Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2229 - Group Fight

Chapter 2229 – Group Fight

The spectating crowd felt stifled by Zero Wing’s unstoppable performance.

“Zero Wing is actually this strong?”

The players watching this battle from within the Divine Colosseum weren’t ordinary experts; some were even superpowers’ upper echelons.

They had all seen the strength of the Mad Beast Legion’s battle arrays. The boons the arrays provided were undeniably massive, yet despite such power, the Mad Beast Legion was no match for Zero Wing’s 300-player vanguard. It was unbelievable!

Fire Dance’s and Gentle Snow’s performances were especially stunning.

Based on the combat power Ink Rain and Brilliant Python had displayed, the crowd knew they were peak experts. Even in a Super Guild, they’d be top-ranked players. With the boots from the battle array, even Domain Realm experts would have to avoid a fight with those two.

But neither Ink Rain nor Brilliant Python was a match for Fire Dance and Gentle Snow. The spectators simply couldn’t understand how Zero Wing had gained two such powerful experts.

Even Delicate Blood, who sat in the stands, was surprised as she watched the women.

“How are their Attributes so high?”

Delicate Blood had a better understanding of what was happening on the battlefield than many of the experts around her. Although the two women’s moves seemed special, as if they used a combat technique with every swing of their weapons, Delicate Blood could tell that they had only reached the Flowing Water Realm.

While incorporating combat techniques into every attack would increase their combat power, Basic Combat Techniques could only offer a small boost. Furthermore, Basic Combat Techniques didn’t pose much of a threat to experts like Ink Rain and Brilliant Python.

The real reason that Ink Rain and Brilliant Python were so miserable right now was because of how much higher Fire Dance’s and Gentle Snow’s Basic Attributes were. However, the two team leaders served as the cores for their respective battle arrays, and the Attribute boots they had received was no trivial matter. Moreover, they should be wearing multiple pieces of Epic Equipment as peak experts, yet for some reason, they were no match for Fire Dance and Gentle Snow…

In contrast, Unyielding Heart brimmed with joy. His eyes were practically glowing as he watched Fire Dance and Gentle Snow. He didn’t know how the two women had amassed such high Basic Attributes, either, but with their strength, there was no doubt that Zero Wing’s vanguard could suppress the Mad Beast Legion. In fact, it was only a matter of time before the vanguard annihilated the 300 Mad Beast Legion members.

The 300 Mad Beast Legion members were Refinement Realm experts, and if Zero Wing’s peak combatants could suppress these players, it would prove that Zero Wing had its own peak legion that could rival the various superpowers’. Combined with Unyielding Soul’s peak combatants, not even Starlink would find the two Guilds an easy opponent to deal with.

Meanwhile, on the battlefield, the fights continued for a short time as the Mad Beast Legion rapidly lost members.

“Guild Leader, I’m afraid that the Mad Beast Legion won’t last much longer at this rate,” Startled Wind reported as he watched one legion member die after another.

He didn’t want to admit it, but Zero Wing was stronger than he had expected. The team Fire Dance and Gentle Snow led was more than capable of rivaling a superpower’s main force. There was also Shi Feng to take into account, and he was capable of suppressing two battle array teams by himself.

“Alright, join the battle! But make sure that you end it quickly!” Lu Xingluo said as he shot Shi Feng a fierce look.

Lu Xingluo wanted to hide as much of Starlink’s strength as possible, but Shi Feng had given him on choice but to reveal his cards.

Startled Wind nodded sharply and left to gather Sword Demon, Evil Blade, and the Guild’s other Domain Realm experts.

The watching superpowers gasped as these experts broke away from Starlink’s main force. Even Unyielding Heart felt a chill crawl down his spine.

They watched as Startled Wind, the Mad Beast Legion’s commander, Cloudy Mountain, its vice commander, the Four Shadow Demons, Three Kills, and the Battlescar Workshop’s commander, Evil Blade, charged forth. That was a total of eight Domain Realm experts, and among them, Startled Wind and Evil Blade were powerful enough to have shaken the western continent in God’s Domain.

