Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2218 - Frightening EXP

Chapter 2218 – Frightening EXP

When Shi Feng confirmed his team’s suspicion, they gasped as their faces lit up with joy.

“Guild Leader, you’re so amazing! You actually own the Flying Mount that has caused such a commotion throughout God’s Domain!”

“So, this is a Flying Mount?”

“Guild Leader, why didn’t you tell us earlier?”

Even as Aqua Rose and the others bombarded Shi Feng with questions, they were a little upset that he had hidden the Thunder Eagle from them, only telling them now.

Yet, despite their irritation, they couldn’t help but rejoice over the fact that their Guild Leader owned the majestic Thunder Eagle.

It was the first known Flying Mount in God’s Domain.

If news of this spread, even more experts would swarm to the Guild’s Residences to join Zero Wing. Flying Mounts were many times rarer than Land Mounts, and even the most powerful experts would have to get lucky to acquire one. The best way to secure a Flying Mount was to join a Guild that already had one.

Naturally, that meant that Zero Wing was experts’ best option as the first Guild to obtain a Flying Mount. Their Guild would have more of an advantage when acquiring such Mounts.

Of course, they had to keep this information contained for as long as possible. Once the various superpowers found out, they would target Zero Wing with even greater ferocity.

“I’m sure you’ve all realized the benefits of having a Flying Mount already. They are difficult to come by, but if any of you pass the Extraordinary Tower’s second floor, I’ll reward you with one of your own,” Shi Feng said, smiling as he saw the desire flash in everyone’s eyes.

Quite a few of Zero Wing’s Refinement Realm experts had already reached the Truth Realm. Unfortunately, they might be considered peak experts in a first-rate Guild, but they would still be trivial in a superpower.

However, it would be a different story if they reached the Ascension Realm.

Once players reached the Ascension Realm, they could effortlessly execute a Basic Combat Technique with every action. Executing Advanced Combat Techniques would also become a lot easier. Moreover, even if one were only in the Refinement Realm, they’d have a high chance of mastering a Bronze Combat Technique once they had entered the Ascension Realm.

If a Flowing Water Realm expert entered the Ascension Realm, they’d be able to contend with peak experts with the same Basic Attributes as long as they had mastered a Bronze Combat Technique.

“Are you serious, Guild Leader?” Fire Dance breathlessly asked.

Shi Feng’s declaration even moved Aqua Rose and Gentle Snow.

Based on what they had learned thus far about Flying Mounts, they knew how rare they were. The fact that Shi Feng had obtained one was a miracle. Obtaining a second one would likely be impossible.

“Of course. When have I ever lied to you?” Shi Feng asked, chuckling at his players’ incredulous looks.

Flying Mounts were incomparably valuable and even rarer than Epic items, but he had already spent more than a decade in God’s Domain. Although he couldn’t easily acquire Extraordinary Flying Mounts, he could obtain a Common Flying Mount. In fact, he had originally planned to obtain a Common Flying Mount once he had reached Level 100, but now that he had the Thunder Eagle, it would be a lot easier to obtain that Common Flying Mount.

Shi Feng’s confident tone only motivated his team even more to clear the Extraordinary Tower’s second floor.

Fire Dance and Violet Cloud were especially inspired since they had already cleared the first floor and had made significant progress on the second floor. They were only a few short steps away from the Ascension Realm.

After the conversation, Shi Feng flew the first group of players into the Abandoned Land.

As they crossed the border, they felt a chill wrap around them. Everyone, aside from Shi Feng, who had an extraordinary physique, felt an intense hunger overtake them, including Gentle Snow. They could feel energy leave their bodies, and if they didn’t replenish it, they would likely die after five or six hours.

Fortunately, the Thunder Eagle was extremely fast. Although the Mount shared the sky with flying monsters, as an Extraordinary Flying Mount, the Thunder Eagle’s speed was leaps and bounds higher than the Level 100-plus flying monsters. It easily shook off any monsters it aggroed.

After nearly two hours, the first group finally arrived at the Endless Desert’s inner region.

The sand in the inner region was silvery-white, and once they entered the area, the first group’s hunger eased. Now, Advanced Food and Beverages was enough to restore their lost Life Energy.

However, when Aqua Rose saw the monsters on the ground, her expression darkened.

[Skeleton Spirit] (Undead, Lord)

Level 101

HP 70,000,000/70,000,000 [Skeleton General] (Undead, Great Lord) Level 102

HP 180,000,000/180,000,000

“So, these monsters are over Level 100?” Yan Tianxing frowned as he gazed at the monsters below.

