Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2232 - Abyss Unsheathed

Chapter 2232 – Abyss Unsheathed

They died?” Delicate Blood turned her gaze to Shi Feng, shocked after watching Startled Wind and Evil Blade vanish from the battlefield.

Startled Wind and Evil Blade’s strength was top-notch, even among God’s Domain’s apex experts. On their own, they could even survive a fight against three or four Domain Realm experts, yet Shi Feng had slain both of them by himself. However, Shi Feng had actually succeeded in killing both of them all by himself.

Shi Feng’s strength was simply horrifying!

However, before the audience could recover from the shock of Startled Wind and Evil Blade’s deaths, Shi Feng charged toward Sword Demon and Starlink’s other Domain Realm experts.

Although Shi Feng’s fight with Startled Wind and Evil Blade had seemed slow, it had only lasted a handful of seconds.

To Sword Demon and the others, who struggled against Aqua Rose and her companions’ harassment, these several seconds weren’t enough for them to cross 100 yards. Shi Feng, on the other hand, only needed an instant.

Naturally, Shi Feng didn’t let the enemy Refinement Realm experts he came across in that instant off the hook. Like a group of Grim Reapers, Shi Feng’s doppelgangers brandished their swords, reaping a life with each swing of their swords.

“Is he even human?!”

The various major powers’ experts watched with wide eyes as Shi Feng left the Refinement Realm experts’ corpses in his wake.

Unlike the various superpowers’ upper echelons, they knew that Startled Wind and Evil Blade were quite powerful, but they didn’t know exactly how strong the two Domain Realm experts were. However, most of them quite familiar with the kind of strength Refinement Realm experts wielded, having personally fought such experts. Many of these watching experts worked towards reaching the Refinement Realm themselves.

And yet, the Refinement Realm experts they looked up to couldn’t even last more than one move against Shi Feng. They only saw Shi Feng walk past these experts, and a moment later, the players he passed transformed into particles of light and disappeared…

When Sword Demon and his comrades saw this, their hearts skipped a beat. They hadn’t considered that their Refinement Realm experts would fail to stall Shi Feng for even a moment. In the end, they could only watch as the distance between Shi Feng and themselves shrank.

“Black Flame, you bastard!” Lu Xingluo bellowed as he watched Shi Feng’s rampage through the rear of Starlink’s main army. “Everyone, switch targets! Attack him with everything you’ve got!”

Those Domain Realm experts were the core of Starlink’s army in this competition. If Shi Feng annihilated them, Starlink would struggle to win the battle. Fire Dance, Gentle Snow, and Zero Wing’s other core upper echelons were simply too strong.

The ranged players of Starlink’s main army immediately turned their attention to Shi Feng, bombarding him with frenzied attacks. They loosed several thousand Spells and arrows in the blink of an eye, all aimed at Shi Feng. Even Domain Realm experts’ scalp would tingle if they had to face so many attacks.

However, before these attacks could get close to him, Shi Feng replaced Killing Ray with the Abyssal Blade. He then activated Nine Dragons Slash, summoning 16 phantoms of the Magic Weapon around him.

Sword’s Orbit!

The Abyssal Blade phantoms began to rotate around Shi Feng with astonishing speed, their gleaming blades creating a galaxy of stars. The scene was mesmerizing.

A moment later, the thousands of Spells and arrows collided with the rotating stars, instantly shattering. Not a single attack made it through that bladed galaxy.

Despite taking the time to execute Sword’s Orbit, Shi Feng’s pace didn’t slow as he continued to approach Sword Demon and the other Domain Realm experts.

“Crap! What kind of Skill is he using? Is that an Invulnerability Skill?”

“No, it’s not an Invulnerability Skill. If it were, the Mana around him would’ve fluctuated. Since that didn’t happen, Black Flame must be using a combat technique.”

“How can a combat technique be that powerful?! That’s several thousand attacks we’re talking about!”

“Players can become so incredibly powerful with combat techniques?”

The many spectating experts were stunned as they watched the scene play out.

They had all watched experts charge into large forces to slay an army’s commander before. In fact, it was a common occurrence in God’s Domain. There were so many Skills, Spells, and tools available in God’s Domain, and with a powerful enough tool, players could wipe out armies of tens of thousands of players by themselves.

