Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2220 - 28 Blood Refining Designs[l]

Chapter 2220 – 28 Blood Refining Designs[l]

Under Shi Feng’s control, the 10 Blood Refining Fragments floated into the air and stopped, suspended. The bloody mist grew denser, and a short moment later, it flowed away from the fragments and toward Shi Feng. At the same time, the 10 fragments visibly disintegrated.

After five seconds, all 10 Blood Refining Fragments had turned into dust, and the bloody mist that lingered around Shi Feng formed a threefold magic array.

Wonderful! It succeeded! Shi Feng rejoiced as he watched the magic array manifest.

Each subsequent layer of the threefold magic array was more complex than the last. The first layer was already three times more complex than an Intermediate Magic Array, and each subsequent array contained more power.

Despite the three magic arrays manifesting with completely different sets of runes, all three felt united and whole.

Not long after the threefold magic array completed, a streak of bloody light shot from the array and into Shi Feng’s brain.

Suddenly, line after line of information swam in Shi Feng’s brain.

[Casting Goldstone Design]

One of the God of War’s 28 Blood Refining Designs. The Forged Lava Stone can be merged with the user’s main weapon and liberate the weapon’s potential. The greater one’s mastery with the design, the stronger the Casting Goldstone’s effects will be.

I struck gold! Shi Feng was elated as he took a rough glance at the information.

Although he only received a Basic Blood Refining Design, not an Advanced one, it was the extremely rare casting design.

In God’s Domain, forgers fell into three categories.

The first type focused on weapons and equipment.

The second type focused on support items, such as armor kits and whetstones.

The third type focused on items that strengthened existing weapons and equipment, such as combat devices.

Among the three, the third category’s designs were the rarest. Moreover, most strengthening items were temporary, so they tended to be the least valuable of forgers’ products. However, the third category forgers were the most popular among the various superpowers.

Strengthening items were easier to produce, had higher production rates, and shorter production times than items from the other categories. This made mass-producing these items possible.

During Shi Feng’s previous life, any forger that successfully learned a Secret Forging Design from this category would be treated like a god by the various major powers.

Although the Blood Refining Designs only belonged to the second or third category, there had been less than a handful of players who had learned these third category designs during Shi Feng’s previous life.

Shi Feng had never thought that he would acquire a third category Blood Refining Design in this life.

After a brief, excited moment, Shi Feng earnestly inspected the Casting Goldstone’s details. The moment he did, however, he was astonished.

It’s no wonder why the various superpowers and forgers went mad over the Three Great Advanced Blood Refining Designs back then. If the Casting Goldstone is already this powerful, those Advanced designs’ items can allow players to transcend tiers. Shi Feng was inwardly shocked as he read about the Casting Goldstone’s effects.

Although the Casting Goldstone could only strengthen players’ main weapon, it was not limited to metallic weapons. It could also be used on wood or crystal weapons like staves and bows. Moreover, the strengthening effects were permanent.

This category’s forged items shouldn’t be capable of such a thing, but the God of War had made the impossible possible.

The Casting Goldstone could accomplish the feat because it didn’t strengthen the weapon itself. Instead, it reinforced the connection between the weapon and its wielder, giving the player a portion of the weapon’s strength.

The amount of the weapon’s strength the user could access depended on the quality of the Casting Goldstone.

The threefold magic array that had appeared before Shi Feng was none other than the Casting Goldstone’s core. To increase the forged Casting Goldstone’s quality, one would have to increase their mastery of the threefold magic array.

As long as one fully mastered the magic array, the Casting Goldstone could double up to a Tier 3 players’ combat power. It would even be significantly helpful to Tier 4 players.

The Casting Goldstone’s only flaw was the required materials.

Every material needed to produce the Casting Goldstone was incredibly rare and valuable, especially the Magic Molten Gold. A single ingot currently cost 20 Gold on the market. In total, each production attempt would cost 40 Gold or so.

With that kind of money, one could purchase a piece of Level 70 Fine-Gold Equipment.

It seems I’ll have to research this Blood Refining Design carefully. Shi Feng could not help his grin as he looked at the Casting Goldstone Design.

He had still felt that the upcoming competition against Starlink would be quite difficult if he relied on Aqua Rose and the others. Starlink was no pushover, after all. With the Casting Goldstone, however, he was no longer concerned.

Ordinary powers might struggle to collect Magic Molten Gold, but for Zero Wing, it was a simple task. One word was all it would take for Zero Wing to acquire a stock of Magic Molten Gold from the Secret and Candlelight Chambers of Commerce. Needless to say, he could acquire the rest of the required materials through the same routes.

Thinking up to this point, Shi Feng had everyone return to White River City and get some rest. They hadn’t rested for the past two days, and Aqua Rose and the others still had plenty of responsibilities in Zero Wing to attend to.

The team was a little disappointed that Shi Feng dismissed their grinding session, but it was true that they needed to return to their tasks. Following which, everyone took out a Guild Transfer Scroll and teleported to their respective bases of operations.

Although most teleportation means weres prohibited in the Abandoned Land, Return Scrolls and Guild Transfer Scrolls were, fortunately, an exception.

After Aqua Rose and the others left, Shi Feng took out a Return Scroll and teleported to White River City. He intended to research the Casting Goldstone’s production method in the Candlelight Trading Firm.

When Shi Feng returned, the city was as crowded as always. Only, far more Guilds occupied the city now than before. As Shi Feng walked through the city’s business district, he saw players from several dozen Guilds. Many were even from large Guilds that were based in other kingdoms and empires.

These Guilds had gathered in White River City to visit the city’s Auction House.

Since White River City’s Auction House was linked with the one in Stone Forest City, players could find rare items and equipment that only dropped in the Bottomless Abyss.

The Bottomless Abyss was the current frontline in God’s Domain. Ordinary expert players coveted the items found in the Regional Dungeon. Naturally, the various large Guilds’ members couldn’t miss this opportunity. Traveling to the Bottomless Abyss was a particularly challenging endeavor for players from outside of the Dark Night Empire, and entering the Regional Dungeon wasn’t easy, either. At this point, a team shouldn’t even dream of entering the Dungeon without five ordinary experts.

Because of this, White River City had become a hub for the players in the kingdoms and empires neighboring Star- Moon Kingdom. This situation instantly transformed White River City into a super-large-scale NPC city, with a player population of nearly twenty million. Players from the various large Guilds ran to White River City’s Auction House to purchase items.

In addition, Zero Wing hosted and monitored daily bartering sessions for rare items in White River City’s Auction House, which further enticed the various Guilds and expert players.

The easiest currency players could earn in God’s Domain was Coins. Powerful players no longer needed Coins so desperately. Instead, they needed rare materials and top-tier equipment. However, most people selling these items were generally unwilling to accept Coins as payment, seeking items of equal value. Meanwhile, Zero Wing’s bartering sessions had made White River City a hub for rare materials and top-tier equipment.

White River City even began to show signs of becoming the main trade hub for Star-Moon Kingdom and its several neighboring kingdoms.

Just as Shi Feng had almost reached the Candlelight Trading Firm, the crisp sound of the system reached his ears.

System: White River City Auction House has met the conditions to unlock its advanced features. Do you wish to enable the advanced features?