Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2239 - Kite’s Strength

Chapter 2239 – Kite’s Strength

When Shi Feng saw the Frost Monarch’s statistics, his expression revealed both surprise and excitement.

At this stage of the game, most players wouldn’t recognize the term ‘Bloodline Lord.’

To put it simply, Bloodline Lords were the evolved versions of Bloodline Creatures.

In God’s Domain, Bloodline Creatures could only use their Bloodline’s strength on an instinctive level in battle, but Bloodline Lords could fully control their Bloodline, actively using the advantages it provided in combat.

To put it into perspective, a Bloodline Lord was a player that had learned a combat technique, while a Bloodline Creature was a player that hadn’t. Combat techniques allowed players to perform stronger attacks than normal without using Skills or Spells. If two players with similar Basic Attributes faced-off against each other, the player with a combat technique would exhibit drastically higher combat power than the player without.

Although Bloodline Lords were incredibly powerful, they were just as rare in God’s Domain. Mastering a Bloodline was an extremely challenging task. Shi Feng had only heard of Bloodline Lords; he had never actually seen one in person.

Encountering a Bloodline Lord was as dangerous as it was a blessing.

Bloodline Lords commanded incredibly high combat power, akin to kings among monsters of the same rank and level. Fortunately, they were also guaranteed to drop a Bloodline when they died. During Shi Feng’s previous life, hunting Bloodline Lords was one of the more reliable ways to obtain Bloodlines.

Even the most common Bloodline was worth as much as a Fragmented Legendary item. Players might not see any significant effects after first using a Bloodline, but as they leveled up, those effects would become more prominent. Eventually, the Bloodline’s benefits would evolve from a quantitative transformation into a qualitative transformation.

“Commander, that’s a Level 90 World Boss. Is that what we’re here to raid?” Solitary Nine nervously asked Shi Feng.

A World Boss!

Even in a massive country like the Fire Dragon Empire, World Bosses were extremely rare. The empire’s various superpowers had targeted a few of the World Bosses within their borders, but they had only dared to raid Level 60- plus World Bosses. Even so, they had incurred severe losses during those raids, sacrificing several teams to whittle the Boss down and kill it. None of the Fire Dragon Empire’s superpowers had even considered raiding Level 70 World Bosses yet.

And yet, the monster before them was a Level 90 World Boss. This Frost Monarch could likely kill an MT like Solitary Nine in a single hit. He doubted that even Cola, Turtledove, and Ye Wumian could tank the Frost Monarch. After all, there was a full-tier difference between a Great Lord and a Mythic monster. Moreover, the Frost Monarch would be even more of a challenge than an ordinary Mythic monster as a World Boss.

Even Lifeless Thorn turned to stare at Shi Feng.

Although a part of him wanted to raid the Frost Monarch as well, current players had no hope of defeating a Level 90 World Boss. Moreover, it was common knowledge that players couldn’t use external items during World Boss raids. Players could not summon powerful monsters or use magic arrays to aid them in battle; any external tools would lose their effects and vanish after use. Players could only rely on their strength to defeat these monsters.

With these restrictions in place, they’d likely need a team of Level 100 players to defeat the Frost Monarch.

“That’s right, we’re going to raid that Boss,” Shi Feng said, smiling when he saw the anxious looks Asura’s members were giving him. “A Level 90 World Boss is very powerful, but that is only true for other teams. Our team is an exception.”

A Level 90 World Boss was terrifying. Most of God’s Domain’s players would despair over the Frost Monarch’s nearly one billion HP alone. With its battle recovery, the Frost Monarch would recover 9,600,000 HP every five seconds. If a team couldn’t deal an average DPS of -2,000,000, the raid would be impossible.

World Boss raids might prohibit external items, but they didn’t disallow Personal Guards. Fortunately, Shi Feng just so happened to have a Dark-Gold Guard and an Epic Guard. Moreover, Cola carried a Fragmented Legendary Shield. He should have no problems tanking the Frost Monarch. Overall, Shi Feng was fairly confident in their chances of taking down the Frost Monarch. The only thing that Shi Feng hadn’t expected was the Frost Monarch’s status as a Bloodline Lord.

However, a monster wouldn’t receive a Basic Attribute boost just because it was a Bloodline Lord. They’d simply gain the ability to use combat techniques and could exhibit greater combat power. Hence, completing the raid was still well within the realm of possibility.

