Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2219 - Level 100 Secret Forging Design

Chapter 2219 – Level 100 Secret Forging Design

“Blood Smelting Fragment?”

Everyone grew curious, shifting their focus to the broken blade on the ground, when they noticed Shi Feng’s surprise.

At a glance, it was obvious that this broken blade was extraordinary, but their Guild Leader didn’t usually seem shocked, even when an Epic item dropped.

“This is interesting. We’ll prioritize the Skeleton Generals from now on,” Shi Feng said as he collected the Blood Smelting Fragment.

“Guild Leader, is that thing valuable?” Aqua Rose could not help but ask.

She had already inspected the Blood Smelting Fragment’s Attribute Panel, discovering that it was only a Common item.

[Blood Smelting Fragment] (Common Rank Item)

A shattered fragment of a weapon, containing a mysterious energy that absorbs the Life Energy around it.

Although the introductory text mentioned some sort of mysterious energy, the Blood Smelting Fragment was just junk. It didn’t have a use; at most, it could be a collection item.

“It’s extremely valuable. Even the value of all the other items combined don’t come close,” Shi Feng said, smiling. “You shouldn’t look down on it just because it is a Common item. Even Master Forgers would go crazy to get their hands on this.”

“An item that Master Forgers would go crazy for?” Aqua Rose grew even more confused.

The Blood Smelting Fragment was only a Common item. What relation did it have to Master Forgers?

“That’s right. There is a chance to extract Secret Forging Designs from this thing,” Shi Feng explained. “As long as we collect enough fragments, we could even extract Advanced Secret Forging Designs.”

“What?! Extracting Secret Forging Designs?!” Aqua Rose exclaimed.

Nowadays, subclasses were becoming more important in God’s Domain, yet among the various subclasses, the forger subclass stood out.

A forger with Secret Forging Designs was treated far differently than those without, enjoying a much higher status.

Secret Forging Designs couldn’t be copied, and the items produced possessed extraordinary effects.

Take Shi Feng’s Mana Armor Kit, for example. Among the many armor kit designs found in God’s Domain, none could compare to the Mana Armor Kit.

Shi Feng’s Secret Forging Design was also the reason that Zero Wing had acquired so many advantages over its competition.

One could easily imagine how valuable the Blood Smelting Fragment was if it truly were possible to extract a Secret Forging Design from it. It was no wonder why Shi Feng had been so surprised.

Hearing the conversation between Shi Feng and Aqua Rose, realization dawned on the rest of the team. Their faces lit up with excitement and anticipation.

Shi Feng simply chuckled when he saw his teammates’ reactions. He didn’t bother to explain further, instructing everyone to continue grinding Skeleton Spirits and Generals.

The Secret Forging Designs that could be extracted from the Blood Smelting Fragment were not as simple as everyone assumed. The items one could produce with these designs would even be a great help to Level 100-plus players. They were on an entirely different level than the Secret Forging Designs players had found thus far.

Furthermore, there was the chance of extracting an Advanced Secret Forging Design!

In the past, any forger that had learned an Advanced Secret Forging Design had been treated as well as Grand Master Forgers, even within the various superpowers. It didn’t matter if said forger was only a Master Forger.

This was because, in God’s Domain, the stronger players became, the less helpful external items would be. However, that was not the case for items produced with an Advanced Secret Forging Design. These items would even be useful to Tier 5 players, which were considered upper-echelon-level experts in the various superpowers, not to mention Tier 3 players.

The fact that the Skeleton Generals had a chance of dropping the Blood Smelting Fragment completely exceeded Shi Feng’s expectations.

Normally, only monsters near the Abandoned Land’s core had a chance of dropping these fragments, but not even Tier 3 players could survive in the area.

Now that he knew he could collect Blood Smelting Fragments from the Skeleton Generals, he had to go all-out in hunting them down and collecting as many as he could. That way, he would have a much greater chance of extracting a Secret Forging Design or an Advanced Secret Forging Design.

