Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2225 - Shattering Thousands of Attacks with One Move

Chapter 2225 – Shattering Thousands of Attacks with One Move

Everyone in the Divine Colosseum turned to Shi Feng in utter shock.

“Is Black Flame tired of living?”

Starlink’s strength was obvious. With over 700 Refinement Realm experts under Starlink’s command, even ordinary superpowers would have to bow their heads before the Guild, not to mention Zero Wing. Furthermore, Starlink had both the Mad Beast Legion and the Battlescar Workshop, both of which were comprised of lunatics.

However, rather than temporarily concede and allow his Guilds to develop unimpeded, Shi Feng chose to fight Starlink.

For a moment, they wondered if Starlink’s display had scared Shi Feng silly, and he had blurted out his refusal without thinking.

“Hahaha! Heart, it seems that your ally is quite stubborn!” Delicate Blood said with a glance at Unyielding Heart.

Is this really necessary? Ignoring Delicate Blood’s jab, Unyielding Heart could not help but shake his head as he watched Shi Feng.

In response, Starlink’s members radiated powerful killing intent as they coldly glared at Shi Feng. The combined killing intent was so powerful that even Domain Realm experts would likely shudder.

“Black Flame! Our Guild Leader has kindly offered you this opportunity! Don’t be a fool! If our Guild Leader gets angry, not even Unyielding Soul will survive his wrath, let alone Zero Wing!” Bright Dawn, one of Starlink’s Vice Guild Leaders, declared.

Everyone in the hall heard Bright Dawn’s claim, but despite the arrogance in his tone, none of them tried to rebuke the statement. Not even Unyielding Heart commented on it.

What Bright Dawn had said was true. A lot of things had become clear the moment Starlink had dispatched over 700 Refinement Realm experts.

The various superpowers always hid a portion of their strength, only revealing a small fraction to the public. However, the small fraction Starlink had revealed was far more than Unyielding Soul’s total power.

If Lu Xingluo were resolved to accept some losses, Starlink could thoroughly destroy Unyielding Soul.

While everyone discussed Bright Dawn’s comment, Shi Feng ignored the man and shifted his gaze to Lu Xingluo.

“You can certainly try!”

Shi Feng’s declaration further shocked the crowd.

“Black Flame is insane! Does he doubt that Starlink will go all-out to annihilate Zero Wing?”

“He really is courageous, but he’s also doomed his Guild.”

“Black Flame’s actually trying to drag his entire Guild down with him! I feel sorry for Zero Wing’s members!”

Bright Dawn’s declaration proved that today’s match wouldn’t be a simple fight. If Zero Wing refused to admit defeat, Starlink would stop at nothing to eliminate the Guild. It would no longer give Zero Wing room to breathe.

Moreover, this declaration had been made before the Dark Night Empire’s various major powers, proving that it was no idle threat.

And yet, Shi Feng still dared to oppose Starlink. He was simply insane!

When Aqua Rose, Gentle Snow, and Zero Wing’s other experts saw the pitiful looks the crowd gave them from behind Shi Feng, they could only respond with bitter smiles.

In a second-floor VIP room, Happy Art watched the conversation between Shi Feng and Starlink’s upper echelons anxiously from her position behind Melancholy.

“Is there no way to stop this, Guild Leader? Zero Wing will be a massive help in the upcoming fortress siege with its current strength. If Starlink defeats Zero Wing, however, it will affect the siege’s outcome,” Happy Art said.

“I can’t interfere. Starlink is one of our partners, as well, and it will also be a great help in the siege. Black Flame is still a little naive,” Melancholy said. He shook his head disappointedly as he watched Shi Feng. “I had hoped that we could deepen our relationship with Zero Wing, since Black Flame is so capable, but it seems that I was mistaken.”

Guild Leaders should always prioritize their Guild’s development over all else.

When Melancholy had first met Shi Feng, he had been surprised by the man’s individual strength. The other Guild Leader had made a good impression, but the fact that Shi Feng was willing to take his Guild down with him for the sake of his personal reputation was simply foolish.

Melancholy’s opinion of Shi Feng’s current performance could be summed up in one word-disappointing!

While everyone discussed Shi Feng, Lu Xingluo, who had been silent, finally spoke up.

“Good! Very good! I hope that you will be this stubborn after the match!” Lu Xingluo exclaimed with a grim expression. Even a fool could hear the fury in his tone.

