Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2226 - Annihilating Tier 3

Chapter 2226 – Annihilating Tier 3

Everyone gasped as the river of lightning disappeared.

“How is that even possible?!”

The spectators were astonished to see a single move counter thousands of Spells and arrows.

Some of the many incoming attacks Zero Wing’s members had faced were even as powerful as Tier 3. That first wave could’ve wiped out a 100-man expert team focused fully on defense.

Yet, Shi Feng had countered every incoming attack by himself!

Amazing! He actually managed to execute such a move! Unyielding Heart, who was watched from the spectator stands, was amazed by the way Shi Feng had used his Skill.

Although Unyielding Heart normally used Offensive Skills to defend himself, too, he hadn’t thought it was possible to use an Offensive Skill to counter several thousand attacks. He realized that his thinking was still stuck in the earliest days of God’s Domain. He had thought that one could only cope with such a massive assault by dodging or blocking individual attacks.

While the crowd reeled over Shi Feng’s performance, Lu Xingluo, who led Starlink’s army, sneered and said, “You might be clever for using an AOE Skill to block those attacks, but how many times can you repeat that feat?”

AOE Skills and Spells were extremely rare in God’s Domain, and the majority of them were exclusive to magical classes. How many AOE Skills could Shi Feng possibly possess?

On the other hand, Starlink’s army was more than capable of replicating that first wave without end.

Lu Xingluo’s question snapped Starlink’s members out of their daze, and they launched the second wave.

Just as the second assault was about to slam into Zero Wing’s vanguard, Aqua Rose waved her Sea Dragon Staff. Under her command, violent, water-type Mana gathered in front of Shi Feng.

Water Raid!

The water-type Mana formed an eight-meter-tall tidal wave in the blink of an eye, halting the incoming attacks as it surged toward Starlink’s army.

But before the tidal wave crashed into Starlink’s members, the magical class forces at the rear of the army completed their incantations. As a result, defensive barriers rose before the army, blocking Aqua Rose’s Water Raid.

The various powers’ upper echelons were shocked to see these defensive barriers manifest.

“What?! Starlink already has so many Defensive Combination Spells?!”

“Based on the power of those barriers, they must have cast Tier 2 Advanced Defensive Spells, but how did Starlink get so many of them ?”

“Amazing! Zero Wing doesn’t stand a chance against Starlink!”

Players were prohibited from using tools or Berserk Skills in the Divine Colosseum. At most, they could use their weapons and equipment’s Skills. In other words, the defensive barriers Starlink’s members had used didn’t involve Magic Array Scrolls.

As players leveled up in God’s Domain, they’d encounter more Spells and Skills that required more than one player to cast. These were known as Combination Skills and Spells, and they were far more powerful than the ordinary Skills or Spells. However, they were also extremely rare, and Tier 2 Advanced Defensive Combination Spells were particularly so.

And yet, Starlink had clearly obtained over a dozen of these Defensive Spells, enough to call forth barriers to envelop its entire army.

With Tier 2 Advanced-rank barriers, Starlink’s advantage over its opponent was massive. Even a Grand Lord of the same level would struggle to destroy the barriers, not to mention Tier 2 players.

So, this is Starlink’s foundation? Unyielding Heart felt disheartened as he gazed at the many Defensive Combination Spells.

Defensive Combination Spells could also be used in Team Dungeons, and with such powerful barriers, Starlink’s teams would have a much easier time defeating Dungeon Bosses. Moreover, unlike Magic Array Scrolls, players could use their Combination Spells as often as necessary.

When the various superpowers’ upper echelons saw this, their fear of Starlink grew a little. Although they knew that Starlink had hidden a huge fraction of its strength, they hadn’t expected it to hide this much. It was no wonder why Bright Dawn had boasted that Starlink could easily take out Unyielding Soul. It seemed that he had told the truth, and Starlink certainly was strong enough to do so.

However, Lu Xingluo watched his opponents with a gloomy expression.

