Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2240 - Twin Darkmoon Blades

Chapter 2240 – Twin Darkmoon Blades

Solitary Nine and the other Asura members gaped in shock after watching emerge, unharmed, from the Frost Monarch’s attack.

“Isn’t that Personal Guard a little too strong?!” Cleansing Whistle exclaimed, refocusing on the battle.

Even a Level 90 World Boss’s casual attack carried devastating power. Even a Level 100, Tier 3 NPC would have to take care to block such an attack. After all, this was a Mythic ranked World Boss they were talking about. The Frost Monarch’s Basic Attributes were even higher than an ordinary Mythic monster’s.

However, despite being only a Level 95, Tier 2 Swordsman, Kite had blocked the Frost Monarch’s attack without taking any damage …

“Of all the Fine-Gold Guards I’ve seen before, none have been strong enough to tank a World Boss. Moreover, this Personal Guard is only five levels higher than the Boss and still at Tier 2. Could it be a Dark-Gold Guard?” Solitary Nine muttered, his heart pounding as he watched Kite stop one of the Frost Monarch’s attacks after another.

Throughout his time in the Fire Dragon Empire, Solitary Nine had become familiar with the ranks of the various powers’ Personal Guards. It was something that many players paid attention to.

Ordinary players and experts understood that they were no match for the various superpowers’ experts. Finding a powerful Personal Guard was the only way they could raise their standings in God’s Domain. So long as they nurtured a high-ranked Personal Guard, their Personal Guards could rival, or even surpass, peak experts’ strength.

Even the best Personal Guards at this stage of the game were only Fine-Gold rank, and only 30 or so had been found thus far. No one had found a single Dark-Gold Guard in the empire.

Because of this, the general public had assumed that Dark-Gold Guards simply didn’t exist.

Yet, Solitary Nine had just learned that Zero Wing had such a Personal Guard.

If news of this spread, it would cause a huge commotion in the Fire Dragon Empire. Even Secret-Silver Guards could surpass peak experts of the same level, and although the public didn’t know exactly how powerful Fine-Gold Guards were, they were certain that they could surpass apex experts’ strength. Not even two or three apex experts were guaranteed to defeat a single Fine-Gold Guard of the same level.

As for Dark-Gold Guards, their strength was beyond imagining. Many of the Fire Dragon Empire’s players assumed that these Personal Guards would be invincible among those of the same level and tier, and as long as one nurtured a Dark- Gold Guard properly, they’d be able to explore God’s Domain undeterred.

However, after witnessing Kite’s performance, Solitary Nine decided that Dark-Gold Guards were even more powerful than anyone had imagined. Despite being a Level 95, Tier 2 Swordsman, Kite could already contend with a Level 90 Mythic ranked World Boss. The NPC’s prowess was simply heaven-defying!

Shi Feng could tell what Asura’s members were thinking the moment he saw their shocked expressions. However, he did not bother to explain the situation, only responding with a chuckle and a grin.

Kite was indeed a Dark-Gold Guard, but even among Dark-Gold Guards, he was exceptional. Now that Shi Feng had used Soul Strengthening on the NPC, Kite’s combat power had risen, as well. Most importantly, the black iron swords Kite wielded were the Darkmoon Twins, a Fragmented Legendary Weapon Set. It was a set Kite had obtained after completing an Epic Quest in a secret land.

Even if Kite combined the Strength of two attacks, he wouldn’t have blocked the Frost Monarch’s attacks so easily without the Darkmoon Twins. He would have definitely taken some damage after blocking those attacks.

When Shi Feng had discovered that Kite had obtained the Darkmoon Twins, he had been incredibly jealous, but since the set was reserved for NPCs, he couldn’t have used them even if he had taken them from Kite.

With Kite acting as the lead MT, the rest of the raid team moved within 50 yards of the World Boss without issues.

They promptly bombarded the Frost Monarch with attacks.

However, when Kite moved up to the Frost Monarch, the World Boss stopped throwing its spears. Instead, the Frost Monarch wielded its weapon with both hands, sweeping the spear in a horizontal arch against the Personal Guard.