No one would’ve been surprised to hear Lu Xingluo order his players to attack Zero Wing’s, ensuring that none of them left alive, if not for the Divine Colosseum’s strict policy against PvP.

Instead, Lu Xingluo led his men to their designated waiting area.

Although he hadn’t said anything more, the crowd understood that a storm would sweep through the Dark Night Empire after this match.

“Lu Xingluo is really furious now. Your Guild best be careful after this. Starlink might decide to remove Unyielding Soul from the empire before annihilating Zero Wing to ensure absolute stability within the Dark Night Empire,” Delicate Blood warned Unyielding Heart as she watched Lu Xingluo leave the main hall.

“It seems a battle is unavoidable.” Unyielding Heart nodded gravely in response.

He knew that Starlink had grown stronger. In fact, the Guild’s foundations were so solid that it had already begun its conquest of the western continent. Very few superpowers were capable of such a feat at this stage of the game.

There was a vast distance between God’s Domain’s two continents. One could only travel between them by relying on special methods.

Naturally, the ability to travel between continents would greatly benefit a Guild. Each continent had different terrain, and as a result, they had different specialties. If a Guild could take advantage of both continents, their development would be nearly assured.

As the crowd watched Zero Wing’s members leave the hall as well, they turned their attention to the arena. The various superpowers’ upper echelons were particularly eager for the match to start.

Starlink had been developing in secret for a while, rarely clashing with other superpowers. Even when it did, it would limit the scale of the conflict. Hence, no one had any idea of the Guild’s depths.

Now that Starlink intended to go all-out against Zero Wing, this was the perfect opportunity to gain more intel on the larger Guild. Although Zero Wing wasn’t as strong as the various superpowers, with only 100 Refinement Realm experts, it should have enough strength to expose Starlink’s experts. An expert’s power wasn’t limited to their combat standards. Weapons, equipment, combat techniques, Skills, Spells, and special items all played a role.

There were many aspects of an expert’s strength one couldn’t see until that expert fought.

Fortunately, the Divine Colosseum’s 10,000-man battlefield was the perfect place to witness a Guild’s comprehensive strength.

The 10,000-man battlefield was an outdoor map, half as large as an ordinary map in the outside world. Naturally, one had to eliminate every opponent to claim victory.

After a moment, both Zero Wing and Starlink’s armies appeared in the outdoor clearing. A dense forest lay behind the armies, offering cover.

“Zero Wing’s only hope is to retreat into the forest and use guerilla tactics against Starlink.”

“That’s right! A head-on clash would be suicide for Zero Wing, but even guerilla tactics will be a problem for them. Starlink’s 700-plus Refinement Realm experts will be a frightening force in the forest.”

Many of the spectators were upper echelons from major powers. They had all experienced field battles, so they knew how terrifying Refinement Realm experts could be in a dense forest.

However, Zero Wing’s members didn’t feel into the woods as expected. Instead, they charged at Starlink’s army the moment the match began.

“Zero Wing’s going for a straight-up brawl?”

The development took everyone by surprise.

A team would have to rely on comprehensive strength to win a frontal clash on an open clearing, and Starlink’s was far greater than Zero Wing’s.

“Bastards!” Lu Xingluo cursed as he watched Shi Feng lead the charge with a 300-man team close behind him. He then commanded, “Concentrate your attacks! Get rid of them first!”

Following their leader’s order, Starlink’s ranged members took action.

Thousands of Spells and arrows flew toward Shi Feng’s group. Even peak experts’ scalps would tingle against such a fierce assault.

Normally, both sides’ MTs would for a defensive wall, slowly advancing toward their opponents during such a large- scale battle, but Shi Feng and the others disregarded normal protocol as they ran toward Starlink’s army like lunatics.

Every Starlink member present was an expert among experts, with far more accurate attacks than ordinary experts. Most importantly, they properly coordinated their attacks. Moreover, Starlink’s Refinement Realm experts launched their attacks a moment after the first barrage, taking advantage of any blind spots players would expose after blocking the first attacks. Such an overwhelming assault could even take down peak MT experts in an instant.

But just as the Spells and arrows fell on Zero Wing’s members like ravenous wolves, Shi Feng unsheathed Killing Ray and swung the blade forward.

Lightning Edge!

Countless arcs of lightning shot forth, forming a blue river that slammed into the descending Spells and arrows. The instant these ranged attacks encountered this river of lightning, they vanished. After both sides’ attacks dissipated, a small crater, stretching across 50 yards, separated the armies.