Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2227 - Overwhelming the Battle Arrays

Chapter 2227 – Overwhelming the Battle Arrays

Not even Domain Realm experts would take a 100-man battle array lightly, but as the blue lightning bolt passed through the central array, even the charging Mad Beast Legion members were stunned when they noticed Black Panther’s disappearing corpse.

“How is that possible?”

Even Sword Demon and the others watching from a distance were flabbergasted.

Although Black Panther was a member of the Mad Beast Legion, they knew how strong the Guardian Knight was. Not only did Black Panther wear a full set of Level 75 top-tier equipment, but he also carried an Epic Shield and a piece of Epic Equipment. Normally, he had no trouble tanking a Grand Lord of the same level by himself.

With the boons from the battle array, Black Panther could even rival a Tier 3 players’ physique and Basic Attributes.

Not even Domain Realm experts could contend with Black Panther when he had the battle array’s boons. A Domain Realm expert might be able to predict the Guardian Knight’s movements, but Black Panther could still overwhelm them with his extraordinary reaction speed and Attack Speed. In the end, the Domain Realm experts that had sparred with Black Panther had only received a beating for their efforts. If the Domain Realm experts weren’t careful, they could die in an instant.

Yet now, Shi Feng had instant-killed Black Panther.

However, Shi Feng’s damage wasn’t what astonished Sword Demon and the others the most. If the Skill Shi Feng had used was a powerful Taboo Skill, Black Panther’s death wouldn’t be that strange. What really surprised Sword Demon was how fast Shi Feng had taken action.

Shi Feng could execute his attacks so quickly that not even Black Panther, who had the physique of a Tier 3 player, had reacted in time.

How did he attack so quickly? Sword Demon watched Shi Feng in confusion.

Shi Feng was just a Tier 2 player. Even if his Basic Attributes were incredibly high, he shouldn’t be able to launch an attack that not even Black Panther could block.

Of course, Sword Demon and his companions didn’t know that Shi Feng had already reached Level 90. Not only was he more than 10 levels higher than Starlink’s members, but most of his weapons and equipment were Epic or Fragmented Legendary rank, as well, and they could all level with their owner.

Furthermore, Shi Feng possessed a Bloodline and the strengthened Killing Ray.

His Basic Attributes were even higher than those of a Level 80, Tier 3 player, and his physique wasn’t, in any way, inferior to a Tier 3 player’s. All he was missing was the ability to use Tier 3 Skills.

Black Panther might be able to face a Tier 3 player, but that was limited to a player of the same level. Moreover, Black Panther had only reached the Void Realm and had no progress in the Realms of Truth. On the other hand, Shi Feng had reached the Domain Realm and Ascension Realm.

Most importantly, Lightning Slash was an insanely fast attack and could easily reach across several dozen yards. It wasn’t that unusual that Black Panther had failed to cope with the attack.

Although Shi Feng’s counter-attack had been shocking, Startled Wind, who commanded the Mad Beast Legion from the rear line, continued to bark orders.

“Everyone, surround him! He can’t use that kind of Skill multiple times!” Startled Wind shouted.

He had wanted to rely on the battle array to overwhelm Zero Wing’s forces, but the strength Shi Feng had displayed thus far made it clear that a single peak expert like Black Panther wouldn’t be enough to take him down. In that case, they needed to gang up on him.

After all was said and done, there was a limit to an individual’s strength. Fortunately, the Mad Beast Legion members shared their senses when under the battle array’s effects. Ordinary experts were no match for their coordination in this state.

The scattered Mad Beast Legion members immediately reconcentrated their strength. They gave up on any hope of individual battles.

Moving as one, dozens of ranged players fired over a hundred Spells and arrows at Shi Feng. With well-practiced timing, they sealed off any path of escape for the Swordsman. These attacks were nothing like the first two waves Starlink’s army had previously launched.

