Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2224 - Zero Wing's Foundations

Chapter 2224 – Zero Wing’s Foundations

Everyone in the Divine Colosseum was stunned when Zero Wing arrived.

“How are their levels so high?”

“So many of them have already reached Level 78! Starlink doesn’t even have 1,000 Level 78 players, yet Zero Wing has more than 3,000!”

“Is this because of the benefits in Stone Forest City?”

The various powers’ upper echelons were especially shocked when they saw the levels of Zero Wing’s members.

The fact that Zero Wing had Level 78 players wasn’t particularly surprising. Many of God’s Domain’s peak experts had long since reached that level and were only a step away from Level 79.

What truly shocked them was the number of Level 78 players Zero Wing possessed. The Guild had far more than the various superpowers, which suggested that their leveling speed was even greater than the various superpowers’ members.

Previously, the average level of Zero Wing’s experts hadn’t been a match for the various superpowers’, but after establishing a city in the Bottomless Abyss not so long ago, these experts’ average level was so much higher than the superpowers’ experts.

The level difference wasn’t even half a level, but as time passed, that gap could grow to a full level or more.

While a single level might not seem like much, the benefits of such a lead were massive.

This was especially true when it came to the minor thresholds every five levels. A one-level lead could give Zero Wing a three to five headstart in Dungeons over the various superpowers.

“Sure enough, Stone Forest City provides some major benefits. It’s no wonder why Zero Wing dares to clash with Starlink,” Delicate Blood commented. Even she was a little jealous when she saw the levels of Zero Wing’s members.

Levels were the foundation of players’ strength in God’s Domain. A higher-level meant players could hunt stronger monsters and gain better resources, and as players leveled up, they could use higher-level equipment. Moreover, as players leveled up, they could also use higher-leveled equipment.

“I told you Zero Wing’s loss isn’t assured,” Unyielding Heart delightfully responded when he saw the envious look on Delicate Blood’s face.

Ordinary players might not notice anything odd about Zero Wing’s levels, but Guild upper echelons knew exactly what they meant.

There were no leveling shortcuts in God’s Domain. The fact that Zero Wing’s members had leveled up so quickly meant they had gained more EXP than others. The only way to do that was to kill more monsters, higher-leveled monsters, or complete more quests. Regardless of which method Zero Wing employed, it was certain that they had gained more resources than their competition.

Now that Zero Wing’s experts were a higher level on average than Starlink’s, Zero Wing had amassed just as many, if not more, resources than the larger Guild. That fact was also clear in the equipment Zero Wing’s members wore. Even the weakest piece of equipment they wore was Level 75 Secret-Silver rank.

Unyielding Heart could tell that although Starlink had explored more of the Bottomless Abyss’s first floor than Zero Wing, Zero Wing had secured more resources from the Regional Dungeon.

He knew that Zero Wing didn’t lack top-tier equipment. Starlink might have a large number of Evil Spirit Sets, but Zero Wing could mass-produce the Crystal Light Set, which was one rank higher. Most importantly, the Crystal Light Set could level up with its user.

Although the Crystal Light Set would not undergo a qualitative transformation at Level 78, it was still superior to Level 75 Dark-Gold Set Equipment in terms of Basic Attributes. Needless to say, it was leaps and bounds ahead of the Level 75 Fine-Gold ranked Evil Spirit Set.

“Don’t celebrate so soon, Heart. Levels are important, but a small level gap won’t make a difference. The experts’ quality will decide the victor of this match,” Delicate Blood retorted, rolling her eyes at Unyielding Heart.

Zero Wing might have a slight edge when it came to levels, but the quality of its experts still couldn’t compare to Starlink’s. Any Refinement Realm expert could tell the difference between Zero Wing’s standards and Starlink’s.

Of the 10,000 experts Starlink had dispatched, more than 700 were Refinement Realm experts!

A current first-rate Guild would be impressive if it had 10 Refinement Realm experts. An ordinary superpower, at most, would only have around 400 such experts.

Yet, Starlink had sent more than 700 Refinement Realm experts to this match. Starlink’s foundations were much sturdier than an ordinary superpower’s.

This was why the various superpowers’ upper echelons had been so surprised to see Starlink’s experts. With so many Refinement Realm experts, Starlink’s army could easily trample over a 10,000-man expert army.

