Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2217 - Abandoned Land

Chapter 2217 – Abandoned Land

“We’re going to a Level 100 map?”

Zero Wing’s gathered experts were dazed when they heard Shi Feng’s plan.

Current peak experts could only afford to explore Level 80 to 85 maps, not because they were incapable of defeating Level 90-plus monsters, but because it took so much time and effort to do so. Furthermore, Level 90-plus maps were far more dangerous and required more travel time to reach.

Higher-level monsters also had a wider perception range. Level 80 monsters would only notice Level 75 players within 100 yards, but Level 90 monsters would notice a Level 75 player from 200 yards away. This made it much harder to avoid unwanted fights.

This was why most experts decided against grinding in high-level maps right now. They wanted to, but the endeavor was too dangerous and not worth the effort.

Most players didn’t even harbor the thought of grinding in Level 100 maps.

“Guild Leader, we’re not even Level 80 yet. Won’t exploring a Level 100 map be a little too risky?” Yan Tianxing worriedly asked. “The various superpowers have already made more progress in exploring the Bottomless Abyss than our teams. If we take off to explore a Level 100 map, I’m afraid that they’ll only widen the gap between us…”

Yan Tianxing knew that these players were experts among experts, and only the various superpowers would be capable of forming such a powerful 100-man team, but it was too risky to explore a Level 100 map.

In contrast, the Bottomless Abyss was perfect for players of their level. It was the best leveling spot for them right now.

“Everyone is a high enough level already.” Shi Feng understood Yan Tianxing’s concerns. Chuckling, he said, “Moreover, the area we’re going to isn’t inferior to the Bottomless Abyss in the least.”

Normally, the Bottomless Abyss was the best leveling spot available for players at this stage of the game, but when one considered Level 100 maps, that wasn’t the case. Moreover, there were more than 10 superpowers within the Bottomless Abyss right now, and competition within the Dungeon was intense. In comparison, no one currently occupied the Endless Desert.

The team of experts couldn’t help their excitement when they heard Shi Feng’s insistence. They all trusted his word, and since he was so confident, the map they were heading too definitely offered better resources than the heavily contested Bottomless Abyss.

However, quite a few players were still concerned about the expedition. They were, after all’ talking about a Level 100 map. The monsters in the area would be the same level at the very least. Even if they wore equipment with the Ignore Levels mechanic, they could, at most, ignore 10 or so levels. They would still have to cope with more than 10 levels of suppression.

But Shi Feng disregarded his team’s concerns and led his players to White River City’s Teleportation Hall. He instructed them to travel to the closest teleportation point to the Abandoned Land. With each person spending a little over 11 Gold in teleportation fees, the 100-man team had spent more than a 1,000 Gold. Even large Guilds would ache over the expense.

Once they arrived in a remote town, Shi Feng sent everyone to Precipice Valley, a map that bordered the Abandoned Land with his Seven Luminaries Ring’s Spatial Gate. The team only reached their destination after four teleportations.

Precipice Valley was a Level 80 map, relatively high-leveled for current players. Only superpowers’ expert teams or first-rate Guilds’ main forces could survive here. However, since the valley was so far from civilization, players weren’t willing to visit the map.

As Zero Wing’s members stood before the Precipice Valley’s Great Precipice, their expressions darkened.

Then all felt an intimidating aura from atop the thousand-meter-tall cliff.

A visible layer of deadly energy enveloped the crag. They felt a stinging pain, even from so far away, as if something were sapping their strength.

After a moment, every Zero Wing member was overwhelmed with an intense hunger. They started to shiver as if they had been starved for too long.

“Crap! What is this place?!” Blackie couldn’t help the thread of fear he felt as he stared up at the Great Precipice. “Guild Leader, we’re not really going in there, are we?”

This was the first time he had felt death linger around him so intensely. If he felt like this as he just stood before the Great Precipice, he didn’t even want to imagine how he’d feel once he moved beyond it.

The environment alone was likely more than enough to kill him.

“This precipice is special. It has an extremely powerful suppression force. I doubt ordinary Tier 2 experts would survive the climb,” Gentle Snow commented, surprised as she rested her hand against the steep stone side. She hadn’t thought that Shi Feng would bring them to such a place.

She possessed a piece of Fragmented Legendary Equipment and a Peak Legacy. Her Basic Attributes were among the best in God’s Domain right now, yet even she found the idea of climbing this rock face daunting. One could easily imagine the outcome other Tier 2 experts would face if they tried to climb the precipice.

“That’s right. Tier 2 experts have no hope of climbing this cliffside. Anyone who tries will likely fall and die before they reach the halfway point,” Shi Feng agreed, nodding. This was the boundary that separated the Abandoned Land from the outside world. Players couldn’t simply enter the Abandoned Land’s outer region on a whim. Chuckling, Shi Feng continued, “However, we don’t need to climb up it. I can just take you over.”

After saying so, Shi Feng summoned the Thunder Eagle.

When the Thunder Eagle, which was as large as a medium-sized passenger plane, appeared, Blackie and the others’ eyes nearly fell from their sockets.

“Gu-Guild Leader… That… Isn’t that a Flying Mount?!” Blackie stuttered.

The appearance of a Flying Mount on Frosthell Island had caused a commotion throughout God’s Domain. Naturally, Zero Wing had paid very close attention to the matter. However, since it had only appeared once on the island, Zero Wing had no way of investigating the situation.

The Thunder Eagle that hovered before them, however, looked exactly like the one on Frosthell Island. Although Blackie had been 99% sure that Shi Feng was responsible for causing the commotion, he hadn’t wanted to jump to conclusions.

After all, that was a Flying Mount they were talking about!

Everyone in God’s Domain was going crazy over the discovery. Not only could players soar through the sky with a Flying Mount, but they could also visit far more maps across the God’s Domain continent.

The rest of the team eagerly stared at their Guild Leader, as well. They wanted to hear the truth from Shi Feng’s lips. “Mhm, this Thunder Eagle is indeed a Flying Mount.”

Seeing the madness in his players’ eyes, Shi Feng couldn’t help but nod and laugh.