Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2241 - Anna's Might

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Once Shi Feng gave the command, Anna raised her staff and began to chant an incantation.

Two gigantic magic arrays, both with a 30-yard radius, appeared beside Anna, one pitch-black and one silvery-white. The instant these two magic arrays appeared, the surrounding Mana rapidly gathered to Anna.

"What a powerful Spell!" Astonished, Lifeless Thorn turned to look at the Personal Guard, who had remained idle near the rear line thus far.

Although he wasn't a magical class player and wasn't so sensitive toward Mana, he had seen powerful NPCs cast their Spells before, yet not even the Tier 3 NPCs he had seen could manipulate this much Mana with their Spells.

Normally, the amount of Mana a Spell manipulated was indicative of the Spell's strength. The more Mana the Spell affected, the stronger the Spell would be.

In other words, the Spell Anna was casting was even stronger than a Tier 3 magical class NPC's Spells.

Meanwhile, Yan Ya, a Druid, could detect Mana far better than a Berserker like Lifeless Thorn. In fact, her ability to perceive Mana could be considered above average among the many magical class experts on the raid team.

She specializes in both light and darkness?! Yan Ya stared at Anna for a moment, a little surprised.

Normally, magical class NPCs and players only specialized in one element. For example, some Elementalists specialized in fire-type Spells, while some specialized in ice-type. Although Elementalists could use other elements' Spells, those Spells were generally weaker than those of the caster's main element.

And yet, Anna was absorbing a frightening amount of both light- and darkness-type Mana from her surroundings. It was clear that the Personal Guard specialized in both elements.

Specializing in two elements wasn't as simple as being able to use Spells from two different elements. A caster needed to be capable of merging both elements' Spells as well. If one were successful, the resulting power of their Spells would be exponential.

Yan Ya could only think of two magical class players that specialized in duel-element casting, and both commanded an astonishing amount of combat power. The Fire Dragon Empire's magical class players had dubbed both players 'Duel Dragons,' and there were rumors that these two had the combat power to rival Tier 3 NPCs of the same level.

However, she now learned that Anna was similarly a duel-element caster, as well. She was even rarer than Dark-Gold Guards.

Before anyone could shake off their shock after sensing the Mana surge Anna had caused, the NPC in question raised her staff and completed her Spell.

Thirty-six magic arrays appeared around the Frost Monarch, some black and some white. Ying Yang Spears then shot forth from these magic arrays.

Every Yin Yang Spear was powerful enough to tear apart space itself. When the 36 Yin Yang Spears pierced the Frost Monarch's body, the World Boss could not help but cry out in agony.



A series of damages exceeding -500,000 appeared above the Frost Monarch's head, stupefying everyone present.

With just one Spell, the Frost Monarch's HP, which had barely budged before, had visibly fallen. Anna's DPS easily surpassed the entire team's.

"Is she a Tier 3 NPC?" Lifeless Thorn voiced his thoughts, starting at Anna.

Asura's members hadn't even dealt -20,000 damage with each attack, yet just one of Anna's attacks had dealt over -500,000. She was 10 levels higher than they were, but the difference between their damage outputs shouldn't be that large. The only reasonable explanation was that Anna was a Tier 3 NPC.

However, there was no doubt that Anna was only Level 96 and wore a Tier 2 Class Insignia. This proved that Anna was only a Tier 2 NPC, which confused Lifeless Thorn.

Anna's performance even stunned Zero Wing's main force members. None of them had thought that she would be this powerful.

Only Shi Feng remained unperturbed after witnessing the display.

Anna was an Epic Guard. Moreover, her Growth Potential had risen from 105 to 113 points after she became a Peak Class Yin Yang Saint. It was the highest Growth Potential he had seen in any NPC.

Anna had only been a Level 80 NPC when she had changed classes. Now that she had reached Level 96, the boons her Growth Potential provided were massive. After factoring in her Yin Yang Saint class's other abilities, she had even greater combat power than ordinary Tier 3 NPCs.

This was why Shi Feng dared to challenge the Frost Monarch with such a half-baked team.

Initially, he had wanted Anna to summoner her monsters to assist in the battle, but he had decided against that since controlling so many summoned creatures would waste some of Anna's energy. That would prevent Anna from exhibiting the full strength of the Yin Yang Saint class. Moreover, he had Kite to tank the World Boss, so summoning a Lord or Great Lord into battle would be meaningless.

As the Tier 2 Curse, Yin Yang Baptism, ended, Anna followed up with the Tier 3 Spell, Yin Yang Burst. This was also the Legacy Spell Anna had learned after reaching Level 90.

Anna raised her left hand as two energy balls appeared in her grip. The energy balls then transformed into beams of light that slammed into the Frost Monarch.



Everyone was flabbergasted once more when they saw these two damages.

"Her damage can practically cover the entire team's…" As Solitary Nine watched Anna bombard the Frost Monarch with one powerful Spell after another, he gained a newfound appreciation for magical classes.

