Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2238 - Bloodline Lord

Chapter 2238 – Bloodline Lord

As they watched Cola, Turtledove, and Ye Wumian charge toward three separate groups of frost monsters, Solitary Nine and the other Asura members’ expressions changed.

“Are they insane?” Cleansing Whistle blurted out.

How could Cola and his fellow MTs lure monsters like this?

Even one group of frost monsters was more than enough to annihilate their team. Luring three groups at once was simply suicidal.

Asura’s members began to panic, preparing to activate their Berserk Skills to escape this madness at a moment’s notice.

They had already spent a long time exploring neutral maps, so they knew that the monsters in these maps would be better coordinated as they reached higher levels. The monsters’ individual combat standards would also rise with their levels.

If these monsters hadn’t had little-to-no Sills, relying on brute strength in battle, not even a six-man party of Level 80 ordinary players would be able to defeat a single Level 80 Lord.

Not only did the Level 90 Lord ranked Frost Giants have greater combat standards than Level 80 Lords, but they also had higher Basic Attributes. Not even a Level 80 Great Lord was a guaranteed match for a Level 90 Frost Giant. They were an absolute nightmare for current players.

Furthermore, each group had Level 91 Great Lord ranked Frost Wanderers. Each of these monsters likely had high enough Strength to send an MT like Solitary Nine flying. If two Frost Wanderers ganged up on him, not even the healers could save him.

Cola, Turtledove, and Ye Wumian didn’t need long to reach their respective targets. The frost monsters noticed the three MTs immediately and responded with deafening roars. The 20-plus Frost Giants immediately moved to surround the MTs, while the spear-wielding Frost Wanderers led the charge against them.

Unlike lower-level monsters, these frost monsters didn’t try to attack like an angry mob. Instead, they cooperated like a pack of wolves. Each member of the groups had their own tasks, and they all worked together to cut off any path of retreat for the MTs.

Asura’s members gasped as they watched.

“Crap! Are those things still monsters? How is their intellect so high?” Solitary Nine wondered aloud.

The Level 80 Lords they had fought earlier only had slightly higher combat standards than Level 70 Lords, but these Level 90 frost monsters moved like well-trained soldiers. They actually knew how to use strategy to corner their opponents.

Before Asura’s members could snap out of their daze, the Frost Wanderers had arrived before Zero Wing’s MT trio and brandished their spears.

The Frost Wanderers were six-meter-tall giants, and their frost spears were even longer than they were tall. As the three Frost Wanderers brandished their spears, it looked like they were swinging large tree trunks. Their swings sent snow flying into the air as if these Frost Wanderers were trying to use their environment to attack the MT trio. Solitary Nine, who had been confident about tanking at least one Frost Wanderer by himself, revealed a grim expression when he saw this powerful display.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Three loud explosions echoed throughout the snowy field, yet to everyone’s surprise, Cola, Turtledove, and Ye Wumian remained in their original position after receiving the Frost Wanderers’ attacks. Although the snowy ground had cracked a little under their feet, each of the MTs had only lost around 5,000 HP.

“They blocked that?” Solitary Nine stared at Cola and his companions in shock.

Even from so far away, Solitary Nine had felt that collision’s shockwave, and he had been able to tell how frightening the Frost Wanderers’ Strength was based on the intensity of that shockwave. Just one of those attacks would’ve sent him flying, yet not only had Zero Wing’s MT trio held their ground, but they had only lost 5,000 HP, as well.

Cola, in particular, had taken than -3,000 damage. His Strength and Defense were heaven-defying.

The rest of Asura’s members were just as stupefied.

Cola and the others had stopped three Level 90 Great Lords, just like that. Their Strength and Defense was unheard-of, even in the Fire Dragon Empire.

Before Asura’s members recovered from their daze, Cola and his comrades charged at the Frost Giants that surrounded them.

The three MTs effortlessly broke through the encirclement and lured the three groups of frost monsters toward Shi Feng.

That actually worked?” Cleansing Whistle gaped.

She’d have no way to escape such an encirclement without activating a Berserk Skill, yet Cola and the other two MTs had made it look so easy, simply barreling their way through. Their Strengths were ridiculously high. Not even Lifeless Thorn, who had the highest Strength of any Asura member, would be a match for anyone of those MTs.

“Aqua, get ready to attack!” Shi Feng commanded as he watched the three groups of frost monsters approach.

