Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2223 - Six Wing Appears

Chapter 2223 – Six Wing Appears

Dark Night Empire, Dark Night City:

Currently, players crowded the central plaza outside the Divine Colosseum. If one observed these players carefully, they would notice that even the lowest-leveled player had reached Level 75, and all of these players were either from main force members from well-known adventurer teams or large Guilds’ experts.

“Amazing! There are actually so many experts here! Is the Divine Colosseum holding some kind of event?” a Level 72 Ranger, who had just arrived in Dark Night City, exclaimed.

“Don’t you know? In a moment, 10,000 experts from Zero Wing are going to face off against 10,000 from Starlink. One is the Dark Night Empire’s overlord, while the other is Stone Forest City’s overlord. This is a rare treat in the Dark Night Empire. None of these experts would miss the chance to watch such a spectacular show,” a Level 74 Berserker that happened to overhear the Level 72 Ranger’s comment explained.

“What?! Something that exciting is going on?! Let’s go! We can replace our equipment later,” one of the Level 72 Ranger’s teammates urged.

It was not every day that one could watch two superpowers duke it out. Even when they did, the public only got to see the tip of the iceberg, but this was an opportunity to watch two of God’s Domain’s overlords go head-to-head. The upcoming match would be even more exhilarating than watching a war movie.

The Ranger agreed with his teammate’s idea. Aside from the invigorating show, they could learn quite a bit from watching peak experts clash. It wasn’t very often that peak experts fought each other; they normally just fought larger groups of ordinary experts.

“You guys want to watch?” The Level 74 Berserker chuckled at the Ranger and his team. “See those experts in the plaza?”

“What about them?” the Ranger asked.

“They want to watch the fight, too, but they can’t. They can’t even get into the Divine Colosseum, so they’re watching from out here,” the Level 74 Berserker explained. “Starlink has reserved the entire Divine Colosseum. Anyone who wants to watch the fight directly will have to prove their ability to clear the Trial Tower’s sixth floor or pay 100 Gold.”

The Ranger and his teammates gasped.

“That’s fraudulent! Don’t they want players to watch the battle!?” the Ranger objected.

Players who could reach the middle stage of the Trial Tower’s fifth floor were already considered experts, and those that could reach the sixth floor were some of the best of the best. Not even ordinary Guilds had many of these experts. Although the Level 72 Ranger was a capable expert, he had only reached the late stage of the Trial Tower’s fifth floor; he was still a step away from the sixth floor.

The Ranger couldn’t even dream of completing the sixth floor and reaching the seventh.

The 100 Gold entry fee was just as fraudulent. Ordinary experts barely had more than 20 Gold on them; most of their money went into repair and teleportation fees. They also had to replace old equipment on occasion.

For experts like this Ranger, it would be a luxury to have an extra 100 Gold lying around.

The Ranger finally realized why so many players were standing in the plaza, rather than in the Divine Colosseum itself.

However, a moment after the Ranger fell silent, a 30-man team approached the Divine Colosseum’s entrance. None of this team’s members wore a Guild Emblem, proving that they were independent players. When the crowd noticed them, they opened a path for these players.

The 30-man team passed through the crowd, disappearing through the Divine Colosseum’s entrance.

“Who are they?” the Ranger asked with wide eyes.

Every player in the plaza was an expert, and some were even stronger than the Ranger, but they had all stepped aside for those 30 independent players. It was unbelievable.

However, that wasn’t the most shocking part. The Ranger was even more shocked that none of those 30 players had paid a single Coin to enter the Divine Colosseum. In other words, every member of that team had already reached the Trial Tower’s seventh floor…

“They’re members of the Windwolf adventurer team, a top adventurer team in the Dark Night Empire. The man leading the team is Windwolfs commander, North Wind. I hadn’t expected him to make a personal appearance, though. He’s normally very secretive, rarely appearing in public. It’s a pity I don’t have 100 Gold. I’d definitely pay the entry fee to watch this fight,” the Level 74 Berserker said as he longingly gazed at the Divine Colosseum.

Although 100 Gold was a huge sum, it was nothing compared to the knowledge and experience he could gain from watching a large-scale battle between two of God’s Domain’s overlords. Players would be able to experience the battle physically from inside the Divine Colosseum, which would be entirely different than just watching a video recording.