Even if Asura and Zero Wing's members stopped attacking, Anna could likely finish this raid by herself with the damage she could deal. She might just need a little more effort to defeat the World Boss.

With Anna's participation, the raid team's confidence skyrocketed. They turned their attention to dodging the Frost Monarch's AOE attacks, rather than risking death to deal more damage.

Time passed quickly, and the Frost Monarch's HP eventually fell to 20%.

After such a long fight with the Frost Monarch, the raid team's members had to admit that World Bosses had a variety of Skills. Even with Kite tanking the Frost Monarch, players had died from time to time. Moreover, the Power of Frost that continued to seep into their bodies had rapidly depleted their Stamina and Concentration reserves. Despite fighting for less than 30 minutes, they all had less than 30% of their Stamina remaining.

Without Anna's help, this raid would've been impossible.

"The Boss is going berserk! Everyone, activate your Berserk Skills and attack with everything you've got!" Shi Feng shouted when the Frost Monarch's frost spear suddenly vanished.

The Frost Monarch would become even more terrifying when it went berserk. It would directly manipulate the Power of Frost around it to layer its attacks.

Normally, a team would need around six MTs to stop these layered attacks, but among the MTs present, only Cola was capable of surviving one of these attacks, and that was if he had already activated his Berserk Skill. The World Boss would instant-kill the rest of the MTs, whether or not they had activated their Berserk Skills. The only option they had left was to kill the Boss before it slaughtered the team.

The Frost Monarch bellowed as soon as Shi Feng finished issuing his orders. The Power of Frost began to grow turbulent as it gathered to the World Boss. Not only did this significantly increase the Frost Monarch's Defence, but it also manifested six gigantic hands of frost energy around the World Boss. These six gigantic hands began to swat at the offending players.

Every hand was as powerful as the frost spears the Frost Monarch had thrown at the start of this raid. Only, the hands' Attack Speed wasn't as high as the frost spears'. In exchange for the reduced speed, the hands had a much larger attack range, with each possessing a 12-yard-radius AOE.

The moment the six hands descended, three Asura members died instantly.

However, the Frost Monarch's increased Defense shocked the raid team's members far more than the six gigantic hands. They had already activated their Berserk Skills, yet they dealt less damage than they had earlier…

As expected of the Frost Monarch, its famed Defense wasn't an exaggeration. When Shi Feng's sword struck the Frost Monarch's body, his entire arm went numb from the impact.

Getting past the Frost Monarch's frost armor with Dark-Gold Weapons had already been quite difficult, and now that it had entered its Berserk state, even Shi Feng's Killing Ray barely left a scratch.

As several more players died, Shi Feng knew that he couldn't afford to hold back, and he ordered Anna to use Summon Angel.

Within seconds, a spear-wielding Valkyrie dropped from the sky, and everyone felt their bodies grow heavier as her horrific aura washed over them.

Before anyone could react, the Valkyrie had appeared before the Frost Monarch and swung her Spear of Thunder at the World Boss.


The Valkyrie's spear sliced through the Frost Monarch's armor like a streak of lightning before cracks began to form across the previously indestructible ice armor. The Frost Monarch cried out as it stumbled several steps back, and a damage of over -6,000,000 appeared above its head. The Valkyrie was even several times stronger than Anna.

When Asura's members saw the Frost Monarch stumble backward, their jaws nearly hit the ground.

The Valkyrie's attacks were extremely fast. Even after transforming its two hands into sharp blades, the Frost Monarch had failed to defend itself. It had been forced to use the six gigantic hands it had summoned against the Valkyrie's attacks.

However, a Tier 4 Valkyrie was no easy opponent, and her Life Rating was considerably higher than the World Boss's. Even while using the six colossal hands to protect itself, the Frost Monarch took one hit after another. The World Boss was utterly helpless against the Valkyrie.

When the Valkyrie's 10-second duration was almost up, she went berserk and used Thunder's Judgement. A purple lightning bolt then shot down from the sky and through the Frost Monarch's body, dealing over -15,000,000 damage.

"Good! The Boss is heavily injured! Everyone, focus on your attacks!" Shi Feng hurriedly shouted as the Frost Monarch's aura weakened.

The surviving raid team ignored the World Boss's six hands and desperately bombarded the monster.

12%... 10%... 8%...

As the Frost Monarch grew closer to its death, it began a frenzied slaughter.

By the time there were less than half of the original 200-man raid team, the Frost Monarch had 2% of its HP remaining.

Gentle Snow, Zhao Yueru, and Violet Cloud stopped holding back and used their strongest moves.

Myth of Light!

Frostflame Hell!

Dimensional Fracture!

As these attacks struck the Frost Monarch, its HP bar visibly shrunk.


When the World Boss had less than 1% of its HP left, Shi Feng activated Divine Providence, Flame Burst, and Lightning Slash.

"I am immortal, human! You will not get away with this!"

The Frost Monarch snarled, its voice echoing throughout the Purple Frost Field, as its HP fell to zero, and its crystalline body crumbled to the ground…