However, they had never seen a player effortlessly walk through thousands of attacks by relying on a combat technique. Some of those attacks had been as powerful as Tier 3 attacks, and every one of them had originated from an expert. They had all been incredibly accurate. Even peak experts would be reduced to a pincushion.

However, none of these attacks could reach Shi Feng. The galaxy of stars he had summoned struck every one of them down.

Although the Abyssal Blade couldn’t keep up with Shi Feng’s leveling, the Magic Weapon’s incredible Skills were still useful. Nine Dragons Slash, in particular, was a major help in group fights. The summoned phantoms were even more useful than the Abyssal Blade itself since attacks wouldn’t affect them. When Shi Feng used these phantom swords in conjunction with Sword’s Orbit, the technique could be Shi Feng’s strongest defensive maneuver.

“Don’t think that I’m so easy to kill!” Sword Demon knew that escape wasn’t possible as he watched Shi Feng’s rapid approach. He immediately used his strongest move against the Swordsman.

The twin swords in Sword Demon’s grip began to release a dense, dark energy, and the atmosphere around him began to feel much heavier. It felt as if the space around him couldn’t bear the existence of this dark energy.

Following which, Sword Demon used Cross Slash, sending a pitch-black cross of dark energy flying toward Shi Feng.

This attack was Sword Demon’s last hope for survival.

As long as the galaxy of stars around Shi Feng remained, Starlink’s ranged players would be useless, but if Sword Demon could shatter that galaxy, Starlink could continue its assault against Zero Wing’s Guild Leader. Shi Feng would be forced to deal with the attacks, allowing Sword Demon to escape.


A massive explosion rocked the battlefield the instant the dark cross collided with the galaxy of stars, creating a powerful storm that swept through the area. Black tears appeared as space began to unravel.

However, when the dust cleared, what Sword Demon saw left him stupefied.

His attack, which had the strength to rival Mythic monsters’ attacks, had done nothing to the defensive galaxy around Shi Feng. He had done nothing more than push the swirling lights closer to the Swordsman for a brief moment before they returned to their original positions.

What power. If I hadn’t reached the Ascension Realm during my fight with Startled Wind and Evil Blade, my Sword’s Orbit would’ve broken. Shi Feng flashed Sword Demon an amazed look.

Players couldn’t use Berserk Skills on this battlefield, so it was practically impossible for a Tier 2 player to display Tier 4 power. Not even Shi Feng could do so. As a result, he had no choice but to combine his Abyssal Blade phantoms’ Strength to deflect Sword Demon’s attack.

After that last attack, Sword Demon’s aura had weakened substantially. Using this opportunity, Shi Feng ganged up on Sword Demon with his doppelgangers.

This Domain Realm expert was much easier to defeat than Startled Wind and Evil Blade.

The instant Sword Demon ran out of Lifesaving Skills, Shi Feng killed him and moved on to his next target.

The scene rendered the spectating crowd speechless.

Despite several thousand attacks bombarding him, Shi Feng had slain Sword Demon, His strength was absurd!

When Lu Xingluo watched another Domain Realm expert fall, he paled.

Shortly after Sword Demon died, Wind Demon and Cloudy Mountain, the closest Domain Realm experts, fell under Shi Feng’s blades. Surprisingly, Gentle Snow and Yan Tianxing had successfully killed Three Kills, while Fire Dance and Yi Luofei ended Ink Rain. Because of this development, Starlink’s morale plummeted. In less than two minutes after Shi Feng had activated Twilight of the Gods, all of Starlink’s Domain Realm experts had died. Furthermore, Starlink had less than 200 Refinement Realm experts remaining.

Everyone could see that Zero Wing’s main army had suffered over 6,000 casualties, yet it had secured a chance of emerging victorious. If Zero Wing’s remaining members hid in the nearby forest, they could recover their Stamina and Concentration, turning the rest of this competition into a battle of attrition.

“What should we do next, Guild Leader? Should we use that move?” a woman in a strange, black robe asked from beside Lu Xingluo.

“That is my final trump card! I will not use it here!” Lu Xingluo said, shaking his head. Viciously glaring at Shi Feng, Lu Xingluo continued, “We’re retreating!”

Lu Xingluo then left the battlefield, as did the rest of Starlink’s experts, one after another. In less than a minute, the battle ended, and a message appeared above the battlefield.

Victor: Zero Wing!