Moreover, Shi Feng could not afford to not raid the Frost Monarch. This was one of the few World Bosses that had the highest likelihood of dropping a Bronze Shop Promotion Order. As it was, he couldn’t afford the Wanderer’s Shop’s weekly management fee; he needed that Promotion Order. If he couldn’t make the payments and the Shop was repossessed, he’d likely lose the opportunity to own a Wanderer’s Shop for the rest of his career in God’s Domain. After all, the Wanderer’s Shop only appeared at random.

After confirming their target, Shi Feng began to give his team their orders.

“Cola, you’ll be the sub-tank later in the raid. I want everyone else to attack with everything you’ve got,” Shi Feng said.

His orders confused both Asura’s and Zero Wing’s members. They did not understand why Shi Feng had assigned Cola as the sub-tank. Did they have a stronger MT than Cola?

Not bothering to explain, Shi Feng retrieved two Summon Guard Scrolls from his bag and summoned Kite and Anna.

Two figures appeared before the raid team a moment later. One was a Swordsman with two black iron swords, while the other was a staff-wielding Summoner.

“Crap! A Level 95 Swordsman and Level 96 Summoner?!”

Everyone gasped when they saw the Personal Guards’ levels.

At this stage of the game, the various superpowers’ best Personal Guards had only reached Level 90, and that was after the superpowers had invested astronomical sums of money, allowing their Personal Guards to accept all sorts of high- ranked quests.

Ordinary experts’ Personal Guards hadn’t even reached Level 85 yet.

When they saw Kite and Anna, Lifeless Thorn and his comrades finally understood why Shi Feng dared to pick a fight with a Level 90 World Boss. Personal Guards were far more powerful than players. At the same Level, a Secret-Silver Guard could slay a Void Realm expert.

If their team had the help of two Level 95-plus peak experts, raiding a Level 90 World Boss would definitely be possible.

However, it was extremely risky to use Personal Guards in a World Boss raid. Unlike players, resurrecting NPCs was incredibly challenging. Not being able to resurrect one’s Personal Guards would mean permanent death for these NPCs. If that happened, all of the time and money they had poured into these guards would go down the drain. This was also why the various superpowers didn’t even dare to use their Personal Guards in Dungeon or Field Boss raids. The various superpowers treated their high-ranked Personal Guards, in particular, like precious children.

These Personal Guards had yet to reach their full potential. The higher a Personal Guard’s rank was, the faster they could level up, and the easier their Tier 3 and 4 promotions would be. Hence, risking a high-ranked Personal Guard’s permanent death while they were still Tier 2 was considered atrociously wasteful behavior.

And yet, Shi Feng clearly intended to use his Personal Guards to raid a World Boss. He had to be insane!

Once everyone was in position, Shi Feng commanded Kite to charge at the Frost Monarch with Cola closely behind.

World Bosses had incredibly large perception ranges, and the Frost Monarch noticed Kite from 300 yards away. When it sensed the NPC, the slumbering Mythic monster’s eyes opened, glowing with a crimson light. The moment the raid team saw the monster’s eyes, they felt chills crawl down their spines. The Frost Monarch’s frightening aura even affected its surroundings, and after a moment, purple snow began to drift down from the sky.

The instant the purple snow landed on the players’ shoulders, everyone within 1,000 yards of the Frost Monarch felt an intense cold envelop them, and their movements became a little sluggish.

“A group of puny ants has dared to invade my land?! I shall turn you all into ice sculptures to decorate my home for all time!

The Frost Monarch stood and revealed a humanlike sneer. With a wave of its hand, the Frost Monarch summoned a translucent, crystalline spear. Grabbing the weapon, the World Boss threw it at Cola, the spear transforming into a streak of light as it tore space on its way to the Guardian Knight.

So fast! Cola’s expression darkened as the attack approached, but by the time he noticed the spear, it was too late to dodge the weapon.

However, as the spear came within 30 yards of Cola, just about to slam into him, a figure appeared before the MT. It was none other than Kite.

Without any hesitation, Kite swung his twin swords at the frost spear. Boom!

As the weapons collided, the ground under Kite’s feet caved under the powerful impact, forming a crater that was over two dozen meters wide. As the snow and ice cleared, however, it revealed Kite still standing in his original position, unscathed.