A Lord ranked Skeleton Spirit already had more HP than a Level 80 Great Lord, and its aura even felt deadly to a Domain Realm expert like him. Meanwhile, there were thousands of Skeleton Spirits roaming the desert below…

If they hadn’t been flying, they’d already be dead.

The Skeleton Generals in runic, silver armor were even more powerful. Yan Tianxing’s instincts screamed at him to run when he sensed their auras.

“That’s a good spot. We’ll grind there,” Shi Feng said as he pointed to a nearby sandstone pillar.

The sandstone pillar was even larger than a seven-story house, with enough room at its peak to fit 100 players. Fortunately, there weren’t a lot of monsters near the pillar, so they didn’t have to worry about accidentally aggroing too many.

Shi Feng soon landed the Thunder Eagle on the gravel pillar, but when his teammates saw the number of Skeleton Spirits around them, they were at a loss for words.

To defeat a random Skeleton Spirit, they’d likely need to work as a full 20-man team, going all out. These Skeleton Spirits moved in groups of 10 or more, however. How were they supposed to kill these monsters?

While the group was at their wit’s end, Shi Feng retrieved the Bible of Darkness and summoned a Tier 3 Demon.

Shi Feng wouldn’t have dared to grind here before reaching Level 85. After all, the Bible of Darkness could only summon a Demon that was 15 levels higher than he was, and the difference between Level 99 and 100 was massive. He would only be asking for a beating if he had tried to send a Level 99, Tier 3 Demon against a group of Level 100-plus Lords.

However, now that he had already reached Level 85, the Tier 3 Demons he summoned would be Level 100. Although a Level 100, Tier 3 Demon would have a tough time against a dozen or so Level 101 Lords, it could manage it with sufficient healing. With the Tier 3 Demon serving as the MT, the rest of the team could attack with everything they had, and they wouldn’t have to worry about splash damage as long as they remained on top of the sandstone pillar.

Once they saw the Tier 3 Demon, the team realized what Shi Feng intended even without further explanation. As soon as the Demon lured in a group of Skeleton Spirits and solidified its hold on the monsters’ aggro, the team bombarded the Skeletons. Violet Cloud and the other healers focused on maintaining the Demon’s HP in the meantime.

Since the team members were underleveled, their attacks barely dealt -10,000 damage. Even when they focused on one Skeleton Spirit, they couldn’t deal enough damage to overcome the monster’s battle recovery. Fortunately, the Tier 3 Demon was quite powerful, and it was only a matter of time before they killed these Skeleton Spirits.

Seeing that his players could handle the situation, Shi Feng returned to Precipice Valley atop his Thunder Eagle.

The Level 100-plus monsters granted an abundance of EXP when they fell, even more than Level 99 Great Lords. Including the bonus EXP everyone received from killing a monster of a higher level, Gentle Snow and the others had leveled up more than once by the time Shi Feng returned with the second group. Their leveling speed stupefied Shadow Sword and the others, who were part of the second batch of players Shi Feng ferried.

Before entering the Endless Desert, Gentle Snow and her comrades had been Level 77. The amount of EXP they needed to level up was horrific, yet after only a few hours, they were very close to Level 79…

By the time Shi Feng had farried the entire 100-man team, Gentle Snow and the rest of the first group had reached Level 80.

Moreover, the team’s grinding speed increased as Shi Feng continued to summon more Level 100, Tier 3 Demons when the Bible of Darkness’s Summon Demon Skill finished its Cooldown. The team’s leveling speed didn’t slow in the slightest, even after splitting the EXP between more players.

Once Shi Feng had summoned three Tier 3 Demons, he began to challenge the Great Lord ranked Skeleton Generals.

Even in Level 100 maps, Great Lords were relatively rare. They could be considered mini Bosses in Level 100 maps, and even Tier 3 experts would have to flee from a one-on-one battle with such a monster.

However, by combining the strength of three Tier 3 Demons, in addition to the effects of Demon Ruler, Shi Feng was able to stand against a Level 100 Great Lord. Unfortunately, Aqua Rose and the others could only watch from the sidelines. With the exception of Cola, one of the Skeleton General’s AOE Skills would instant-kill any of these team members.


Shi Feng activated Divine Providence and landed the final blow on the Skeleton General, obliterating the Great Lord’s last strand of HP. As a result, many of these Zero Wing experts leveled up, and Shi Feng rose to Level 86. Meanwhile, the Skeleton General dropped about a dozen or so items.

Every item radiated a dazzling glow. It was obvious that these items were all extraordinary. Meanwhile, lying among these items was a broken blade, surrounded by a faint, bloody mist. The blade steadily devoured any Life Energy around it, looking the most conspicuous among the loot.

“A Blood Smelting Fragment!” Shi Feng was surprised to see the broken blade.