Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2228 - One After Another

Chapter 2228 – One After Another

When they heard Shi Feng’s invitation, Aqua Rose and her comrades, who had remained on standby, revealed excited grins as they turned to the Mad Beast Legion before charging to meet their opponents.

When Lu Xingluo noticed that Aqua Rose and the others were joining the fray, he glanced at Shi Feng with a sneer.

“Black Flame, I suppose you want to rely on your people to cause chaos while you pick off the Mad Beast Legion members, one by one?” Smiling, Lu Xinguo continued, “Unfortunately, you’re only digging your own graves!”

Although the battle array allowed players to fight higher-tiered opponents, it was truly a weapon to use against large groups.

Shi Feng’s decision to take on the Mad Beast Legion by himself had been the wisest decision. If Aqua Rose and Zero Wing’s vanguard joined the battle, they’d only be a liability, not an asset. Once the two armies truly clashed, chaos would rule this battlefield, and amidst such chaos, players couldn’t rely on AOE Skills or Spells. A single misfire could kill one’s allies.

Without AOE Skills or Spells, even peak experts would find the Mad Beast Legions challenging in a one-on-one, not to mention Aqua Rose and the others, who were only Flowing Water and Refinement Realm experts.

However, Brilliant Python realized that the atmosphere around Zero Wing’s members felt odd.

What’s up with these people? As Brilliant Python watched Zero Wing’s players charge forth, he was confused.

Aqua Rose and the others didn’t look at him and his teammates like they were powerful foes. Rather, their expressions seemed like they had just found the perfect practice targets.

“Ignore them! They are fools if they think they can defeat us in our own battle array!” Ink Rain shouted to her team. She then turned her sights to Fire Dance, radiating intense killing intent.

Her previous clash with Fire Dance was still fresh in her mind.

Her strength was only second to the Mad Beast Legion’s commander and vice commander, yet someone with weaker combat standards had defeated her. It would be hard not to remember such a humiliating defeat.

Although she didn’t know how Fire Dance had increased her Life Rating so drastically last time, she had the battle array. She was going to use this chance to toy with the other Assassin.

Ink Rain’s figure blurred as she dashed forward, only taking a moment to reach her opponent. She thrust her blade at Fire Dance, who ran at the forefront of Zero Wing’s team.

As Ink Rain’s dagger shot forth, she split into nine identical copies.

When Happy Art saw this from one of the VIP rooms, she couldn’t help but gasp.

“That’s…Nine Phantoms, One Kill!” Happy Art was astonished to see Ink Rain’s nine phantoms.

Nine Phantoms, One Kill was a Bronze Combat Technique and one of the most powerful the Thirteen Thrones had obtained from Bronze Legacy Tablets. With a fraction of the combat technique, a Void Realm expert would be unrivaled among their peers. Had Happy Art fully mastered Nine Phantoms, One Kill, she could’ve even fought Sand Bone, one of the Flower of Seven Sins’ senior cadre members, without losing ground.

Unfortunately, despite the extensive time Happy Art had dedicated to learning the combat technique, she had failed to make any progress. It was simply too complex for her to comprehend and execute. Not even a Domain Realm expert was guaranteed to learn the technique.

Why wouldn’t Happy Art be surprised to see that Ink Rain execute Nine Phantoms, One Kill, despite the difficulties of learning the technique?

However, Happy Art didn’t know that the battle array’s boons were the only reason that Ink Rain could execute Nine Phantoms, One Kill. Without those effects, she wouldn’t be able to use the combat technique, either.

“Ink is taking this too seriously. She’s actually relying on such a forbidden move,” Cloudy Mountain, the Mad Beast Legion’s vice commander, muttered with a frown.

Nine Phantoms, One Kill was Ink Rain’s greatest trump card. They had wanted her to reserve this move for a Domain Realm expert, but now that she had used it, word would spread.

“Forget it. Just let her be. She might be able to take that final step after exacting her revenge,” Startled Wind said, chuckling.

Ink Rain was a prodigy he had set his sights on, and he had been surprised to learn that Fire Dance had actually defeated the young woman.

Unfortunately, that defeat had maddened Ink Rain with thoughts of revenge. It had severely impacted her development.

If Ink Rain could avenge her prior defeat and clear it from her mind, she would have a high chance of reaching the Domain Realm.

Just when everyone assumed that Ink Rain’s attack had been successful, a metallic clang echoed across the battlefield, stupefying the spectators.

“What’s going on?”

They had only seen Fire Dance lightly swing her short sword before Ink Rain’s phantoms had disappeared. Ink Rain stumbled a step back, her dagger vibrating violently as if she had struck an adamantine wall.

“Who is she?” Happy Art muttered as she stared at Fire Dance in surprise.

Ink Rain’s assault could likely even kill Domain Realm experts, yet Fire Dance had so casually nullified the attack. Moreover, Fire Dance’s Strength was clearly superior to Ink Rain’s…

Yet, Happy Art’s surprise was nothing compared to the shock Starlink’s members felt.

Ink Rain was the core of one of the battle arrays, and the boost to her physique and Basic Attributes was even greater than what her comrades had received. With this boost, she shouldn’t have any issues contending with Tier 3 players of the same level, yet her Strength was no match for Fire Dance’s…

Before Ink Rain could recover from her momentary shock, Fire Dance swung Thousand Transformations once more.

As the short sword sliced through the air, countless blades bit into Ink Rain, giving the woman no room to dodge.


This time, Ink Rain felt as if a hammer had struck her hand, leaving it completely numb. She was forced to stumble two steps backward, as well.

Seeing the weakness in Ink Rain’s defense, Fire Dance didn’t hold back as she continued to attack the enemy Assassin.

She continued to push Ink Rain back, forcing the woman to defend herself. The Mad Beast Legion members, who were preparing to face off against Zero Wing’s members, were stunned.

They had never expected to find yet another powerful player among Zero Wing’s members.

Before anyone could recover from their shock, however, the battle between Zero Wing’s vanguard and the Mad Beast Legion stunned the spectators once more.

The clash hadn’t ended as everyone had expected. They had expected the Mad Beast Legion’s charge to shatter Zero Wing’s formation. After all, every Mad Beast Legion member was a Refinement Realm Expert, and they were all empowered by their battle arrays. They should be able to annihilate Zero Wing’s vanguard in a few moves.

However, Zero Wing’s vanguard repeated pushed back the powerful Mad Beast Legion, and even Brilliant Python, one of the battle array’s cores, suffered a worse fate than Ink Rain at Gentle Snow’s hands.

As if swatting a helpless fly, every one of Gentle Snow’s casual swings with her greatsword sent Brilliant Python flying five or six yards away.

“What is going on?”

Lu Xingluo’s smile froze as he watched his Mad Beast Legion suffer. Baffled, he watched Fire Dance and Gentle Snow.

Even the various spectating powers gaped in shock. They simply couldn’t process what was happening before their very eyes.