“Everyone, switch targets! Attack Zero Wing’s main army! Startled Wind, I want the Mad Beast Legion to form battle arrays and eliminate Zero Wing’s vanguard! Let’s show everyone what the consequences are for defying Starlink!” Lu Xingluo snarled as he glared at Aqua Rose and the other players behind Shi Feng.

He had wanted to secure such an overwhelming victory that no power in the Dark Night Empire would ever consider rebelling against Starlink in the future.

Yet, even after two waves of attacks, Starlink had failed to harm a single player from Zero Wing. It was just humiliating. “We’re going to use the battle array this soon?” Startled Wind asked, surprised.

The battle array they spoke of wasn’t a weapon or equipment piece’s Additional Skill, but a Combination Battle Array they had obtained from a Tier 2 Skill Book. Up to 100 players could work together to manifest the array, and once it activated, all players involved would receive a huge boost to their physiques and Basic Attributes. These players would share their senses, as well. With these boons, the 100 Tier 2 players involved could even contend with one Tier 3 player.

Startled Wind had hoped to take his time with Shi Feng, but it seemed that he wouldn’t get the opportunity.

Starlink had obtained three battle array Tier 2 Skill Books thus far, which gave it the equivalent of three Tier 3 experts. Moreover, a peak expert led the activation for each battle array. For these teams, killing Tier 2 players would be child’s play.

Receiving their orders, 300 players from the Mad Beast Legion moved into position to activate their battle arrays. As they did, crimson runes began to appear on their bodies, linking them together. The 300 players’ combined aura even felt like impending doom to the spectators.

Before anyone could react, the three 100-man teams broke away from Starlink’s army and charged for Zero Wing’s vanguard.

“Sword Demon, how many hits do you think Black Flame can take before he falls?” a man with tousled hair asked from the rear of Starlink’s army.

This man’s attitude would surprise any superpower expert. He actually had the gall to speak to Sword Demon with such disrespect.

Sword Demon was a monster that had made significant progress in the Domain Realm. Even a Super Guild’s Guild Leader would treat him with respect, yet this unkempt man dared to question him directly.

What was even more surprising, however, was the fact that Sword Demon didn’t seem angry with him. Rather, he simply glanced at the man.

Sword Demon wouldn’t hesitate to put any other expert in his place for such an insult, but he didn’t dare do so with this unkempt man. The man beside him was Evil Blade, the Battlescar Workshop’s commander. Evil Blade was a true lunatic and inhumanly strong.

“The Mad Beast Legion’s strongest team leaders are leading those three teams. They are all peak experts who are more than capable of using the battle array’s power to its fullest extent. Black Flame should only last seven or eight moves against any one of them. He’ll have to flee if he wants to survive longer than that,” Sword Demon replied after giving the matter some thought.

Shi Feng had defeated Sword Demon once already, so he wanted the other Swordsman to last as long as possible against the Mad Beast Legion. Unfortunately, he had witnessed the battle array’s power personally and knew it wasn’t something current players could contend with.

“How boring. And I thought I had found a good opponent. It seems the rumored Sword King isn’t as impressive as rumors say,” Evil Blade said, the excitement in his eyes dying away.

Sword Demon could not help his frown. He wanted to rebuke the man’s words but decided to remain silent. Instead, he returned his gaze to Shi Feng, hoping the man wouldn’t fall too quickly.

At this time, the Mad Beast Legion had also arrived before Zero Wing’s vanguard. The 300 players then spread out and accelerated toward Zero Wing’s members.

In response, another massive lightning bolt escaped Shi Feng’s Killing Ray.

Lightning Slash!

From the sidelines, it looked like a black screen appeared, disrupting the battlefield as it extended and sliced through the Mad Beast Legion. In the blink of an eye, several dozen Mad Beast Legion members collapsed before transforming into particles of light.

Black Panther, the Guardian Knight in the core of the central battle array, flew away from the group, scorched black. Before he even hit the ground, Black Panther’s body had dispersed into particles of light…