Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2231 - Instant-killing Apex Experts

Chapter 2231 – Instant-killing Apex Experts

Shi Feng was already unstoppable on his own. He could, single-handedly, destroy a 1,000-man legion of expert players.

And now that he had split into eight clones of himself, even a fool could predict what was about to happen.

Startled Wind and Evil Blade stared with grim faces. They wanted to curse this Swordsman for cheating.

Although Doppelganger Skills were very rare in God’s Domain, they were apex experts and had seen quite a few before, but they had never seen a Doppelganger Skill as despicable as the one Shi Feng had just used.


Before anyone could recover from their shock, Startled Wind shouted for a retreat. He turned and fled without any hesitation.

Startled Wind could sense Doppelganger Skils’ effects, and although Shi Feng’s doppelgangers had lower Attributes than the main body, he could tell that their Basic Attributes were still higher than his and Evil Blade’s.

As for combat standards, Shi Feng might not be able to control all eight doppelgangers as efficiently as his own body, but each doppelganger could likely rival Ink Rain and Brilliant Python. If that were the case, they had no chance of victory, even if he worked with Evil Blade. Moreover, since the doppelgangers shared a single consciousness, their coordination would be seamless.

Following Startled Wind’s order, Evil Blade ran in the opposite direction.

Even he recognized that only one outcome awaited them if they tried to fight Shi Feng head-on—death. The only way out of this predicament was to buy time and run. No Doppelganger Skill lasted forever, and as long as they could survive the Skills’ duration, all would be well again.

Doppelganger Skills were quite powerful, but they had an obvious flaw; they were a huge burden on players’ Concentration.

Every summoned doppelganger increased the user’s Concentration consumption by 100%. If Shi Feng were facing Boss monsters or ordinary experts, he might be fine, but he was fighting apex experts. His Concentration consumption would be just as high as his Stamina Concentration. Once his Concentration fell to a critical low, it would affect his mental state, which would, in turn, severely impact his performance in battle.

In other words, if they could survive until Shi Feng’s Doppelganger Skill ended, they could defeat the Swordsman. Startled Wind and Evil Blade weren’t the only ones to flee for their lives. The experts that clashed with Zero Wing’s vanguard retreated, as well, especially Starlink’s Domain and Void Realm experts. They practically ignored their opponents and fled.

They knew how great the difference was between their strength and Shi Feng’s. Once Shi Feng killed Startled Wind and Evil Blade, they’d be next on his menu. Even on the off chance that Shi Feng couldn’t slay his current two opponents, he’d make the best use of his Doppelganger Skill by attacking weaker enemies like them.

For a time, chaos reigned over Starlink’s Refinement Realm and higher experts as everyone ran for their lives.

The audience in the stands was stupefied.

The weakest player among Starlink’s main force was a Refinement Realm expert, and the force was more than capable of annihilating a 10,000-man army of ordinary experts. However, these experts fled just because Shi Feng had used a Skill. They looked like mice that had just run into a cat…

“It’s too late!”

With a glance at Startled Wind and Evil Blade, Shi Feng directed his doppelgangers to surround the two experts. If he wanted Zero Wing to win this competition, he couldn’t let these two live, no matter what.

Shi Feng had avoided using Twilight Blade’s Skills precisely because he worried that Startled Wind and Evil Blade would flee. Naturally, the rest of Starlink’s main force would run the moment their commanders did so, and that wasn’t the desired outcome.

Starlink’s Refinement Realm experts far outnumbered Zero Wing’s. If these Refinement Realm experts split up and targeted Zero Wing’s main army, they’d pose a much greater threat than if they operated as a single unit. Not even Shi Feng would be able to kill every one of these Refinement Realm experts before exhausting his Stamina.

Hence, Shi Feng’s plan since the beginning was to gather Starlink’s members as close to each other as possible. He could then pick off these experts and reduce the threat to Zero Wing’s main army.

By this point, only half of Starlink’s Refinement Realm experts were still alive. Shi Feng had hoped to continue this stalemate for a while longer, slowly reducing their numbers, but as Zero Wing’s main army was close to falling, he decided to change his plans.

Although Zero Wing’s main army still had over 7,000 experts, a battle between such large armies would snowball. The casualty rate at the start of the battle might not be that high, but as time passed, players would begin to die faster.

Shi Feng could no longer wait.

The moment Shi Feng’s doppelgangers surrounded Startled Wind and Evil Blade, all eight attacked together.

Shi Feng held a massive advantage over the duo when it came to Basic Attributes. Hence, even though each doppelganger only possessed 85% of Shi Feng’s Basic Attributes, they were still far superior to Startled Wind and Evil Blade when it came to speed. Moreover, ever since Shi Feng started using the Life Potion, his brain capacity had been continuously improving. After including the Casting Goldstone’s effects, Shi Feng was now capable of getting two of his doppelgangers to exhibit combat standards close to the Domain Realm.

Not only did these two apex experts have to face a Domain Realm expert with higher Basic Attributes, but they also had to face seven other experts that could rival Ink Rain.

In the first exchange, Startled Wind and Evil Blade each suffered at least three direct hits, instantly losing more than 50% of their HPs.

“Damn it!”

The outcome both shocked and enraged Startled Wind. He stopped holding back and desperately executed every Advanced Body Technique and Lifesaving Skill he had.

Evil Blade bellowed with fury as he summoned his own doppelganger to assist him in this fight, but his doppelganger was significantly inferior to Shi Feng’s, only possessing 70% of his total Attributes. At most, Evil Blade’s doppelganger could act as a meatshield, taking hits. It wouldn’t be able to exhibit any significant combat power against Shi Feng.

Meanwhile, Starlink’s rear line healers frantically cast Healing Spells on the two apex experts. Some even used their trump cards to keep Startled Wind and Evil Blade alive. This allowed the two apex experts to fight and run without worrying about dying.

But even after crossing over 50 yards, Startled Wind and Evil Blade couldn’t shake off Shi Feng. Not even Refinement Realm experts could keep up with the fight, and the three apex experts consumed Stamina and Concentration at an alarming rate.


Shi Feng held nothing back, either, as all eight of his doppelganger executed Sword’s Transmigration simultaneously.

The technique pushed aside every attempt Startled Wind and Evil Blade made to defend themselves, creating the opening necessary for the remaining attacks to strike.

One hit… Two hits… Three hits…

In the blink of an eye, Startled Wind and Evil Blade had each gained an additional dozen or so wounds. Before the rear line healers could do anything about it, both apex experts’ HPs hit zero, and their bodies fell to the ground, lifeless.

Every player watching the fight gasped when Startled Wind and Evil Blade died. Even Melancholy, who watched from a second-floor VIP room, was shocked.

Both Startled Wind and Evil Blade stood at the apex of God’s Domain. Just trying to kill one of them would give the various superpowers massive headaches, yet Shi Feng had killed both in the same moment.

While it was easy to repel experts of such caliber in God’s Domain, killing them was dozens of times more difficult. If an apex expert focused on escaping, even a slightly stronger expert would find it challenging to stop them. Furthermore, both Startled Wind and Evil Blade had the support of multiple healers, yet neither had survived Shi Feng’s onslaught…