Although these upper echelons were surprised to see that Zero Wing had nearly 100 Refinement Realm experts, it was nothing compared to Starlink.

Once experts had reached the Refinement Realm, they could exhibit far greater combat power when they cooperated.

A three-on-one fight between Refinement Realm experts would end in seconds, and Starlink had nearly eight times more Refinement Realm experts than Zero Wing.

Seven or eight Refinement Realm experts could even take down Flowing Water Realm experts.

Unyielding Heart fell silent after Delicate Blood’s last comment.

Starlink’s foundations were even stronger than he had expected. Even Unyielding Soul wouldn’t be a match for the larger Guild, much less Zero Wing.

Meanwhile, a white-clad youth watched Zero Wing’s members, surprised, from within one of the Divine Colosseum’s VIP rooms. It was none other than Thirteen Thrones’ Guild Leader, Melancholy.

Zero Wing is certainly impressive. It has grown so powerful in such a short time. With a little more time and resources, it could certainly become a superpower in God’s Domain. It’s a pity that it has to face Starlink. Zero Wing might have a chance of winning if it had to face any other superpower.

Melancholy’s investigation into the Guild had been brief, and rumors circulated, stating that Zero Wing only had a handful of experts, while the rest of the Guild’s members were quite weak. However, seeing Zero Wing’s force for this match, it seemed those rumors had been mistaken. Zero Wing had the ability to form a 100-man raid team of Refinement Realm experts. It was an amazing foundation. Not a single first-rate Guild was a match for Zero Wing.

Not even ordinary superpowers could shake Zero Wing’s foundations without taking damage.

Moreover, Melancholy was shocked to see that Zero Wing had a Domain Realm expert other than Shi Feng. If he included Zero Wing’s main force commander, Fire Dance, and Vice Guild Leader, Gentle Snow, the guild should have four apex combatants in total. That was nearly as many as an ordinary superpower.

If Zero Wing were truly this powerful, he’d definitely get his money’s worth in the upcoming fortress siege.

Although Zero Wing was still much weaker than Starlink, many of the superpowers in the Divine Colosseum reevaluated their opinions of the Guild.

“I have to say, Black Flame; you’ve really surprised me. To think you could actually gather so many experts without anyone finding out, it’s no wonder why you spouted such nonsense,” Lu Xingluo said, smiling at Shi Feng, who led Zero Wing’s army. “Unfortunately, your force isn’t strong enough. I’ll give you one last chance. Admit defeat now and permit Starlink’s members to enter Stone Forest City. Do that, and I’ll forget everything that has happened between us.”

The watching crowd was dumbfounded to hear Lu Xingluo’s offer.

This was Starlink’s opportunity to destroy Zero Wing in the Dark Night Empire, yet Lu Xingluo offered to let Zero Wing off the hook?

I’ve really underestimated Lu Xingluo. It seems he’s not as simple as I assumed. Melancholy carefully watched Lu Xingluo with narrowed eyes.

The outcome of this match was already obvious. Regardless of whether or not these two Guilds fought, the Dark Night Empire’s major powers recognized how powerful Starlink truly was.

Not only could Lu Xingluo continue to hide Starlink’s strength by offering such a deal, but he’d also gain entry into Stone Forest City, killing two birds with one stone.

Zero Wing could also benefit from the deal. If Starlink’s members entered Stone Forest City en masse, Zero Wing’s income would rise significantly, and if Starlink stopped harassing Zero Wing, the smaller Guild could increase its development speed. Moreover, by admitting defeat, rather than fight a losing battle, Zero Wing could hide a portion of its strength from the public.

Unyielding Heart breathed a sigh of relief. This wasn’t a perfect outcome, but it wasn’t the worst scenario, either.

The rest of the various powers’ upper echelons sighed with disappointment. None of them had expected Lu Xingluo to make such an offer. Now, they wouldn’t get the show they were hoping for. The attending superpowers were particularly disappointed as they had hoped to discover Starlink’s exact strength. The Guild had simply been growing too fast.

Unfortunately, that was no longer possible. Even a fool could recognize the best decision here, not to mention a Guild Leader like Shi Feng.

However, as everyone expected this farce to end, a low voice echoed throughout the hall.

“Admit defeat? I’m afraid you don’t qualify to demand such a thing!”