Shortly after the Windwolf adventurer team disappeared into the Divine Colosseum, a large army of players arrived. Everyone in the plaza felt overwhelmingly stifled the moment this army reached the plaza.

“Starlink! Starlink’s members are here!”

“Amazing! They’re so strong! I can actually feel how much stronger they are than me!”

Despite being experts, many of the players in the plaza gasped when they saw Starlink’s army.

Their reactions were so intense because of how incredibly powerful every member of Starlink’s army was. Even the lowest-leveled player had reached Level 77 and was fully geared in Level 75 Secret-Silver Equipment. They were on an entirely different level than the experts in the plaza.

“So, this is a superpower’s strength?”

“Are you kidding me? Our Guild doesn’t even have more than 100 people at Level 77 right now! Those players’ leveling speed is insane!”

“Why are you looking at their levels? Their equipment is so much more impressive! Not even our Guild Leader has a full set of Level 75 Secret-Silver Equipment yet! Look, over a dozen of them are wearing the Level 75 Fine-Gold ranked Evil Spirit Set! You can only get that set equipment from the Bottomless Abyss!”

None of the various major powers had even collected one complete Evil Spirit Set yet. The Level 75 set equipment was god-tier equipment to most experts. They could only dream of wearing such items, yet Starlink had collected more than a dozen sets. The difference between Starlink and the various major powers’ strength was like the difference between heaven and earth.

When the various major powers’ upper echelons, who waited in the Divine Colosseum, noticed Starlink’s army, they were in awe of the Guild’s foundation.

“As expected of Starlink. It’s no wonder why even the various Super Guilds are wary of it. I hadn’t expected the Guild to successfully annex the Battlescar Workshop as well,” a woman in the Divine Colosseum commented as Starlink’s army entered the building. She wore a suit of pitch-black armor, with long, red hair spilling down her back and an intimidating aura. The woman turned to Unyielding Heart, who sat in a comer, and commented, “Heart, it seems that your ally is in for a rough time.”

Battlescar had been a Dark Workshop that operated on the western continent. Although the Workshop was small, with fewer than 300 members, no Super Guild dared to underestimate it.

This was due to the many astonishing feats the Workshop had achieved. Battlescar had specifically targeted the various superpowers’ main force members. On the western continent, it had focused on ambushing superpowers’ main forces, and the various superpowers had suffered tremendously for it.

Although many of the superpowers had tried to avenge their members, none had succeeded. On the contrary, they had only suffered further.

Battles involving tens of thousands of players were little more than playing house to the Battlescar Workshop.

Unyielding Heart’s expression was grim. He hadn’t expected Starlink to hide so much of its strength. Not only had it recruited the Mad Beast Legion from the western continent, but it had also roped in the Battlescar Workshop.

“Blood, haven’t you been focusing on the Fire Dragon Empire? Why are you here?” Unyielding Heart asked the red-haired beauty walking toward him frostily.

This woman was as strong and famous as the Mad Beast Legion’s commander, Startled Wind. He had no choice but to treat her with caution.

“I’m here to see if the Dark Night Empire has any good seedlings, of course. However, I really hadn’t expected to find the almighty Unyielding Soul in such a state, forced to ally with an up-and-coming Guild,” the woman, Delicate Blood, said, chuckling. “Why don’t you leave Unyielding Soul, Heart? Once Zero Wing has been defeated, the situation in the empire will be beyond salvation, and after Starlink finishes with Zero Wing, it’ll turn its attention to Unyielding Soul. You know your Guild is no match for Starlink. You might as well join me as my vice commander. You’ll have a far better future with me than in Unyielding Soul.”

“I will never leave Unyielding Soul. Moreover, Zero Wing’s defeat isn’t a guarantee,” Unyielding Heart snarled softly.

“Perhaps. In any case, give me a call if you have nowhere to go,” Delicate Blood said, chuckling. She did not try to argue with Unyielding Heart. She knew he was only trying to delude himself.

While the various powers discussed Starlink, another army emerged though the Divine Colosseum’s entrance. The lowest-leveled player among this army was Level 77, and many of them had reached Level 78. In fact, this force had even more Level 78 players than Starlink’s.

And every one of these players wore a silver, six-winged emblem on their chests.

“Zero Wing?”