Fragmented Legendary Rank for Berserkers at Level 100 or below.

If current players wielded this spear, their Attack Power would be among the best in God’s Domain. Moreover, players wouldn’t have to worry about fighting groups or a single opponent with the Winter Spear’s effects.

Naturally, ever Berserker on the raid team grew restless after seeing the Winter Spear’s Attribute Panel, and they all turned toward Shi Feng almost as one, waiting to learn how he intended to distribute the weapon.

According to Shi Feng’s rules, everyone that participated in the raid would have a chance of competing for any Dark- Gold Weapon. Unfortunately, those rules didn’t hold true for Epic ranked weapons.

Even the various superpowers treated Epic Weapons and Equipment as a part of the Guild’s foundation, and not even the Guild’s upper echelons could claim such an item simply because they wanted it. Guilds had strict inspections and evaluations before they’d assign an Epic item to their members, especially when it came to a top-tier Epic Weapon like the Winter Spear.

“The Winter Spear and Extreme Frost Set will go to Lifeless Thorn,” Shi Feng announced after giving the matter some thought.

Although he was Asura’s commander, Shi Feng hadn’t contributed to the adventurer team recently since he’d been so busy with Zero Wing. As a result, Lifeless Thorn had taken full responsibility for leading the Asura adventurer team and the massive Adventurer’s Alliance.

By now, many superpowers had begun to compete for resources and player population in the Ice Crystal World. If the Adventurer’s Alliance wished to maintain its standing, it needed to rely on more than a Flowing Water Realm expert like Lifeless Thom. The Alliance would need a peak expert, at the very least, to defend it.


Lifeless Thom stared at Shi Feng, moved. He had never expected his commander to hand him the Winter Spear and Extreme Frost Set. Not even superpowers’ upper echelons had the privilege of using such high-quality weapons and equipment, yet despite being Asura’s vice commander, he had earned the right.

Adventurer teams weren’t nearly as restrictive as Guilds, and even though Lifeless Thorn was Asura’s vice commander, he enjoyed far more freedom than large Guilds’ elite members.

Moreover, Zero Wing’s members wouldn’t be pleased to hear that their Guild Leader had given him such powerful items. The consequences were just too high.

Lifeless Thom couldn’t understand what Shi Feng was trying to do.

And yet, despite carrying an Epic Weapon and multiple pieces of Epic Equipment, he was sorely tempted to wield and wear the Winter Spear and Extreme Frost Set. Refusing such a generous offer wasn’t easy.

Naturally, Shi Feng understood what Lifeless Thorn was thinking. Taking the initiative, he said, “There’s no need to say anything. Zero Wing isn’t like other Guilds. Asura may only be Zero Wing’s subordinate adventurer team, but it’s still a part of Zero Wing. As long as you perform well, I have no problems giving you weapons and equipment of this quality. I hope that you will use this weapon and set equipment to improve Asura further.”

Zero Wing was quite different than the various superpowers. It didn’t have the support of major corporations, and it wasn’t as attractive to expert players. If Zero Wing wanted to contend with super-first-rate Guilds and Super Guilds, subordinate, independent organizations like the Asura adventurer team were necessary.

Furthermore, if an adventurer team wasn’t led by a powerful expert, it would struggle to develop.

Although Asura was impressive enough to become one of the Fire Dragon Empire’s top 10 adventurer teams, that was its limit. Growing any stronger would be an incredible challenge for the adventurer team. Unless Lifeless Thorn increased his strength, it would only be a matter of time before another adventurer team, one with a powerful background, surpassed Asura.

If possible, Shi Feng wanted to help Lifeless Thorn reach the Void Realm, but doing so wouldn’t be easy. One would have to improve their senses on a qualitative level, which couldn’t be done by simply improving one’s combat standards. If it were that easy, the various Super Guilds would have more than just a few peak experts among their ranks.

After Shi Feng’s comment, Lifeless Thorn turned to Zero Wing’s members to see their reactions, but to his surprise, none of the main force members seemed dissatisfied with the situation. They didn’t actually seem to care who received the Winter Spear and Extreme Frost Set.

When Asura’s other members saw this, they couldn’t help but feel a little ambitious.

As players that had chosen to join an adventurer team, they had knowingly forsaken the resources a Guild could provide in exchange for more freedom. However, enjoying the freedom of an adventurer team, as well as access to a Guild’s important resources was better than they could’ve hoped for.

In that moment, Asura’s members silently decided that they would become an even more powerful adventurer team in the future. Even if they couldn’t obtain top-tier Epic Weapons like the Winter Spear, they’d still have a chance of securing ordinary Epic Weapons. Such a situation was normally unthinkable for adventurer team members like them.

While everyone secretly envied Lifeless Thom, Shi Feng revealed a playful grin as he shared the Attribute Panel for a jade flute.

When the raid team saw this item, their jealousy of Lifeless Thorn vanished.

“Crap! Am I seeing things?! This is…a Flying Mount!”