Moreover, all eight experts radiated strange auras. A crimson mark also graced their foreheads, and their eyes were completely black. Not one of them looked like an ordinary human.

“Demon God Transformation! So, that’s what Starlink has been hiding?” Delicate Blood was stunned as she watched Starlink’s eight Domain Realm experts.

Most superpowers were likely still unfamiliar with the term ‘Demon God Transformation.’ Only an extremely small number of players knew about what it was right now. The Demon God Transformation was one of the few ways players could increase their Life Ratings, but trying to perform the act was extremely difficult. Not only did it require a ton of super-rare materials, but the players undergoing the transformation also had to find the legacy entrance and clear the Demon God’s trial.

The materials alone were an intense challenge to procure. Any superpower would struggle to secure a single set, yet Starlink had collected at least eight…

Startled Wind and his companions had reached Fire Dance and Gentle Snow before Delicate Blood could even react. Although Startled Wind and the others’ Basic Attributes and physiques weren’t quite as powerful as Ink Rain and Brilliant Python’s, their combat standards were leagues above.

Among the eight, Startled Wind and Evil Blade’s Basic Attributes and physiques could rival Ink Rain and Brilliant Python’s, and as a result, they led the charge.

Relying on their superior combat standards, Startled Wind and Evil Blade deflected all of Fire Dance and Gentle Snow’s attacks. They responded with their own Advanced Combat Techniques, targeting the women’s weak points. At the same time, Cloudy Mountain, Sword Demon, and the Domain Realm experts coordinated their attacks with Startled Wind and Evil Blade’s.

After just a few exchanges, Fire Dance and Gentle Snow had taken several hits. They had no choice but to use their Skills and focus on defense.

“It seems that this fight ends here. Although Zero Wing’s experts have higher Basic Attributes, it still lacks capable manpower.” Delicate Blood could not help but sigh as she watched Starlink’s experts push back Fire Dance and Gentle Snow.

At the end of the day, Zero Wing’s foundations weren’t solid enough.

Fire Dance and Gentle Snow might be very strong, but God’s Domain was not a single-player game. Starlink’s foundations were far too sturdy. It had eight Domain Realm experts that had undergone the Demon God Transformation, and with that kind of strength, Starlink could decimate any ordinary superpower. Only Super Guilds would have a chance of putting Starlink in its place.

But before Startled Wind and his team could land the final blow, ten sword lights rained down on them from above.

Not only were these sword lights incredibly powerful, but they were also quite fast and accurate. Startled Wind and his companions had no choice but to defend themselves.

Peng… Peng… Peng…

The crowd heard a series of metallic clangs as Startled Wind and the others were forced two or three steps back. All eight Domain Realm experts instantly turned toward the sword lights’ origin, and they clearly weren’t happy with what they found.

Their attacker was none other than Shi Feng.

Shi Feng’s attacks were even heavier than Gentle Snow’s. If any of them had to face the ten sword lights alone, they’d likely take immense damage.

“Eight Domain Realm experts dare to gang up on two players who haven’t even reached the Void Realm yet?! You must be insane!” Shi Feng said as he looked at Startled Wind and the others.

“Don’t insult us, Black Flame. This is war. There is only victory or defeat. We’ll still fight with everything we have, even if you join the fight!” Startled Wind stated, unperturbed by Shi Feng’s provocation.

However, Startled Wind and his companions still watched Shi Feng with serious expressions.

They hadn’t fought him yet, so they didn’t know exactly how high Shi Feng’s Strength was, but after blocking the previous attack, they knew it must be horrifically high. None of them would be a match for him in a one-on-one.

“Indeed, this is a war. Since that is how you feel… Everyone, attack!” Shi Feng ordered.

Aqua Rose, Violet Cloud, Shadow Sword, Yan Tianxing, Alluring Summer, Yi Luofei, Flying Shadow, Zhao Yueru, and a dozen or so other core upper echelons from Zero Wing, who had refrained from combat, surrounded Shi Feng.