The designs within the Blood Smelting Fragments had been created by the God of War, and every one of these designs would help a Master Forger create an unbelievable item. It was even rumored that the items could even allow Tier 4 players or below to challenge opponents that were one tier higher.

Normally, players could only gain such power though Legendary items, but the items produced with the God of War’s top three designs would be similarly effective. Even if these effects were limited to Tier 4 players or below, they were still astonishing.

If a first-rate Guild had one of these designs, it could instantly rise as a superpower and overlord in God’s Domain.

Following Shi Feng’s lead, the team went into a frenzy as they searched for and hunted Skeleton Generals.

Fortunately, nobody else had come to explore the Endless Desert yet, so, despite being mini Bosses, Skeleton Generals were quite common. The Skeleton Spirits in the way were the only problem, but Zero Wing’s members didn’t mind slaying them. With Shi Feng’s three Tier 3 Demons, these Skeleton Spirits didn’t present much of a challenge. They were little more than walking EXP. In addition, the team members activated their Berserk Skills from time to time, ramping up the team’s overall DPS.

Most importantly, as Shi Feng continued to level up, his Demons grew stronger. Occasionally, Shi Feng would spend some Magic Crystals to activate Miniature World and Ring of Brilliance to speed up the grinding process, as well.

After just two short days, every member of the team had risen to Level 87. They couldn’t help their desire to stay here forever after witnessing their leveling speed.

As for Shi Feng, he had reached Level 90. If he made his level public, the various superpowers would likely faint with anger.

Most of the various superpowers’ peak experts were still far from Level 80, yet Shi Feng had reached Level 90 so quickly. Even if he only wore Level 90 Mysterious-Iron Equipment, his Basic Attributes would be leagues higher than those peak experts’.

Sure enough, everyone’s leveling speed is slowing down, Shi Feng thought to himself as he killed another Skeleton General and saw the change to his experience bar. He recognized that it was impossible to get his team members to Level 90 before the competition.

If he could get Aqua Rose and the others to Level 90 and gear them out with Epic Equipment and Level Reduction Gemstones, they could all use Level 100 items. Starlink would then have to beg for mercy.

“Guild Leader, another Blood Smelting Fragment has dropped,” Fire Dance joyfully announced as she snatched up a broken blade from the pile of loot the Skeleton General had dropped and handed it to Shi Feng.

“Another one?” Shi Feng could not help his grin as he looked at the broken blade, enveloped in a bloody mist. “With this, we finally have 10 fragments.”

Over the past two days, they had hunted down Skeleton Spirits and Generals nonstop. They hadn’t even logged out to rest. As a result, not only had they gained a lot of levels, but they had also acquired a lot of Blood Smelting Fragments.

The reason Shi Feng had pushed his team so hard was to increase their chances of extracting a Secret Forging Design, which they could only do by obtaining more fragments.

According to the various superpowers’ experimentation, one would have a 20% chance of extracting a Secret Forging Design from five Blood Smelting Fragments. By attempting the extraction from ten fragments, they’d increase their chances to 30%. With ten fragments, they also had a small chance of obtaining an Advanced Secret Forging Design.

Although it was possible to increase the extraction success rate by using more Blood Smelting Fragments, Shi Feng didn’t have much hope of collecting 15 or 20 fragments. He had discovered that only the Skeleton Generals’ first spawn had a high chance of dropping Blood Smelting Fragments, and once they spawned a second time, they wouldn’t drop a fragment at all. Unfortunately, there were only so many Skeleton Generals in the Endless Desert, and it was simply impossible to collect 15 or 20 fragments. He felt fortunate already to collect 10 fragments.

Please let it be a success!

Shi Feng prayed as he activated Divine Providence. Although he wasn’t sure whether Divine Providence would be of any help, he couldn’t care less. He needed all the help he could get. After activating Divine Providence, Shi Feng used Mental Extraction, a skill unique to Master Forgers, on the Blood Smelting Fragments.