Nodding, Aqua Rose gave the magical class players behind her their priority targets. As soon as the three monster groups came within 50 yards of Shi Feng, Spells flew at them in rapid succession. Damages exceeding -50,000 immediately appeared above the frost monsters’ heads, and the impact from these Spells forced the monsters to halt their charge.

Aqua Rose, Zhao Yueru, and Violet Cloud’s attacks even managed to stop the Frost Wanderers in their tracks. Zhao Yueru, in particular, had forced a Frost Wanderer to stumble back several steps.

Meanwhile, Zero Wing’s MT trio stopped the few frost monsters that managed to evade the incoming Spells. Once the monsters had been properly herded, Zero Wing’s melee players joined the assault.

The battle progressed in an orderly fashion as the three groups rapidly lost HP, stunning Asura’s members once more.

For a moment, Asura’s players even wondered if these frost monsters were truly high-level monsters.

“How have these people grown so fast? Not only have they reached the Refinement Realm, but their Basic Attributes are also insanely high! Based on their auras, I think my Basic Attributes are only slightly higher after I’ve activated a Berserk Skill,” Yan Ya exclaimed as she watched Zero Wing’s team give these Frost Giants and Wanderers a one-sided beating.

She couldn’t even believe her eyes.

Since they had arrived on God’s Domain’s continent, the Asura adventurer team had constantly fought the Fire Dragon Empire’s many experts, eventually becoming one of the empire’s top 10 adventurer teams. Every member of the adventurer team was proud of their development speed.

But compared to Zero Wing’s members, their development speed was laughable.

Yan Ya had looked forward to showing Shi Feng the fruits of their labor in the Fire Dragon Empire, but it seemed that they wouldn’t get that opportunity. In this map, they’d be nothing more than spectators.

“Hey, I want you guys to attack, too. If we work together, we’ll take these monsters down faster,” Shi Feng addressed Asura’s members, who weren’t sure what they should do.

Current players couldn’t afford to provoke Level 90 monsters, especially those in the Purple Frost Field. This map was special; not only did it prohibit all forms of teleportation, but these monsters were also quite adept at group combat. Moreover, the Power of Frost these monsters wielded made them difficult to fight in melee combat. If players tried to face these monsters in close quarters, the Power of Frost would corrode their bodies and increase their Stamina and Concentration consumption.

While these Level 90 monsters were a major challenge for other players, they were easy opponents for Zero Wing’s main force members. The players on Zero Wing’s main force had already reached Level 86 and 87, and every one of them had merged their main weapons with a Casting Goldstone. If one compared their Basic Attributes, these players were already as strong as Level 90 players. Naturally, taking out Level 90 monsters would be relatively easy.

Aside from filling the raid team’s slots, Shi Feng had called the Asura’s main force members to join them on the Frost Monarch Raid to help power-level them.

The Ice Crystal World was a massive goldmine, and by this point, the various superpowers had already begun to reach into that world and plunder its resources. Contending with these superpowers would be impossible with the Adventurer’s Alliance and Asura’s current strength. Shi Feng needed to help them grow stronger.

With Shi Feng’s command, Solitary Nine and his comrades regained their senses and moved to join the fray. Although their DPS was a far cry from Zero Wing’s main force members, they were still capable of dealing a significant amount.

After nearly 20 minutes, all three frost monster groups had fallen. As the battle reached its end, Asura’s members gained a huge chunk to their experience bars, surprised that their current leveling speed was several times faster than normal.

The team continued deeper into the Purple Frost Field for another seven or so hours, during which time, many of Asura’s members had gained another level, reaching Level 79. Lifeless Thorn was now only a step away from the Level 80 threshold.

Under Shi Feng’s lead, the raid team arrived before a colossal, snowy mountain. A huge cave lay at the foot of the mountain, containing a sleeping, twenty-meter-tall giant with a body made of crystals.

[Frost Monarch (Torre)] (Realm Lord, Bloodline Lord, Mythic) Level 90

HP 960,000,000/960,000,000

When they saw the Frost Monarch’s statistics, everyone shuddered.

They didn’t react this way due to the Frost Monarch’s Mythic rank, but because this World Boss had a total of nine HP bars hovering above its head. In other words, the Frost Monarch was a Level 90 World Boss.

A Bloodline Lord? Even Shi Feng was stunned when he saw the Frost Monarch with his own eyes.