The weapon was as thick and long as a large tree trunk, and the Frost Monarch easily reached targets that were over 20 yards away. As the spear swept across the battlefield, the melee players in its trajectory felt their hearts skip a beat.

The Frost Monarch’s long reach made its attacks impossible to dodge.

Moreover, that horizontal sweep carried far more power than the Frost Monarch’s ranged attacks. Everyone within 50 yards of the World Boss felt suffocated as the wind the attack generated assaulted them. It felt as if the attack had created a vacuum.

However, Kite moved to intercept the attack before it could strike any of the raid team’s players.


An explosion shook the battlefield, and Kite stumbled three steps back, a damage of over -230,000 appearing above his head. The Strength in the Frost Monarch’s latest attack was obviously much higher than before.

When the team’s players saw the damage, they couldn’t help but gasp.

Even Cola broke out in cold sweat. If even a Level 95 Personal Guard like Kite took -230,000 damage after successfully blocking the Frost Monarch’s attack, he’d die instantly if he tried to do so without activating a Lifesaving Skill.

Of course, the system reduced monsters’ damage to a certain degree when they attacked players, but even so, how could any player have higher Strength than Kite?

Good! He blocked it! Shi Feng breathed a sigh of relief when he saw that Kite had only lost a little over 230,000 HP. “Everyone, attack the Boss with everything you’ve got!”

The Frost Monarch was a Bloodline Lord, and it could use that Bloodline to increase the power of its attacks. The thrown frost spears had been a casual attack at best, and now that Kite was within melee range, the Frost Monarch had gotten serious about this battle.

However, the situation was far better from what Shi Feng had expected. Kite had more than 2,000,000 HP, so losing 230,000 HP was well within his tolerance.

Shi Feng’s reminder to attack snapped his teammates out of their daze, and they turned their attention to bombarding the Frost Monarch. The raid team’s Spells and arrows were the first attacks to strike the Frost Monarch’s colossal form.




When these players saw how much damage their attacks dealt, they felt like crying, especially Asura’s members. Although Zero Wing’s members didn’t deal astounding damage, they still dealt over -30,000 with each attack. Asura’s members, on the other hand, dealt less than -20,000 with their attacks. When they normally fought Level 80 monsters, they easily dealt mover than -50,000 damage.

The damages they dealt were little more than pelting raindrops to the Frost Monarch…

Fortunately, not everyone’s damage was so low. A few attacks were particularly eye-catching, originating from Shi Feng, Fire Dance, Gentle Snow, and Zhao Yueru. Zhao Yueru’s fire-type Spells were especially effective, dealing bonus damage. In addition, she forcibly elevated all of her Tier 2 Spells to Tier 3. As a result, every one of her attacks dealt over -150,000 damage to the World Boss. Her overall DPS was even higher than Shi Feng’s. Asura’s members were thoroughly stunned.

Zhao Yueru was doing the work of 10 Asura members right now…

Even so, the Frost Monarch’s HP bar hardly moved.

“Commander! Killing this Boss with our current damage is going to be a problem!” Lifeless Thorn shouted as he watched the Frost Monarch’s HP Bar. Even after such a long fight, they hadn’t even dropped the World Boss’s HP by 1%. At this rate, they’d die from exhaustion before the Frost Monarch could kill them.

Although the raid team’s DPS was relatively high, the Frost Monarch’s attack range was too vast. Moreover, the Frost Monarch’s extraordinary strength did not permit the slightest mistake, since the lightest touch from its spear could kill a player instantly. As a result, the team’s players had to allocate much of their attention to dodging the World Boss’s attacks, which prevented them from maximizing their DPS.

“We should have a good hold on its aggro by now.” Shi Feng was well aware that their team lacked DPS. They were fighting a Level 90 World Boss, after all. How could a half-baked team like theirs deal enough damage to defeat it? Shi Feng then turned to Anna and said, “You can begin!”