Facing the coordinated assault, even Shi Feng had to execute Sword’s Orbit to defend himself. He had no room to dodge the incoming projectiles.

This was where battle arrays shined the brightest.

Normally, not even 100 Tier 2 experts would be a match for a single Tier 3 expert, but if these Tier 2 experts perfectly coordinated their attacks and focused their strength on a single location, they could even render Tier 3 experts powerless.

As the rain of ranged attacks pinned down Shi Feng, Ink Rain and Brilliant Python, who led the other two battle array teams, joined the assault.

Brilliant Python was a Berserker, so he took the lead in the two-man charge. When he swung his greatsword, even space itself began to crack. Moreover, every one of his attacks moved like a vicious snake that struck at Shi Feng’s weak spots. Brilliant Python neglected his defense, focusing on his assault and fully intent on trading Shi Feng blow for blow.

As for Ink Rain, the female Assassin executed the combat technique Nine Phantom Steps, manifesting nine copies of herself. She surrounded Shi Feng and patiently waited for an opportunity to land the final blow.

This forced Shi Feng to focus on his defense, and as a result, he continued to shove Brilliant Python back two or three steps, not giving the Berserker the chance to land a direct hit. Although Shi Feng wanted nothing more than to follow up with a fatal strike, Ink Rain and the Mad Beast Legion’s ranged forces interrupted him before he had the chance.

Whenever Shi Feng tried to target the ranged players, Brilliant Python and Ink Rain did everything they could to stop him, giving the ranged players the time they needed to pull back. Although the two team leaders were no match for Shi Feng’s Basic Attributes, he couldn’t kill either of them without using a powerful Skill. Both had the support of more than a dozen healers.

For a time, the two sides were locked in a stalemate. Although Shi Feng successfully suppressed the Mad Beast Legion by himself, he wasn’t dealing any permanent damage.

Regardless, the watching crowd was shocked by Shi Feng’s prowess, especially Starlink’s members. They hadn’t dreamed that Shi Feng would be so powerful. Despite facing an all-out assault from two battle array teams, he stood his ground.

Even the weakest player on these battle array teams was a Refinement Realm expert, yet despite the boons from the battle arrays, Shi Feng single-handedly contended with 200 of these experts. He was simply inhuman.

“Amazing! To think one player can wield such immense combat power. It’s no wonder why you were spouting such nonsense earlier, but no matter how powerful you are, Black Flame, you’re still only one man,” Lu Xingluo said as he watched Shi Feng. The situation even surprised him. The combat power Shi Feng displayed was truly frightening.

Startled Wind and Evil Blade nodded in agreement. In such a high-speed battle where one did not even have the time to breathe, their Stamina consumption would be extremely high. If Shi Feng continued fighting at this pace, he would soon deplete his Stamina, even if he still had HP remaining.

After a few more minutes, Shi Feng abruptly retreated, shaking off Ink Rain, Brilliant Python, and the rest of the Mad Beast Legion.

Sure enough, dealing with Tier 2 battle arrays is tough without a Sure-kill Skill, Shi Feng thought as he eyed Brilliant Python and Ink Rain.

Battle arrays were one of the main weapons players relied on to defeat high-tiered players. Even Shi Feng had used battle arrays to do so during his previous life, but he had never expected to be on the receiving end one day.

He wouldn’t have had so much trouble against a single 100-man battle array, but he currently had to deal with two. In addition, both Ink Rain and Brilliant Python, the core of the two battle arrays, had impressively high combat standards. If he couldn’t kill these two, even he’d be helpless.

“What? Are you giving up already, Guild Leader Black Flame?” Ink Rain teased.

“Mhm. This game is too exhausting to continue. I don’t want to play anymore,” Shi Feng replied.

“I’m afraid that is not up to you!” Ink Rain said, smiling. She then led her team and charged at Shi Feng once more.

As the woman and her companions approached, Shi Feng turned to Aqua Rose and his elite team, saying, “You guys can jump in now.”